Raped Teenagers sucks.

Should write this in Swedish I suppose but anyway… My old old old HC band Raped Teengares are doing a one gig thing on the 6th of Nov. in Linkoping/Sweden. Here´s a little teaser from a recording we did on our third practice(last saturday). Last time we played together was once in 1998 and before we broke up in 1992.

Bedovad(rehearsel recording, orig. released on our firs 7inch)
Djungelns lag(rehearsel recording, old unreleased song)
O.S.(rehearsel recording, orig released on our first 7inch)

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  1. Erich says:

    Shit, I want to see this!

  2. me. says:

    man. you wanna see this? i just wanna rape teenagers.

  3. tony says:

    Jag kan inte hjälpa det men Raped Teenagers är fortfarande ett av mina favoritband. Nya låtarna låter bra som kuken!!! MERA SKIT MERA SKIT, tackar på förhand.

  4. Yurra Hoar says:

    I am hitch hiking to Linkoping to see this!! Anyone going my way???

  5. Martin says:

    Shit, was it really 12 years since the reunion at Skylten? Still so fresh in my memory. I even remember that one of my old bands had a gig the same day in Jönköping and we managed to convince the organizer that we had to be the first band so that we could make it to Linköping in time for your show. Too bad I can’t make it this time.

  6. Peter says:

    Om alla tiders favorit band skall ha en liten reunion så kommer jag!

    Fast… vart i linköping är det? Vart kan man boka sig en biljett?
    Gör mig lycklig nu! :D

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Hej Peter! OBS! Vi spelar endast 12 låtar och giget blir väl 15-20min långt. Bara så att du vet :).

      Mer info:

      • Anonymous says:

        Åka från STHLM-> Linköping, betala 150:- för att Raped, (sett er på Ultra och lite andra ställen tidigare) , få 12 låtar serverat.

        Taget. Med glädje!

        Vilken tid går ni på ungefär?

        • The Flakes // Drummer says:

          Vi går på näst sist vilket torde blir runt 23 hugget. Välkommen :). Men Ultra? Det måste väl vart typ 1985?

          • Peter says:

            Kan ha varit 1988, har lite bilder därifrÃ¥n tror jag… ;)

            Däremot fick jag en demo av nÃ¥n tidigare medlem i RT -85 pÃ¥ en campingplats pÃ¥ Gotland.. Ungefär “jag gillar…” fast demo versioner… Om jag inte minns fel var det en duva pÃ¥ omslaget.. Det var nog där jag vart hooked!
            Galet mycket tack för riktigt mycket bra musik genom åren..

  7. Glenn Beck says:

    After our election, Sweden will be even more of a US puppet, the Russian government will be jealous, the Raped Teenagers will be “socialist” pop-culture, and Julian Assange will continue to be homeless.

    I bet Levi Johnston/Anal Owl is severely unhappy.

    [No jest, glad to see two(!) new posts!]

  8. justin says:

    Badass Peter, thanx for sharing those. Make sure your tour makes a stop in Northwest Kansas.

  9. Peter says:

    Tummen upp för el concerto.
    Fick lite bilder tagna igÃ¥r… Har dom pÃ¥ FB


    Vet inte om du kan se…

    • justin says:

      Good to see you guys playing and thanx to the guy/gal who posted those vids. I wish the sound wasn’t so blown out.

      • The Flakes // Drummer says:

        They where supposed to film the whole evening but it didn’t happen for some reason. But if you know the songs you can still make out how it sounds through the noise ;).

  10. jame says:

    Your band name makes me cringe every time I load your site so well done for that : ) But I’m really enjoying the tunes. Great stuff.

  11. brian/dropdead says:

    damn, one of my all time favorite bands, interviewed them in my zine after Kalas Puffar came out, wrote to mr. p svede on and off for a while, one of my bands actually recorded a cover in 1990 of the 2nd song off Kalas Puffar whose name escapes me now.

    I actually found a bunch of raped teenagers stickers in a box semi-recent. “Raped Skates” hah.

    oh also I was taken into police custody once as a rape suspect (I was just driving in the wrong area at the wrong time) and the police were really interested as to why I had ‘raped teenagers’ written on my shoe!

    anyway come play america, I’d lose my shit to see RT even now.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Hi Brian!
      Peter here :). I run this blog. Would love to hear the cover and it somewhat rings a bell somewhere. Maybe you sent me a tape of it? Did you sing in Swedish?

      A tour will never happen but new material MIGHT surface sooner or later.

      • brian/dropdead says:

        I know you run this blog, peter :)
        I check it once in a while.

        I can’t remember if we sent a tape of it but, no we sang in english based on the lyrics translation that came with the 12″. I should just make an mp3 out of it, it’s 20 fucking 10.

        • The Flakes // Drummer says:

          Ok, I mixed you up with a dude that had a band in NY that did a cover too but sang in swedish. Would love to hear it so please do a an mp3 :).

          • brian/dropdead says:

            So I looked over all my tapes and I can’t find the tape with Raped Teenagers cover on it
            I’m fucking pissed off, I can still picture it TDK XLII-90 min tape with “Master” scrawled on it. maybe it appears someday.

  12. Toki Wartooth says:

    Holy shitskys this rips!!! Me likes

  13. chris says:

    Raped Teenagers on this comp just posted at No Longer Forgotten Music blog:

    Stop Beating (tape, No Profit Productions, 198?)


  14. Artifix Greg says:

    I remember first hearing about the RAPED TEENAGERS in the pages of MRR. I never saw a record until I became a DJ on the then full FM KSSB radio station out of Cal-State University San Bernardino. I found the LP in our library. No one had ever played it until I came along. I played cuts from the LP a few times on my show. When I left KSSB, the station manager let me keep the LP since no one else had the balls to play anything from it. I still have this copy to this day. I think it even has “KSSB” written in marker across the cover. Just thought I’d share my first exposure to your band…Congratulations on your reunion!

  15. Artifix Greg says:

    That’s the one! Someday I’ll pick up the first 7″ EP…

  16. giuseppe says:

    never saw RT play live,and i think i’ll never see they play live..
    but the records are often on my turntable..
    i’m 38 years old and i think that RT sound still “fresh and clean”!!
    hope to hear something new from you dudes.
    you suck!

  17. nicolai says:

    Just have to say that RT is one of my favorite bands. Actually my whole band loves you guys. From the first demo all the way to that ’90s record. First heard of you guys from the 625 thrash website. Max was gonna do a discography cd but it fell through. You guys should have someone do some rereleases of your stuff. I have almost all the records but I still would proabably buy the rereleases.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Glad you like the band Nicolai. The reason why 625 reissue didn´t happen is mainly due to my laziness. Ain´t it a drag to go through your old bands stuff? And our old records ain’t that rare and quiet easy and cheap to get hold of. Someday it would be cool to release old 4 track recordings though, but not a discography. What’s the name of your band by the way?

      • nicolai says:

        My bands name is Bored Straight. We have talked about doing a RT cover but have never done it. I’m the singer and I would have no clue how to sing in Swedish without fucking it up. That would be pretty cool if you released some of those 4-track recordings.

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