The Grackles – S/T E.P. 7″

Who needs wildlife anyway? A question asked less often as the environmental fascist grows stronger. Polar bears? Destroy them. Pandas? Ha ha they´re so fucking ugly. Tigers? They eat babies. Let´s kill them all. Wildlife as heard on the excellent comp. Staring Down the Barrel just plows it´s way through the speakers and I get goose bumps bigger then my penis head. Followed by Don´t Get Get Me Wrong which is not as strong but you know sometimes a weaker song is necessary to make a stong song even stronger. It´s great though and even fuzzier then Wildlife. It´s my Party opens up with a speech by the man that many saw as the second coming of Christ(including me) and the music is true to the original while you can hear that Grackles are pretty competent musicians. She´s A Fool is about your mother and might be my fave track actually. Fuzzed to the max with loads “s”s breaking through vocals. Lovely. So who knows more about The Grackles?

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Self Released
Format: 7″
Who Needs Wildlife Anyway.mp3
Don’t Get Me Wrong.mp3
It’s My Party.mp3
She’s A Fool.mp3

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  1. chano says:

    Never heard this band before. Incredibly cool!! Too bad for the coversong… Competent musicians but lame song.

  2. Shit that is a real wreck the gaf tune!!

  3. steve says:

    Great record. Fun to hear this again.

  4. elliott says:

    haha let’s keep tigers. they could come in handy. ha ha ha. yes peter my mother was a fool because she let me live. haha. great 7 thanks. i never heard of these guys and was thinking what kind of a name is this? turns out to be really good.

  5. dewey.decimal says:

    goddam the first track woulda been atop so many of my top 10 lists over the last 30 years if only I’d have heard of this. The Atari-like bass line at the 1:30 mark puts it way over the top. Hard to believe the other three crappy tracks come from the same geniuses who recorded Who Needs Wildlife Anyway. Great post!

  6. dewey.decimal says:

    google reveals a decent amount of info on this. Albuquerque, NM, which makes me like it 100 times more. Sells for between $600-900, so thanks again for posting this one-hit wonder.

  7. Erich says:

    love it how the guitar is all over the place in “wildlife” (choke on this, guitar solo haters!). classic o.t.t. track. first time I’m hearing the others which are so-so, as expected. another $$$-one hit wonder.

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Glad it was me and not you that got the record then guys :).

  9. jigglydaddy says:

    i have no idea what that third song is about but i likes it. and those lil firecrackers goin off towards the end hawhawhaw

  10. MAFFISH says:

    The “it’s my party” track is kinda a downer, but the rest of the 7″ rips. Especially that first song. Never heard of these guys, but dewey.decimal says they’re from Albequerque which was 4 hours from El Paso where I grew up…although, in 1979 I was playing with my Star Wars toys in the backyard, and the only music I listened to then was when my older brother would play some of his classic rock in the bedroom we shared. Great record! Shoulda been a 3-tracker though.

  11. Yurra Hoar says:

    Damn, this is a real interesting slab of vinyl…thanks for sharing! I have never heard this or heard of it. Really cool…

  12. sir hake says:

    oh wow great weird punk killer i hear this for ever 20years by my old record store friend vince lombardy.this is a great record thank you kbd.

  13. StoopidMe says:

    Hey ho,

    Sorry, i don’t know where to post that EXISTENCIAL question !

    OFFS “everyone’s a bigot”

    Got 2 copies, just realized they were different.
    Totally different labels and “small” hole vs “big” hole …

    Don’t find any infos on the web .

    Thought here was THE place where someone could help as this AWESOME blog is done and visited only by AWESOME people ( … yeah, well erhhh, ok … )

    Thanx !
    ps : it’s a vital and urgent matter
    ps : sorry, thanx, cheers and al kinds of friendly regards …

  14. superbunny says:

    Thank you for giving a home to so many offbeat punk bands. Another stellar 7 inch saved from obscurity. And personally I think the third track is the best.

  15. briand says:

    It should be noted that “She’s A Fool” is also a Lesley Gore cover, so there’s somewhat of a theme to the flipside of this record.

  16. jame says:

    One of the worst band names I have ever heard. One that insisted I give it a listen. Is it really a portmanteau of Granny Cackles? Terrible. Fortunately the songs are a lot better than might be expected, apart from that shockingly awful third track of course. Call me picky but Who Needs Wildlife appears to be concerned more with farm animals than actual wildlife. Nevertheless, it’s amusing enough to hold my attention. Thanks.

  17. Dan says:

    Thanks for posting this, great fucked up 7″!

    RE: OFFS “everyone’s a bigot”

    I imagine the small hole custom labels came 1st then the large hole 415 labels. 2 different sleeves for their “Johnny Too Bad” 7″ by the way – got one printed on white paper and another printed on pink paper.

  18. StoopidMe says:

    Thanx DAN,

    By the way, the “small hole” version of ( ! ) OFFS “everyone’s a bigot” has “Johnny too bad” writtten on the label whereas the “big hole” version has no mention of it …

    Otherwise both have the same 415 label and same “911×39” number.

    Is there one rarer than the other ?

    PS : Ouch ! Lame english language when it comes to very specific stuff as here , sorry !

  19. b e h j a n says:

    Their song “…Wildlife” remembers me to JACKIE SHARK AND THE BEACH BUTCHERS kinda.
    Speaking of the latter,they remember me to these mysterious NY/NJ (?) 1978 acetate-7″-only band VICTIMS whose ace track “Victims of society”
    (but me likes that song even better-hope we can hear the B-side someday…!!!) is a highlight on that great “STARING DOWN THE BARREL” !

  20. wilddevilman says:

    KILLER!!! The Cover song “It’s My Party” is really cool. Adolph screaming then followed by this marchin’ classic tune..what a brilliant idea!!

  21. pirateradionut says:

    Jame: No, I’d assume that the band name stands as is. Grackles are a type of annoying, aggressive birds. In the same general category as starlings, cowbirds, crows, etc. If the band name is a portmanteau, then it has a double meaning.

  22. Mark Andrews says:

    Who the hell are these guys? Wait they’re me. At least one of them 17 yo me singing and playing keyboards lol no shit I haven’t heard these songs for years since we scraped the 200 together to press this thing (I think there were some white discs too) Recorded and mixed in one drunken stoned night on a 4trak reel to reel.
    Ahh those were the days.
    Rev Andrews

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