De Cylinders – I Wanna Get Married/Looking For Work 7″

I don´t necessarily want to get married but I do like to get fucked once in awhile. Another dutch powerpoper. It´s summer and damned hot which means the demand for powerpop is extremely high. I think this is the debut from De Cylinders and I know how long you´ve waited for it after I posted their marvelous second 7inch Freddy Mercury. It´s not music for the tuff punker but will appeal to those of you who like me loves cheeze. Now get laid as much as possible before marriage. And unsafe sex is of course the best.

Country: Holland
Year: 1980
Label: CNR
Format: 7″
I Wanna Get Married.mp3
Looking For Work.mp3

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8 Responses to De Cylinders – I Wanna Get Married/Looking For Work 7″

  1. Jay says:

    Great single. There’s a legit quality reissue of this (and also de Cylinders second single “We Must Pay”) on Sing Sing Records out of New York.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      That´s right Jay. Totally forgotten to mention that. Thanks. PS. A reissue of Screen Gemz is in the works. I provided them with a sleeve scan last week for it.DS

  2. elliott says:

    okay i’m a little slow sometimes so what is Screen Gemz? great single! and no i do not want to get married.

  3. happy says:

    This record rules! Thanks a lot man.

  4. chano says:

    The A-side is goofy but cool powerpop with a bit of a rough edge. B-side is more on the dull pop/rock section and i don’t dig it. Not bad, afterall.

  5. gregor says:

    great. i love this dutch stuff. we must pay is also great.

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