Count Vertigo – X Patriots/I’m A Mutant 7″

Just cause it takes so long between each update I offer another killer punk record. Basically it’s Ice 9, posted a long time ago which you should download NOW in case you’ve missed it, playing orchestrated by their drummer Count Vertigo. Would like to know why it wasn’t released as Ice 9. I mean it’s not that far off compared to Ice 9. X Patriots might be the most famous one on here and the one that’s easily digest. It’s great BUT I’m A Mutant is what really makes this such a sweet piece of plastic. Haunting, to say the least, monotone and pulsating with anxiety. Two sleeve variations with the yellow one that I have being the more common compared to the white version.

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Cool
Format: 7″
X Patriots.mp3
I’m A Mutant.mp3

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  1. Erich says:

    Totally agree: “X Patriots” is an easygodowner, very much a Sex Pistolish affair. “Mutant” is where it’s at: Wonderful song!!

  2. b e h j a n says:

    wonderful,like ICE 9. as usually,I wonder what happened to Mr.Count Vertigo?

    • John says:

      The Count is dead. I think it was an OD. Eddie Jetson still lives around here, and Danny is around too. Eddie’s cool, Danny not so much.

      • Monger says:

        Didnt Ice 9’s bass player die in a car wreck shortly after the 7″ was released?

        • No, he (John Sogge) died much earlier. Fell asleep at the wheel driving home, no seat belt, hit a phone pole. He was 19. Very very tragic. That was Nov. ’78 and I think this came out in ’79. It was, to say the least, very very traumatic, and tragic. I met him the night he died.

          I saw the original lineup, with Sogge, in the summer of ’78. Incredble sounding band. I have a full recording off of the air (KBOO) of their live show Aug. 4th 1978, and had it cleaned up and digitized. It shall exist forever.

          I love Eddie and Danny. Period.

  3. clayton s. says:

    Portland punk holy grail. Forget all that Wipers shit.

    • eddie jetson says:

      there’s room for all the early portland punk bands,,,there where so few of us and it was dangerous to walk around being a punk back in the 70’s in portland…I loved this time in my life…..eddie jetson

  4. dewey.decimal says:

    Great record, agree that Mutant is the gem. Better than the Stiphnoyds record, a toss up with Ice 9, lesser than the Sado-Nation 7 inch. Total B.S. on the Wipers comment. Count Vertigo is classic KBD stuff, but no way no how in the league of Greg Sage.

    • I saw the original lineup of the Wipers many many times. did you? I hope you did. I saw the original lineup of Ice 9. Completely utterly different music, but believe me, they were an American original.

  5. Dirk says:

    Phantastic record. I don’t understand why people have to bring up the Wipers -they suck. In exactly the same way that the Misfits suck.

    • Come on Dirk. Wipers first record is an all time great. And I KNOW you never saw the first lineup, since I know you. Doh!
      Bullet by Misfits is an all time great single. b/w We are 138 and Hollywood Babylon

  6. mardal says:

    Ya too cool for the wipers n the misfits? If you enjoy music whatsoever you’d know those bands definitely don’t suck. This 7″ ripsssss!

  7. Dirk says:

    No, its not that I am too cool for them. I just never liked either of those bands. Not in 1980 and not now. In hindsight it is quite interesting that one band becomes cult while many others don’t. I wish I had bought their records back then so I could trade them now. Mind you I have the “Trap Sampler” but that one is a keeper for other reasons.
    Wonder whether there is any unreleased stuff by the Count?

    • dewey.decimal says:

      I think maybe you’re a moron Dirk. The Wipers aren’t “cult.” Not by any stretch.

      • Erich says:

        How I hate the term “cult” – are we into religion now or what? But anyway, the WIPERS are becultet. And the WIPERS were an amazing band. I have no idea why this idiot even brought them up, or the MISFITS at that.

        • Dewey Decimal says:

          Exactly (I have to add, “I think,” because I’m not familiar with the word ‘becultet’ and can’t find a definition). Apparently Dirk feels akimbo to the other idiot, Clayton S., who first brought up the Wipers, because Count Vertigo is supposed to make us “forget all about that Wipers shit.”

  8. b e h j a n says:

    I understand what Dirk means.
    This comparison with WIPERS comes because THE COUNT was from the same state,I guess.
    So for now,we can only pray to DISCOURAGE records that someday an ICE 9 (and hence COUNT VERTIGO ?) album will see the daylight.
    and while we are comparing bands: how about THE NOTHING 7″ greater than any MISFITS records :) :) :)

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Sorry Behjan don’t have the Nothing 7″ :). There’s another swede here in town who has it though maybe he’ll sell it to me someday he he.

  9. Milky Bazooka says:

    I don’t like the Wipers at all, but Count Vertigo is pure grandiosity. I like the Misfits (especially Static Age), but the best band from NJ is Genocide. Bobby Ebz was a thousand times cooler than Danzig.

  10. clayton s. says:

    I only brought up the Wipers for 2 reasons:

    1) It is my understanding there was a divide between the Sage/Trap records crowd and the (way too cool) COOL records/Ice Nine crowd. Sage didn’t seem to think they were too cool? Perhaps another PDX local can shed some light.

    2) When people think of Portland bands, the usual mentions are POISON IDEA, DEAD MOON or WIPERS. It’s tiresome. Not a lot of people seem to know about this particular record (even locals), despite it being comped. Personally, I think this record out does anything Sage was involved with. It’s a 2 sided masterpiece and I guess all we’ll ever get to hear from the Count. More people need to hear and rave on this record.

    So yeah, I’d take this over “Youth of America”… maybe a small stab at the Wipers? Big deal. Fly your flannel and don’t get your panties too knotted up over there, ladies.

    and a shout out to my boy John (above) for procuring a copy of this for me this year. Nice to finally knock that off the ol’ want list.

    • By Youth of America Sam Henry was out and so was Koupal. The three of them were one of the all time great power trios. Their live shows were stuff of legend. Completely mezmerizing. An utterly different sound. First Wipers lineup stands up against anything in the galaxy. But there wasn’t that kinda divide between them and Ice 9 – they just ran in different crowds, but I think they ran into each other. By the time the Wipers were getting lots of live shows, Ice 9 were licking their wounds from the loss of Sogge, and took until mid-79 to get rolling again. Even then they were only recording and didn’t play in PDX again if I recall correctly. I know they played in Seattle afterwards ’cause Eddie just told me the other day…

  11. Dirk says:

    There you go. I managed to work up a couple of Wipers and Misfits fans. Good to know I can still do it. At least Behjan is as smart as ever. Drop me a line as I have lost your e-mail.
    The first record that comes to my mind when I think of Portland is “Pigs for Lepers” by Smegma. A masterpiece. Or maybe E13. Followed closely by the Count. Too bad he also belongs to the “Choke on your own Vomit” club.

  12. b e h j a n says:

    Dirk,my e.mail is still at:
    behjan (at)
    Hopefully we will be in touch again (a 17-year old friendship won´t rust :)

  13. The drummer’s name was Jeff. I’ll ask Eddie or Danny if they know his last name. He was institutionalized – went bonkers – but don’t know if he actually died or whatever…

  14. And, oh, yeah, I’ve got this single. It’s in perfect condition. I also have the Ice 9 single. Danny has more demos and what have you in his vaults. Some songs are on the myspace site.

  15. SD says:

    Jeff Grassi

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