Voodoo Idols – S/T E.P. 7″

First of two excellent 7inches by Voodoo Idols from Tampa/Florida. Second one has the better known We dig Nixon etched into the grooves. Nixon is great but I think Do the Kirk here is one inch(the size of my supermans cock) better. Rough and stomping with a great bass sound, pretty sax and a singer with a super sexy voice. Grunt Runt is more of the same just not as catchy but I somehow can picture the singer go nuts with this one live. Finishing it off with Stooges Your pretty face is going to hell is which don´t do much for me. The voodoos also released an LP which I haven´t heard but would love to.

Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Vee Dee
Format: 7″
Do The Kirk.mp3
Grunt Grunt.mp3
Pretty Face.mp3

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  1. chano says:

    Like a rawer, meaner sounding version of early Cramps. Many thanx, i was after this one for ages (after hearing “grunt grunt” on the Killed By Florida comp lp). Great record!!

  2. DLO says:

    The band actually released an LP and a 12″ EP after these two 7″s, but they both suck. Real bland bar band rocknroll. Disappointing.

  3. Chris oliver says:

    That’s an accurate description of the last ep, but Temptation is a great record. Sounds like a cross between the cramps and the contortions. I posted it here:

  4. Væringjar Eggeling says:

    This record is pretty fun, but the obvious JOKE (the emphasis is for your dim readers) is that white-boy appropriation of black music is as racist as the Zionist hiphop of Two Live Jews. That you posted this shows you have real balls!

    And of course, even those from Florida (strictly from familiarity with the deservedly maligned cultural studies category of the “other”) are less inherently racist than those whitebreads living in, say, Switzerland.

    Thanks for the post.

  5. sir hake says:

    yeah its cool snotty punk with cramps and flesh eaters charm.thank you kbd.

  6. Yurra Hoar says:

    Me no likey

  7. StoopidMe says:

    I have that LP, and that is the only thing i heard of them ( my computer is too stupid to have sound ! ).

    When i got it, it really didn’t make any sens to me …

    A few month ago, i listenned to it again before throwing it away in exchange of a half bottle of warm beer … And i really liked it !.

    Keeping in mind that i am NO specialist of that very type of PunkRock ( … You know, with sax and all that sort of intellectual sort of things … ), it now makes me think of FLESH EATERS …

  8. Dirk says:

    Half the LP is good other half isn’t. The two 7″s are the best Florida has to offer. Great cover on this one. I would argue the songs are not intellectual but fucked and intellectual. Way better than the Cramps or Screwdriver.

  9. justin says:

    Grunt Grunt is my favorite of the three, a little dirtier sounding. The cover art is perfect. Thanx for this treat.

  10. Pelle Wengelin says:

    The album cover is art! Cool!

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