Red Cross – S/T E.P. 12″

Maybe my too long absence from posting can be compensated by this total killer? Several different pressings shows up but this is the first press with the sticker still intact. The later pressings has a much nice sleeve though. If they sound different I don’t know but what you hear here is pure productions magic. So crisp and fluffy it’s ridiculous. Love it when you hear the screeching from the bas drum pedal in the beginning on Cover Band. The bass is high in the mix accompanied with a thin distorted guitar without any punch at all. I would say that’s a patented concept of early US punk/hc and it always works damned well. And unlike their debut Born Innocent LP(1982) this hasn’t one filler. Download and be amazed what these kids did in 1980. And oh yeah Red Kross(you know the real Red Cross forced them to exchange the C to a K?) have done some amazing pop songs in the 90’s like “Lady in the Front Row” so later stuff is definitely worth checking into if your into well crafted Power Pop.

Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Posh Boy
Format: 12″
Cover Band.mp3
Annette’s Got The Hits.mp3
I Hate My School.mp3
Clorox Girls.mp3
Standing In Front Of Poseur.mp3

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  1. Norton says:

    This is fucking amazing.

  2. Erich says:

    I had this in the posting queue too, mch like you had my today’s post in yours – blog’n’roll justice :-D One of the few records which I wish had the later pressing of, cuz of the cover. Spot on what you said about the production – perfect!!!!

  3. The Racing Rabbit says:

    One of the best records ever!

  4. Johnno says:

    Amazing. It just gets better over the years.

    Story behind Red Cross of this period is just as incredible. Two schoolkids living in semi-derelict neighbourhood in Hawthorne CA waiting to be cleared for a freeway. 12-year-old bassist Steve McDonald kidnapped by a female fan (a member of the Germs’ cultish Circle One band of followers) in her early 20s, and her family, who went on the run before they were all tracked down by a P.I. in Las Vegas months later, during which time his family thought he might be dead.

    Get hold of Maximum Rock N Roll September ’06 for the full story, it will blow your mind.

  5. Chris Oliver says:

    That’s nuts. I actually like this record better than Born Innocent. I’m just a sucker for that Posh Boy sound. But then, I think they hit their peak on Third Eye, so maybe my opinion is suspect.

  6. Jay Thurston says:

    To think that I only liked this and “Born Innocent” for all these years. Now, I feel that everything they have done is great!!!!

  7. elliott says:

    i have an orijinal coppy of the first lp. it was produced by the singer from rf7. i wanted the ep for so long. thank you so much peter.

  8. Levi Johnston says:

    I must have a later pressing because my vinyl doesn’t have the hologram of a hand model snapping a picture.

  9. Alex77 says:

    One of many GREAT posh boy records… when are you going to post some Simpletones and some Rik L Rik? that shit is classic

  10. chris says:

    i wrote the max rock n roll article mentioned above. yes it’s an incredible story. anyone who wants a copy can email me at chris59104 (at) hotmail dot com

  11. DLO says:

    One of the guys at Mystic told me they were negotiating to reissue a lot of the old Posh Boy stuff, including Red Cross. That was about 2 years ago and I don’t think it ever happened. Simpletones was licensed by Posh Boy to a German label in the early 2000s but it is really hard to get a hold of.

  12. fred says:

    These songs were first on a Posh Boy comp called The Siren, before they made it onto this EP. It might sound better on there as the pressing on this EP was a bit wobbly. There was one more cut “Rich Brat” from this period which came out on the first Life Is Ugly comp. I used to see them play *alot* (maybe like 150 times!), and I remember one time they each took turns relating their “first times” and Steve’s was about Gerber, but I didn’t know she took him to Vegas. I need to read that article. Is it online?

    I never saw them until Born Innocent, but they did a reunion of this line up once at the Cathey around 1983 or so, they did these six songs, Rich Brat, Avengers-American In Me, Dolls-Who Are The Mystery Girls and Eyes-Don’t Talk To Me, so I wonder if that is all the tunes they had, way back then?

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Personally I think the sounds is better here then on the Siren comp. Can´t hear any wobble plus it almost always sounds better on 45rpm then 33rpm,

    • Tom says:

      “Rich Brat” was recorded/produced by Joe Nolte of The Last before the Posh Boy sessions. The other songs from the Nolte recordings were redone on the Posh session. (I don’t remember which ones, but you can go to the Last website, look up Joe’s diaries from the time, and see what he says.) Robbie Fields didn’t like Joe’s session and vice versa. I’ve asked Joe, but he doesn’t have a copy of his session; the McDonalds should, though. At one time, it looked as if the McDonalds were going to release early material, but I haven’t seen anything on that.

  13. RAYMOND S. says:

    Thanks for this great post!
    Red Cross / Redd Kross has always been one of my favorites (and on my birthday too!). A friend of mine gave me the awesome “Hell Comes To Your House” comp in the early 80s; the entire LP rocks but the Red Cross track (Puss’n’ Boots) convinced me to explore the band’s output (and introduced me to the legacy of the New York Dolls!)
    The opening bit from “Standing In Front Of Poseur” is recycled on the track Jimmy’s Fantasy from the 1993 album, Phaseshifter. If you like this, and most of you claim to, check out some of the other LPs. SFTRI re-released Nuerotica back in 2002 with a bonus cut… The McDonald brothers’ alter-ego, the Tater Totz, released several albums that aren’t for the faint of heart, but I get a kick out of them,(and poking fun at the Beatles never goes out of style!).
    My favorite LP has to be Third Eye, with a couple of tracks sounding like PAUL-STANLEY on steroids; (Sorry Nick Royale).
    You never know who will make an appearance on a Redd Kross album;
    Punk rock “superstars” Pats Fear & Smear, a Ramone, a Runaway, a Bangle, Paul Roessler, Shonen Knife, Danny (Partridge) Bonaduce and Susan Cowsill! The soundtracks to Desperate teenage Lovedolls and Teenage Lovedolls Superstar are pretty good too.
    Imagine how the band would have evolved if Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks) and Ron Reyes (Black Flag) would have stuck around a little longer?

    • Jay Thurston says:

      I love all Red Cross/Redd Kross…thanks for the book!! Hahaha..

    • Chris Shary says:

      The Paul Stanley vocals are done by Mr. Robert Hecker. Robert is back in the band and is one of the raddest guys in the world. He was doing a band called It’s OK for years and Dave Naz of the Chems jammed with him a good deal. Robert used the Paul Stanley vocals from time to time there.

    • MAFFISH says:

      That’s funny…I almost have the same story about hearing Red Cross (and punk rock for that matter) for the first time too. In the early 80’s before I discovered punk rock, I was a metal head (at least I was into “underground metal” and not cock rock crap). I was at a friends house letting him borrow a couple records and I was going to borrow some of his and I saw this “Hell Comes To Your House” Comp. I ask him “This looks cool, what is it?” and he’s all…”Some punk crap, it sucks…you can have it if you want to torture yourself.”. So I take it home, and the second that first 45 Grave song kicks off…I found what I had been looking for. I’ve been a punk since that day. I’ll never forget it. A life changer for me.
      Thanks for this post!!

  14. Chris Oliver says:

    I love that the Circle Jerks totally plundered all their past bands on Group Sex, Keith stealing “Wasted” and “I Don’t Care” from Black Flag (and improving them, if you ask me) and Greg recycling “Cover Band” into “Live Fast Die Young.” Is any of the stuff Redd Kross did with Dez on vocals out there? I think I remember there being one track on a comp somewhere, but I can’t find it.

  15. T. S-words says:

    delighted to see that red cross still gets a response, and it’s not all about how they started to suck. i heard about a big ny show with them, DOA (i think) and a few other hardcore bands, mid-eighties. the crowd booed red cross until management lowered the curtain. cross comes under or around the curtain and continues to play.

    nothing for me better than born innocent, but i agree that later work good, too, esp. show world. another great punk-trash record i never see posted is RF7s “Weight of the World.”

  16. SICKNICK! says:

    my band opened up for my buddies
    band “Clorox Girls” last week!
    Check em out..
    if you dont already know them,
    they are pretty killer!

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      I though this post was about Red Cross? A contact link can be found on the right side on the first page.

  17. wheelchair racer says:

    FYP recorded all these songs. and did it great.

  18. SICKNICK! says:

    FYP as in recess records? what album??

  19. Dave Keller says:

    This post about Red Cross/Redd Kross is mentioned on my website. The link:

  20. Dr. K says:

    Flawless cut up, cut down. Anyone have the lyrics? Scan of lyric sheet? Hard to decipher for this British tounged person. After finally working out that the garbled line in “Life” by Alternative TV was : “I don’t like acoustic, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young”, Red Cross is next in line in the list of “lyrics that have annoyed me for nay on 20 years that I could never understand”.

  21. Some fascinating contributions here.

    Michele Bell aka Gerber is still around but pretty far out there … she may well have deflowered Steve … she was tiny, about the same size as Jane Drano aka Jane Wiedlin. The girl who “Kidnapped” Steve was quite heavy set and looked a lot older than early 20’s. I remember the incident as Steve running away with her to Tahoe! The Simpletones also had a lot of much older Hollywood women preying on them.

    I don’t remember the “Rich Brat” song at all nor any specific recollection of Red Cross’s work with Joe Nolte, for whom I had and maintain enormous respect. But I do remember the group being quite “raw” and that the engineer at Shelter really worked hard with them on their musicianship and, as a result, I made said engineer Roger Harris, the line producer.

    Red Cross simply had the benefit of ample recording time (provided by Shelter Records’ owner Denny Cordell) and a top class engineer, much in the same way The Germs benefited at Quad Teck working with the
    in house engineer there.

    Over the years various companies have said they would re-issue those 6 recordings but nothing ever transpired. Finally a few months ago, I re-issued as a digital only release The Siren album containing those tracks.

  22. Jay Castaldi says:

    So, this happened in LA last night:

  23. Massimo says:

    After many months of searching I finally got from eBay a copy of “The Future Looks Brighter” CD which includes the complete EP :))
    For those interested I found out this on GEMM (3 copies available):–CROSS/ANNETT'S–GOT–THE–HITS—p—5–1ST–EP/GML569741648/

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