Hitler SS/Tampax – E.P. 7″

Legendary split with Italy’s Hitler SS and Tampax. Not worth the amount it goes for if you ask me and a proof that rare doesn´t always equals quality. I got mine for free by a collector years ago and decided to keep it. Slave by Hitler SS is GOOD and the vocals reminds me of Vibrators V2 era. Naked and Punk Is Dead No Solution bores me to death. Complete crap. A funny thing is that they claimed to be former members of London SS ha ha. Then we have Tampax. And yes UFO Dictator, the most talked about song on this split, is good for 2 minutes then it’s not funny anymore. Tampax(In The Cunt) is a great song title too bad the song don’t live up to it’s name. So why post a record that I’m not that fond of? Cause it’s regarded as a classic and now you know what not to spend your money on.

Country: Italy
Year: 1979
Format: 7″
Label: Compact Cassette
Hitler SS – Slave.mp3
Hitler SS – Naked.mp3
Hitler SS – Punk Is Dead No Solution.mp3
Tampax – UFO Dictator.mp3
Tampax – Tampax(In The Cunt).mp3

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51 Responses to Hitler SS/Tampax – E.P. 7″

  1. lowdownkids says:

    NOOOOO! “UFO Dictator” is beautiful!! It’s one of the very few non-UK punk records in my collection which no amount of pestering and attempted bartering can make me part with.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Too long Steve!! Too fucking long. 4.05!!!!!

  3. Johnny says:

    Impeccable punk record!

  4. b e h j a n says:

    Steve,I would love to see your TOP 5 (or whatever) alltime NON-UK/EIRE

  5. Jay Thurston says:

    I like “Slave” but it sounds, as stated, like the Vibrators. The rest is just ridiculous.

  6. Nathan G says:

    Yes “Slave” sounds like a vibrator……Tampax is the best band but Hitler SS is the best band on this record…someone please post all the other Tampax stuff.

  7. Erich says:

    The TAMPAX 7″ is as shitty as this split. Thanks for posting it, Peter – I was beginning to have second thoughts. “Maybe I should have kept Hitler SS / Tampax and the cursing 7” by Tampax – now I know tht indeed these are the most desposable records from the italian scene and that’s why I soldboth many moons ago (like the “Gret komplotto Pordenone” sampler).

  8. fred says:

    There is a Tampax 12″ out there somewhere as well. I believe from the mid-1990s.

  9. briand says:

    What a flake. This record is legendary (and expensive) because it’s amazing, not because it’s rare. All-time top 10 for me (and many others). Sorry, not really debatable.

  10. Adamski says:

    I remember hearing about this for years & when I finally got to hear it I couldn’t believe how crap it was! The epitome of hype over substance.

  11. Ian says:

    I discovered this record by downloading mp3’s and have always LOVED the Tampax side, long before I ever knew it was some crazy rarity.

  12. Fellipe TOPO says:

    I’d love to own one of this. And looks like nobody like the entire thing as I do. Of course they were ridiculous musicians, but the songs are enjoyable.

  13. sir hake says:

    one two three for five six 77…sir hake

  14. sir hake says:

    sorry one two three four five six seventyseven.

  15. marge says:

    this came out in 79 though. italy is really nice, i’ll give em that for being from there.

  16. Levi Johnston says:

    Too long indeed, but “UFO Dictator” is awesome for a spell. I don’t speak wop and am thus always pleasantly confused by what the band is saying. “UFO” in the English sense, as in spacecrafts?

    After she had visited Jay, my mom came home to find me fiddling with her internet radio machine. I might have had my cock out–I can’t remember. But “UFO Dictator” came on, I turned it up, and when the trebly guitar “solo” started, my mom ducked as if a piece of shrapnel was about to penetrate her head. I thought this was nice and amusing–why did I ever leave home a year go?

  17. b e h j a n says:

    A copy with NO hand-writings and stuff on the side of the HITLERSS split-7″ e.p. sleeve- that´s cool and is not so common I think.
    Their recent retrospective LP “Skating With Elvis” (great packaging,btw!) shows it was a good move to only release one 7″,as a whole album is kinda bit too much for me to swallow…
    These Italians (and RANCID-X) manage to sing in English but it turns out as if it was sung in nonsense,dadaistic Italian ,due to the craziness of esp. the HITLERSS vocalizer.
    “Tampax In The Cunt” is definitely my pick of this record.
    TAMPAX “Let It Shit” (brown vinyl,of course) LP is unlistenable,like Erich said (the sleeve is a pisstake on the one of the BEATLES and you should see that SNOW-WHITE excrement on that album).This and their “Sorry,Not Tonight” Lp,that were both recorded/released much later, are the only TAMPAX albums I know of.The latter album has great artwork:
    a cunt closed with a clothes-peg, saying “Sorry,Not Tonight”…haha

  18. Brian C. says:

    I’ll weigh in on the side of Hitler SS/Tampax Are Amazing. But more amazing in a DIY sense than a supersonic sound of rock’n’roll sense.

    I think Hitler SS were about 12 years old on this record.

    Don’t forget Tampax’s one other great record, “O’dio” which sounds like “Tampax in the Cunt” at twice the speed.

  19. Scott says:

    I have a Hitler SS cd called Bordeone’s Guys (or something like that) that’s about as interesting to me as this EP — which is to say, not very. I know it’s not a popular opinion, but I think that this split (along with the Opus single) is immensely overrated. If it wasn’t rare I don’t think nearly as many people would care. A truly terrible EP if you ask me. Good for a laugh, then just annoying.

    • ClashSUK says:

      You just summed up the WHOLE psychedelic record collecting circle. Those guys ONLY buy stuff that is RARE and usually sucks (a few notable exceptions).

      As far as OPUS is concerned – it is AWESOME – GREAT sleeve, great songs, just GREAT!!!

      As far as Hitler SS/Tampax, this ep is AMAZING – it’s sloppy, so what?! The songs sort of go “nowhere” – so what?! Are you guys listening to this stuff for musicianship and songwriting “depth”?

  20. b e h j a n says:

    I am going as far as to say that THIS infamous OPUS 7″ is just TOOO goood and hard-to-swallow for most people who listen to and collect (“K.B.D.”) PunkRock´s…

  21. Erich says:

    The OPUS 7″ slays & kills, I’m with Behjan!

  22. Tony says:

    This website appears to have interviews with people from both bands: http://www.thegreatcomplotto.it

  23. obrazov says:

    Sorry for my bad english but this copy you posted is a bootleg, there no exist copies without stamps or signs by the bands, im sure of that, i live nearly the drummer and i have see about 500 copies of the 7, all with stamps, signs ecc…. In my opinion the best and rare punk ita 7 is the Mittageisen 1979 single titled Hardcore and press in 200 copies, but Gaznevada and Kandeggina gang rules too…. Ciao

  24. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    ha ha i´ve retouched the sleeve in photoshop to see what people said

  25. lexspeed says:

    not correct. this is the definitive punk single in continental europe! listen carefully.

  26. UFo dictators is the the winner on this split because of the insane volume swells and treble of the guitar! not to mention the cool noise! first wave of noise punk! hahhaa

  27. Ost says:

    A fun, novelty record. Thrown together in a hurry and to be enjoyed in the same vein. The Tampax songs are worth listening to now and then, the other side, quite forgettable.

    For something be “definitive’ it would need to define something. I hate to imagine what this defines.

  28. Kicks77 says:

    Facts: the split has been recently bootlegged, and the cover has no marks. There are a few original copies without marks (I own one and as soon as I got it, I traded the other copy – perfectly colored – for the Mittageisen ep, supposedly done in 100 copies).
    I realize that for some of you the split might be overrated, for an Italian it has an historical value which goes beyond the mere music. Furthermore they were ahead of their times and the fake Portobello gig (with paper instruments) was pure genious. On stage Tampax were shocking, their later recs were unfortunately more leaned to the shock than to the music. The split cannot be defined a novelty rec, no way.
    Musicwise I judge the Rancid X 45 Intoxication the best Italian old punk song while the lp though not bad seems made of outtakes of the Stones it’s only rock’n’roll lp.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      “February 17, 2010 at 10:16 am
      ha ha i´ve retouched the sleeve in photoshop to see what people said”

  29. Brian C. says:

    Mittageisen is okay, kinda plain thuggy stuff.
    Rancid X’s “Intoxication” is one of the best Italian A sides
    Andrea Mirangeli Superstar (sic?) are, besides this split, my fav Italian punk band, even though they were prog rockers and fake punks.
    Italy doesn’t really have much else in top-notch punk. Mind Invaders tho is a cool arty DIY record.

  30. anonymous says:

    the labels are reversed on the bootleg
    which gave away instantly that this is the boot, not the cover

  31. Davy Jones says:


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