My Life´s A Jigsaw

If you´re into early UK punk/powerpop like myself you MUST check out My Life´s A Jigsaw. Many rare and great ones ripped directly from the bloggers own collection. Fantastic!

My Life´s A Jigsaw

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  1. bristolboy says:

    Aw shucks – thanks for the plug – if anyone has any requests – feel free

  2. MAFFISH says:

    That looks like an awesome site, but it sucks for me. I don’t have a home computer, and I can’t download anything from my work computer, it’s all blocked. I can save the mp3 files from this KBD site, but that’s about it. Oh well. I’ll keep this in mind if I ever get a home computer, but not for long time at my pay rate!!

  3. Peter Stitt says:

    One of the records that the man has featured on his “My Life’s a Jigsaw” blog comes from my band, Strangeways. Ain’t it brilliant to be remembered after all these years! I’m really chuffed and, just to make it even better, the recording studio we did the tracks at is releasing one of them as part of a compilation album next year that includes the Housemartins and the Red Guitars, two bands we have mates in.

    All the best to the originator of that blog and a bloody big thank you to him,

    • bristolboy says:

      Thank you Pete, Just came across this – always nice to be appreciated even if i have to go searching for it.

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