Breeders – Zen Punk E.P. 7″


Fuck, fuck, fuck! I must post more often. But life…so much other shit to do. Breeders one and only(?) little jewel has to be one the most forogttenHC records. Not that it´s uber great. But it has it´s moments and it´s just one year too late for the trend. The highlights are of course the b-sides Fuckheads and Zen Punk who are pretty close to White Cross in it´s simplicity and sound. But I have to admit that I have a certain love for Future Amnesia. It was the time when HC bands mixed up the heads on speed with slower tracks that most of the times worked great. So who knows more about the Breeders?

Country: USA
Year: 1984
Label: Nova
Format: 7″
Future Amnesia.mp3
Fuckheads(Uncool Slamming).mp3
Zen Punk.mp3

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  1. Dewey Decimal says:

    I think Future Amnesia is the standout track. I like it even better now that I’ve googled it and found that MRR compared the track to Loverboy when it was reviewed in MRR 17. The other two are pretty generic (but not at all bad). I never heard of this record or the band but comments on MRR say they were from Urbana Illinois, they also had a cassette release, and one of the band members commented and provided his email address.

    • justin says:

      Where the hell did MRR get the Loverboy connection?

    • Atemi Cast says:

      I agree the “Future Amnesia” track is pretty damn good and I think sounds almost timeless. If the production quality was a little better it could have been released this year but comparing Breeders to Loverboy is an insult to Breeders. They do not sound like 80’s pop rock at all. That said, the comparison made me laugh.

      • The Flakes // Drummer says:

        I agree with you here Dewey. The HC tracks are a bit generic and Future Amnesia IS the stand out track. Loverboy? Never heard of. Would love to hear the cassette. Anyone got a copy?

  2. Simmo says:

    Future Amnesia reminds me of Gang Of Four.

  3. justin says:

    Love it when a band mixes it up a little bit. As DD said, generic hardcore, but damn good and with Future Amnesia, they offer ketchup with their fries. Thanx as always Peter for the sweet obscurities.

  4. Martin says:

    Kim and Kelly Deal is in this band, and they had a major hit in the 90’s with the song Canonball. A bit poppier sound these days, but still a great band! They reformed a few years ago after one of the sisters got out of jail.

  5. Martin says:

    Nope, didn’t listen. I don’t like old music! The same name, and therefor it has to be the same band. If not, this Breeders should be sued for using the same name as a bigger band!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Ha ha I thought it was another Martin :).

      • Martin says:

        Nej, it’s me with all the plastic waiting to be posted whenever life gives me a break for an hour or two, and my computer realizes that it is OK to work the way I want it to.

    • justin says:

      Martin, pretty sure “this” Breeders came first, so it should be the “bigger band” that should be sued. “I don’t like old music!” Well dude you came to the right place, I come here because Peter has shit loads of the newest hits.

      • The Flakes // Drummer says:

        Justin, it’s just Martin aka The Faintest Idea // Drummer being ironic in a typical swedish way ;).

        • justin says:

          Damn ironic Swedes, had me hot enough to heat ten Swedish homes in the dead of winter. Martin you got me man, you guys are supposed to be dark, depressive, prone to alcoholism, but not sarcastic and humorous. Thanx boys.

  6. Vaeringjar Eggeling says:

    Loverboy is from Canada, a country above the US (in every way) and a locale where I (and I think Peter) once wanted to pursue “desperate living” while “topping” other pretty boys.

    The Breeders are from a lesser country and by their name represent a kind of opposite-sex coitus that strikes me as akin race-mixing. 14/88!

    • vaeringjar says:

      I have a hard time sleeping, so under the covers I have resorted to reading poetry. The other night I learned the word knulldhar. Afterward I looked over at my snoring better half and, sadly, realized her hair has been well manicured for some time. I turned her over and did my best to share my new-found Swedish breederism. Of course I hope it didn’t work too well, as the “gift” of a gurgling bloody mess would prove unfortunate. I calmed myself down later, convinced I targeted the wrong spot. Up Transtromer and the punx!

  7. b e h j a n says:

    drummer Jonno Peltz of Illinois later was drumming with THE OUTNUMBERED with Mr.Pinoli.

  8. Dave G says:

    This is a great record and one I have never heard before. I’ll add it to the list of records I need to track down..thanks !

  9. Mr. VanDusen says:

    Yeah the Loverboy comparison got us a little riled but we laughed it off as some snarky too fuckin cool record reviewer blowhard crapola. To Simmo–I totally agree. Ted was deep into Gang of Four and got me jazzed on Andy Gill’s percussive guitar stuff. We were a punk band who totally mixed it up and the 2 thrashers on the B side were not so typical. Our cassette release was our minor masterwork that better showed our range and is overdue for re-release.
    Thanks for saying som nivcethings about us. I saw Jonno in Feb. he’s doing great. Ted’s still out west. Glenn -who joined later is up in Minn. Still got my lefty Telecaster. Cheers ya’ll. –Andrew

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