Terminal Mind – S/T E.P. 7″

Long time no see. Lack of inspiration? Nope. Lack of records? Hell no! Lack of time? Correct. So another American record? Of course. Terminal Mind out of Texas didn’t get the attention they deserved compared to other Texas bands it seems. Is it as good as Big Boys? Almost. Almost!! Its got that funky feeling from time to time without getting cheezy or annoying(I’m not a big fan of funk though I’ve tried it from time to time with bands like Parliament etc etc) and great production. The songs are mid paced but with an urgency that I think will get many of you hooked. Another song with the word “zombie” in it. Yuck! It’s the weakest track mainly cause it’s fucking four minutes long with a total pointless instrumental part in it. That’s not punk!

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: No
Format: 7″
I Want To Die Young.mp3
Sense Of Rhythm.mp3

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31 Responses to Terminal Mind – S/T E.P. 7″

  1. chano says:

    overrated… too much rock influence.

  2. Hooker says:

    My copy has a different insert. It’s the image I used on my blog’s header.

  3. Levi Johston says:

    I never went to Catholic school, but I agree with Chano, this is too rock. sum mentula!

  4. mytwopenceworth says:

    Brilliant punk rock, and a thoughtful post . Thankfully I own a copy , but judging by the amount of people that remain unfamiliar with this 7′ – despite the last 18 to 20 years retrospectively concentrated focus – and dedicated compilation Lp’s – on Texan punk from 77′-83′ , it must be one of the very few that are not ‘household’ names in punk collector circles – or simply to fans of great punk music .
    Personally i like the way they handle nagging melodic hooks , and agree that they convey a sense of urgency and brooding aggro AND melody, in a style that many bands just couldnt manage .
    I would gladly take these 4 tracks (ok 3) over the entire BigBoys output (sorry i cannot remember who, but i’m sure at least one member joined the BigBoys)) – but please will someone with access to them release the demos/outtakes that i hope are still around .

  5. zach says:

    this is great. the first song is fantastic! thanks!

  6. Erich says:

    I like this EP (bought it without cover für 5$ not too long ago). It’s 70s rock, but with a sweet melancholic undertone. The singer gets a bit annoying with time, but all in all, it’s a solid release. Comparing it with the Big Boys seems to be rather absurd though.

  7. dewey.decimal says:

    I asked Peter to post this a long time ago because I’d never heard the tracks–so thank you for posting it. In the meantime I went and bought a copy of the record (mine also has a different photo on the insert, but same typed message on back of insert). I was very disappointed at the surprising amount of rock and the surprising lack of punk. Just okay in my book. Excellent sleeve, though. For some reason I love the period after Terminal Mind on the sleeve.

  8. sir hake says:

    yeah thank you kbd its a great punk post punk what ever records is this the same band from vault va bridges are for burning or what i think it is ha verry cool my favorit song is the 3 amazing cool post punk with a bit of supertramp backings but more trash oh my god what a bad english ok its altona and its real .

  9. Richard says:

    Totally agreed with Zach, the first one track is a greeeeat song.

  10. Jerkins says:

    I’ve had that first song on my Mp3 player for a while now. It reminds me
    of Minutemen a bit. I like it too. Yay!

  11. Brian L. Baker says:

    Wow, I haven’t heard these songs since they were performed at Raul’s back in the Fall of 1978 in Austin. I never had a copy of the EP. Steve Marsh, the vocalist/bassist/author – maybe, was my roommate, and cousin.

    The music holds up far better than I imagined it would.

    As to whether there is too much rock influence, I have to say, it may seem that way now, but when this was written and performed, it sure wasn’t the case. Heck, the Sex Pistols are tame now a days. They were feared back then.

    I hated them until Steve drilled them into my head enough that I one day realized I was singing along.

    Ah, the beautiful corruption of early punk. The cops hated us, and so did the frat house boys all around us.

    Good times!

  12. PENolan says:

    Speaking as someone who danced to this stuff back in Austin in 1978 or 9, we didn’t think of Terminal Mind as punk. We just danced. Maybe Zombies aren’t punk. What do I know? I do know Zombieland USA flashed into my head a couple of days ago after watching some BS on the news.

    You bet this music held up, Brian.
    We could have even been there at the same time.
    Or in the alley behind Hole in the Wall

  13. erin says:

    I was there .and this band was really great !

  14. erin says:

    still have my record too!

  15. M.caudill says:

    Still have my copy, too. Remember slam dancing to them at Raul’s and Dukes Royal Coach Inn. My most vivid memory was them performing a song using sounds from small appliances like a blender.

  16. John says:

    I always liked their tracks on Live at Raul’s LP much better. Their formula really works on that release. There are a lot of punk riffs on this 7inch, but yeah, the rock influence shows a bit too much at times. They are one of those bands that should stick to rhythm guitar because the solos are just way too lame.

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