The Carpets – S/T(aka Kill Hirb Cane) E.P. 7″

Many times I feel a bit sad when I’m posting a classic. When it’s posted it’s like gone…Like a giving birth to a child or when it’s leaving home. Living it’s own life on the web clueless about all the bad people who’s going to alter it’s original format, removing tags, changing bitrates and what not to cover up its origin. There’s nothing to do and the most important thing is that people gets to hear these forgotten classics. Of course The Carpets has been on immortalized on KBD #19 with Kill Hirb Cane. Who’s Hirb Cane by the way? Googling gives me nothing. A killer song indeed but there’s another gem here: Fast One. Border on Hardcore in 1979 seems more common then I thought. The flip yields no HIT but I’m very fond of Not Coy which is pretty much saved by Hanwards voice. Well when I think it about the same goes for Okey Dokey. A damned solid EP! Also released under the name of The Conservaties with a sleeve that seems to be even rare then this version. Anyone have this and are able to do me a scan?

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Self Released
Format: 7″
Kill Hirb Cane.mp3
Fast One.mp3
Not Coy.mp3
Okey Dokey.mp3

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  1. Aaron says:

    Herb Cane was a famous columnist in S.F.

  2. DLO says:

    The band later changed their name to The Conservatives. You can hear them on Hell Comes To Your House. A latter pressing of Kill Hirb Cane was retitled “The Conservatives.”

  3. sir hake says:

    great post punk crazy punk rock stuff is funny catchy lofi very god record a little bit reminds me of the end 60s psych punk bohemian vendetta, brain police,and deviants or what ever.thank you kbd for you fishing.

  4. b e h j a n says:

    If I remember well,there was a connection to the S.F. band THE TOOLS.
    Yes,that sleeve under the name of CONSERVATIVES would be great to be seen someday,hopefully.
    PS: Thought always that band on HELL COMES TO YOUR HOUSE album was a different one ?

  5. b e h j a n says:

    Or wasn´t that the N.J. band the CONSUMERS who had a 7″ep “We´re American” in 1980 on Dumpster Rec´s ?
    Have it on a tape somewhere but can´t recall a tone (usually a bad sign)
    VOLUME III states it was booted a few years back.
    Is that one any good -can´t find the tape right now.

  6. chano says:

    Great!! Both sides kick ass!! I really dig “not coy”, reminds me of late 13th Floor Elevators.

  7. Erich says:

    So great! To me this is a perfect 7″ (and one that I can now remove from my posting queue). I was under the impression my handwritten sleeve was something very special, like everybody thins about his child, but now I see that your brat is just as mine.

  8. Tom says:

    I had heard of this but never heard it until now. Thanks!

    Herb and L.A.’s Jack Smith (better columnist) had friendly battles over the years. They (and Chicago’s Mike Royko) died with a year or so of each other.

    After hearing the catchy title song, I, too, want to kill Herb Caen, except he’s dead.

  9. mahaffey says:

    Herb Caen was a right wing douchebag who hated punks (and all rock and roll).

    ONWARD & DOWNWARD: Just when you think tastelessness has reached its nadir, along comes a punk rock group called The Dead Kennedys which will play at Mabuhay Gardens on Nov. 22, the 15th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Despite mounting protests, the owner of Mabuhay says “I can’t cancel them NOW – there’s a contract.” Not, apparently, the kind of contract some people have in mind.

    – Nov. 17, 1978 – typical comment by this dinosaur . . .

  10. Great comments boys.All the above statements are true but as a native San Franciscan, I feel that there is one thing about Herb Caen that hasn’t been touched on in this post…. Herb Caen really truly loved San Francisco for all the things that it represents in a way that only a native or a long long time resident can. He touted this City’s excellence and strong points and therefore had an understandable aversion to things that were a sign of changing times, one of those harbingers of the shape of things to come being punk rock. I love punk rock and I love San Francisco, which I see as one of the true birth places or incubators that allowed punk to grow and develop into one of the greatest forms of rebellion and personal expression this world has ever seen. Thanks for provoking thought one way or the other. KBD is an invaluable resource to me and I know that it takes a lot of energy to make it happen and for that I applaud you guys.
    Cheers, Armand Croft

  11. kingcorn says:

    Herb Caen also got infamous in my hometown of Chico (Calif) for saying in one of his columns in the SF Chron that Chico is “the kind of place where you find Velveeta in the gourmet section at the supermarket.” This touched off a war of words somewhat, which peaked most noticeably with numerous bumper stickers around town that looked like the Velveeta label, but had “Cheeko” in the middle. Eventually the intelligentsia talked him into coming to town for a visit, and he wrote some nice things about us which patched it all up. I don’t think anyone wanted to kill him over it though…

    Speaking of Chico and punk rock, long live Hey Juan’s! That place used to get pretty rowdy back in the day, Vomit Launch, the DK’s, not sure the cops quite knew what to do with that.

  12. zach says:

    it’s funny that you say that about how “all the bad people will alter it’s origin” cause as small as my blog is, i’ve seen another blog take my stuff and use it as their own. sad.

  13. elliott says:

    yeah that sucks. great record. didn’t know what this band became. horible anti-punk comment by herb caen. what a fuckhead.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Greetings from the Denver publick library, this is Harson Plush of the
    Carpets . Andy and Roger Freels , AKA Malcome Shag and Hanward
    Loomb are dead also I’m sad to say. Andy died of alcololism last year
    just before we were going to do a reunion CD. Roger was shot to death
    by his wife , also last year. Thank’s to all who saw us and or remember
    the bands, I can’t believe this thing is still out there!
    JR GARSON aka Harson plush

  15. Anonymous says:

    I was wondering if any out there on this crazy planet, I’f they have a copy of this band on record(willing to by)Please contact me at Thankyou….

  16. b e h j a n says:

    Sorry to hear this tragedy with the two members.
    I guess that CONSERVATIVES on “Hell Comes To Your House” vol.1 LP musta be a different one -is that right !?
    Harson, could you please post somewhere the other variation of the CARPETS (CONSERVATIVES ?) sleeve, as I heard there musta be one ??? Thanks alot ( as I assume very few have ever seen that variation …)

  17. LMA says:

    The Conservatives from Long Beach was the only band I was in. I sang and did not play bass that was Chain Smythe. Our recordings are Hell comes to you house and You can’t argue with suckcess ( later to become The best of Long Beach and Orange county or something like that) DONE

    • none says:

      My friend James was in the Long Beach Conservatives. I don’t think they are related to the Carpets/Conservatives.

  18. LMA says:

    And nobody is dead ……………..yet

  19. Tommy C. says:

    The guitarist for the Carpets started releasing new material a few years ago
    on Inca records, like 30 vids on YouTube under the name Jay Garson.
    also 2 new albums:” Better late than never” and” Tomorrow Man”

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