Men In Black – S&M Bar 7″

Seven days ago I posted a killer powerpop record. Today I post a killer punk rock record. For some people that want to define all kind of different aspects of punk music they’ll call Men in Black for more aggressive art punk. I’m ok with that but why not make it as simple as to say that it’s KILLER PUNK that shreds, destroys and what not. On the Lectric Eye label that also released other killer records by The Normals and The Skinnies. The label also side stepped quality wise with The Buns-Anti Matter 7″ which is just as hard to get as Men In Black but be aware cause it really sucks. Maybe there’s more releases from Lectric Eye to keep an eye on? I wanna know. Pay attention to the guitar sound. Must’ve been the same amp as used on the Skinnies record? Total damage.

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Lectric Eye
Format: 7″
S&M Bar.mp3
The Gypsy Lid.mp3

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  1. chano says:

    This is pretty fkn’ good!! Hectic & psychotic with a great guitar sound and the sinth sound isnt too predominant. Thanx for this and for the Billed By Theft comp…. :D

  2. Tage Savage says:


  3. Erich says:

    Total winner! I should have bought this when I saw it at a local record store two years ago (it was 250$ though).

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Bummer. It goes for a lot cheaper on the thing we call eGay when it pops up which is about once every twice a year.

      • Væringjar Eggeling says:

        No doubt I write many dumb things on this site (for better or worse, I am confident I do many more drugs), but to an American there is something peculiar about hearing the casual banter of Europeans talking about spending hundreds of dollars on a 7″. On RARE occasions I spend that much (cumulatively) on my wife and prostitutes, I was once set back when I shared a beer and a hooker with Rudy Guiliani, but it seems like the Swedes/Swiss have much more disposable income. Are European records collectors the equivalent of the sort of people in the US who work in offices and play golf in country clubs? Why the stunted, idiotic interest in “desperate” punk rock when material concerns must be only “desperate” in a lamely bourgeois sense? No insult, just curious.

  4. justin says:

    …btw, would you mind passing the Grey Poupon.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      You mean this Grey Poupon:

      Thanks for being a poor punk that don´t compete on the eBay market ;). On the other hand don´t you have a huge fucking ranch?

      • justin says:

        Yes that Grey Poupon. There’s an old commercial here in the states where a guy rolls down the window of his limousine to ask the guy in the car next to him if he has any Grey Poupon (rich men prefer a finer mustard). Not a big ranch my friend and just rented. Besides in NoWhere Kansas 50 acres (20 hectares to you foreigners that use the obsolete and inferior metric system) is just a drop in the bucket. As far as being competition on ebay Peter, I have no fucking clue how the hell you even know these obscure records even exist, I wouldn’t even know how to start a search. Shit, more than half of the stuff you post, I have never even heard of. Is there some kind of book or database?

        • The Flakes // Drummer says:

          And then you should know that I don´t know that much compared to many other collectors. The obvious is the kbd, powerpearls, break the rules and what not comps. Then there´s some databases like:

          for american stuff.

          Books: 45 Revolutions for everything UK related.

          Then when on ebay and find an interesting record you can do a google search for it to see what comes up. And when collecting you come in contact with other collectors that give hints on what might be good and not.

          Old fanzines. Hm what else? Curiosity and a constant hunger for old shit you´ve never heard.

  5. elliott says:

    men in black are great! thanks! but i need more powerpop hopefully with female vocals (girls just do it better) soon. yeah haha egay haha. i didn’t know more people called it that.

  6. Fleamarket says:

    Great songs. Thanks from New Orleans!

  7. b e h j a n says:

    GYPSY LID was quite rightly comped on an otherwise laclustre KBD 999.

  8. Daniel James says:

    Wow. That A-Side is a total rip off of “Tattoo Vampire”. Not that there’s anything wrong with ripping off Blue Oyster Cult or anything.

  9. Væringjar Eggeling says:

    I don’t know “Tattoo Vampire” but punks should at least ripoff Meltzer’s BOC songs.

    Are the Men in Black precursors to the black bloc? Antifa!

    Thanks to the “old rich bastards” of Europe for posting this record and records of similar ilk. :)

  10. SICKNICK! says:


  11. Pelle Wengelin says:

    Men in Black :)

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