KBD Records on NY´s Breakthruhradio.com

I know you´re all dying to hear my dark sexy voice. Here´s your chance if you head over to:
there´s a show called Anatomy of a Blogger hosted by DJ Thompson. It´s a bit tricky to find(?) but if you look for the BTR News headline there´s a link in there to the show or if you click the Program Guide in the header on the site there´s a link to the show there too. The interview is about 20 minutes long and I ramble and brag about myself it will make you puke. The show is 120 minutes long.

Here´s the playlist:
1. The Haskels – Taking the City by Storm:

2. The Shades – Nova Lust:

3. The Numbers – Govt. Boy:

4. Defex – Machine Gun Love:

5. Modernettes – Celebrity Crack Up:

6. Village Pistols – Big Money:

7. Hammer Damage – Laugh:

8. The Panics – My little Red Book:

9. Destry Hampton and the Wolves from Hell – Angel of Madness:

10. News – That Girl:

11. Helen Keller – Surfin with Steve and Idi Amin:

12. Ice 9 – Out Out Out:

13. Los Reactors – Laboratory Baby:

14. The Mad – I Hate Music:

15. Kriminella Gitarrer – Vardad kladsel:

16. The Maids – Back to Bataan:

17. The Molls – White Stains:

18. The Normals – Almost Ready:

19. The Shock – This Generation on Vacation:

20. Rock Bottom and the Spys – No Good:

21. The Victims – Behind the Times:

22. Nervous Eaters – Just Head:

23. The Executives – Drill Press:

24. Ground Zero – Living in Tandem:

25. X-X – Approaching the Minimal with Spray Guns:

26. Knots – Action:

27. Mentally Ill – Gacys Place:

28. Feederz – Stop you´re killing me:

29. Skunks – Earthquake Shake:

30. DV8 – Guns on the Right:

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19,170 Responses to KBD Records on NY´s Breakthruhradio.com

  1. Adamski says:

    Such a sexy voice, Peter:)

  2. MAFFISH says:

    I hate FOX News!! I liked hearing about your history. Thanks for this.

  3. elliott says:

    actually a direct link is the only way i can listen because the site says i need flash but the thing is i’m using a special computer that doesn’t except flash. i’m not making shit up! it’s called a braille note mpower bt. so please a direct link? i’ve always wondered what you were like in person.

  4. elliott says:

    oh shit peter didn’t see that. sorry.

  5. elliott says:

    great interview. thanks for letting us know about it. this blog was one of my inspirations for doing my own thing no matter how bad my blog pay be. good musical selection too. and yeah i hate fox news too.

  6. lackeyland says:

    Peter, cool interview. Did you get the package or what?

  7. Erich says:

    Killer radio show! Burnt it on CD and spun it all day long. Peter’s voice made me dream dreams ……

  8. Glenn Beck says:

    Hey you punk! I will send the Gestapo to your stupid Swedish house and smash all your stupid punk records! I am God, and all the simpleminded Americans love me. Oh…next time play the Reactions!!

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      I should´ve played Reacors-I want sex though!!! How could I missed that one?

      • Glenn Beck says:

        Listen hear you Commie punk! I will smash all of your stupid records and film it…then post it on Fox News. I have connections…I am Glenn Beck!

  9. Jay Thurston says:

    Great interview Peter. Say, “internet” again…that was good. hahahahaha.

  10. Glenn Beck says:

    You Swedish people talk funny…say Teenagers again. Hahahaha

  11. I plopped that radio show on my iPod but it was a minor pain in the ass to find it in the first place on their website- thanks for the “directions” you provided. That voice of yours! Grrrrr!!!! Almost as sexy as mine, Tiger! Great choice of tracks here, good call on including more obscure ones like Ground Zero’s “Living In Tandem”. I personally would have chosen the flipsides of a few of these 7″s but I won’t even bother naming em because that’s part of the beautiful thing that exists in this world called personal taste! Let’s all raise our glasses and make a toast to personal taste and respect each other for it! We are all old men in our late 30’s and early 40’s for God’s sake. Q = What is the opposite of respecting another man’s personal taste? A= Straight edge! Har har

  12. malfeitor says:

    “I ramble and brag about myself it will make you puke”-
    I enjoy puking so I guess I’m going to have to give this a listen. If your voice is as dark and sexy as you say other fluids may also be involved. Guess I’ll start running my bubble bath and light my candles.

  13. “My rant”- LOL, I type rather fast so I guess it always sounds like I’m ranting, my actual talking voice is much slower and not a 100 MPH talker like Rev. Norb or someone.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      No you don´t sound like ranting at all Tony :). Just guess it comes out that way cause you have so much to say. And you know I don´t mind at all.

  14. Vom Doom says:

    Awesome interview and you must have selected the tunes!

  15. Knutfjulg says:

    Nice show! Killer tunes! Your radio persona is more appealing then your online one, you should do it more often

    • Knutfjulg says:

      btw anywhere to download the show?

      • The Flakes // Drummer says:

        There´s a link further up in the comment section. So my radio persona is more appealing…I´m surprised.

        Yes, Von Doom I got to choose the tunes.

        • Knutfjulg says:


          yeah, I always thought you where a little too look-at-me-I-dont-care-punk-rockah but you sound like a nice dude ahaha
          and I can relate to the music by/for outsiders thing

          • The Flakes // Drummer says:

            ha ha never thought someone would perceive my online persona that way. but in reality i´m just another asshole.

  16. What's the Truth? says:

    Hey Peter, I don’t usually listen to first-wave punk too often, or have time to check too many blogs, but somehow I stumbled onto your interview and I have to say, this is a really cool playlist! I’ll be sure to do some surfing around here…It’s also nice to see that you have a place on the internet where people aren’t constantly insulting you.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Ha ha well it´s one person “insulting” me over at GBM. Pity little thing. If he had the guts he would come over here. What does it say? Jealousy takes many forms and on the internet it´s easy when you can stay anonymous. But most of all NEVER say what you think about certain music. That way you will always be safe from certain low lifes ;).

  17. Mat DaFuc says:

    nice lineup man, looks lik one of my mixes! tho i could think of one more that would fit in nicely ;P

  18. ClashSUK says:

    Blip blorp – the maids, man, c’mon on…

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