Lognhalsmottagningen – Fina nyanser i nya finanser E.P. 7″

Second effort from Swedens Lognhalsmottagningen. As most of you know this is Martins aka The Faintest Ideas // Drummers band. What I like most about these cats is Martins voice and brilliant lyrics ,where he tries to cram in as many words as possible, that unfortunately will escape most of the visitors on the blog. Three originals and a cover of Young Identities-Positive Thinking coupled with brilliant lyrics. The sound is raw which suits the songs fine but why oh why use distortion on the vocals? It never sounds raw or tuff in case the singer doesn’t have a raw voice. It’s just as simple as that. It would sound much better if Martins voice came through naturally since it’s snotty on it’s own. Anyway this is a record for all you retro fans though Lognhals doesn’t sound like a particular old band and don’t fall into the trap of mimicking an old sleeve cover. Get it from Local Cross.

Country: Sweden
Year: 2010
Label: Local Cross
Format: 7″
Lumpet trick.mp3
Positivt tankande.mp3
Nya lognhalsar.mp3
Jehovas fittor.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Lognhalsmottagningen – Fina nyanser i nya finanser E.P. 7″

  1. MAFFISH says:

    Freakin’ rad…picks up right where the Oran Nasa EP left off, although I like the cover art for the Oran Nasa EP better. Any plans for an LP anytime soon?

  2. zach says:

    why didn’t you do the crossword puzzle?

  3. ian says:

    (different Ian) – good stuff, being a non-swedish speaker,what does Lognhalsmottagningen actually mean? Is this the longest punk rock band name ever in a single word? Great cover art too btw…

  4. chano says:

    Raw & fuzzed out to the max!! Love it… The singer remind me of John Stabb. Great music! :)

  5. elliott says:

    oh i gotta me this one! great band martin. do you do anything besides sing? thanks for sharing and i will get a coppy right now. tryed leaving a comment early this morning but my internet fucked up. oh well great record from a great band. best release of 2010 right behind the fucked up society demo hahaha.

  6. Great record, Martin! Thanks for posting this! Lots of nice postings lately from both you and Peter (which I have not commented on!).

    I *FINALLY* got a new posting up on my blog after about 10 years!

  7. zach says:

    review from MRR #326:

    Can something be melolic and shit fi? I believe this is a cross-the-oceans project featuring a Swede who lives in Sweden (duh!) and a Brit with an indie pop history who lives in Texas-through i may be wrong. At any rate, if you are craving some Bloodstains Across Sweden and your supplier has dried up, LOGNHALSMOTTAGNINGEN has got what you need. Vocals that contain snottier delivery than a bus packed with pus-filled children, guitar riffs that are eloquently trashy with some suitably trebley and woobley guitar “leads,” drums that sound like they’re being played five rooms over by a drunken, sullen Nordic pogo-punk… This record adds to the legacy of their debut 7″ from 2008, which disappeared faster than a donut at a police station. Don’t be a fool! f you are charmed by stupid yet ingeniously constructed punk that sounds like it was a 7″ recorded in 1981 that is now worth $500, grab this! (LG)
    (Local Cross)

  8. This is in my opinion about one of the most clever cover designs i’ve come across, including that sandpaper cover from factory records that was meant to destroy all other records in the collection by standing next to them.

  9. aarondanger says:

    amazing record

  10. Martin says:


    I never listened so close to it when I got the testpress, so thanks for pointing out that there’s some distortion on the vocals Peter.

  11. Devo fróm Berlin says:

    Well well done, sounds like 1977 :-)

  12. Martin says:

    Next EP is at the pressing plant now I think. Will be out on Burning Hell records pretty soon. Limited to 100 copies and has to be pre-ordered from the label. (burninghellrecords(at)hotmail.com)

  13. Martin says:

    4th ep out now on bat shit records… Just saying

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