The Jags – Back Of My Hand 7″


Back of my Hand: Simply one of the best Elvis Costello songs Costello didn´t write. Trivia: this is the more rare Dutch sleeve variation.

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Island
Format: 7″
Back Of My Hand.mp3
Single Vision.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Jags – Back Of My Hand 7″

  1. lowdownkids says:

    This is the pre- Buggles-remix version, right? I prefer that. Initial UK copies (demos, and then the first stock copies) had this version, then they switched to a ‘slicker’ Buggles-remix. Shame!

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      I trust your judgement here Steve. I don´t know. But I sure like this a bit better then the UK version I have.

  2. chano says:

    Sound a bit like Dire Straits! Good summer music. Enjoyable! :)

  3. Erich says:

    I heard there’s a dutch sleeve variation.

  4. olivier turcotte says:

    Cheeseburger with cheese, great.

  5. EEK says:

    These guitar riffs are brilliant. Great production as well. Don’t even care the vocals sound just like Costello. Good stuff!

  6. hairy palm says:

    This is perfect. One of the best powerpops ever.

  7. Richard says:

    WWWWWOoooooaaahua…Looong time ago that I listen for the first time “back of my hand” around ’93…just GREAT SONG!

  8. alex twist says:

    yeah the buggles single-mix sucks, the original & the lp mix are a whole lot better
    the original mix is also on the 4-track ep 12 inches

  9. Tony says:

    Back of my hand is one of the most well crafted pop songs ever penned. The b side is a total killer as well. I belive the Jags were featured on the power pearls comp along with other records from this site like Transistors and New Math. Help me out peter am i wrong?

  10. spinowner says:

    This is the quintessential new wave power pop song. The melody, the guitars, the production, all of it. Absolutely perfect.

  11. Jaymz says:

    Holy crap i clicked the link and actually thought this was Elvis Costello ha. WOW

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