Urrk – S/T E.P. 7″

This is a re-post from July the 10th 2006. Added more scans, new rips and Lordagsurrkare. First posted by the TV Eye // Drummer.

Weigtlifting punk with the guitars mixed really weird, just pan between left and right speaker and you’ll see what will happen. Of course this is a great record, especially the song Lordagsurrkare with the deadpan and monotone voice the singer Jim Johansson uses is the chorus. If you think his voice sounds a bit familiar there’s a perfect good reason for you to think so, as he sang in the equally great band Razzia after he was fired from Urrk. And in case you wanna know, he was kicked out of Razzia as well after hitting the drummer (according to his comment on the Razzia post linked to above). And he’s not the only familiar name in the band, as guitar player Claudio later on joined The Moderns (who’s first E.P. is in the posting cue). Unfortunately I don’t know if he was fired as well.

Our proud country’s capitol, Stockholm, where Urrk came from, may be a big city in a small country, but the in-breeding is well spread no matter what. I remember Peter once wrote that Stockholm’s punk bands weren’t as great as the bands from Linkoping or Gothenburg, but in this case, and many others, I beg to differ. And I’m sure Ian will agree with me, as he wanted a re-post of this one.

I find it a bit interesting that neither this E.P. or Razzia’s 7″ have any info about the bands, contact address or any other useful information whatsoever. Maybe they just wanted to stay anonymous and not get any fanatic fans, but who knows?

Country: Sweden
Year: 1979
Label: Self Released
Format: 7″
De e’ dax.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Urrk – S/T E.P. 7″

  1. MAFFISH says:

    Maybe it’s cause I’ve got a quarter Swedish blood in me, but I love the Swedish bands posted…there’s something that I just love about them. I’ve never heard of these guys before, but this is great. Even the bland vocals on Lordagsurrkare. I think I need to learn the Swedish language as most of these bands are fast becoming my favorites.
    Thanks for this!

  2. Ian says:

    Great songs and maybe the best picture sleeve I have ever seen! As for the strange mixing, it’s not as bad as Forming at least.

  3. Erich says:

    Peter really hasn’t aged much since the cover photo days. Still the same sexy guy today.

  4. elliott says:

    oh come on forming had a a great mix hahaha. great record. thanks. yeah weird mix. yeah i want to learn swedish.

  5. ClashSUK says:

    Used to own this. OK record, I guess. Forming by The Germs is, by the way, one of THE masterpieces of 20th Century art. If this had THAT mix for real, it’d be a whole lot better.

  6. chano says:

    Good!! I like the vocal style.

  7. Lovely cover on this one. Those insects are hilarious!

  8. b e h j a n says:

    I wonder if the coverboy (CITY-X ?…) is weighting lifts nowadays…

  9. Pelle Wengelin says:

    Awesome album cover!

  10. Hasse says:

    Great record!!!!!!

    It was my son who found this page and happily phoned me.
    I’m a former member of this lovely band.

  11. Adamski says:

    Been listening to this a bit recently & it’s actually kinda proto-HC. Great stuff!

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