D.O.A. – S/T 7″

The second best DOA 7inch after World War 3 in my opinion. DOA is really a mixed bag for me. Of their fullenghts it´s only Hardcore 81 that works. Sure there´s a couple of good tracks here and there but I could never be bothered with a whole LP except for HC 81. If I could make my own DOA 7inch I would put WW3 on the a-side and The Prisoner on the flip.

Country: Canada
Year: 1979
Label: Quintessence
Format: 7″
The Prisoner.mp3

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  1. steve says:

    Next to WWIII this is good. These are the second DOA songs I heard. Chuck Biscits is their best drummer.

    • Gilles says:

      DOA were the best in the 80’s. Sooo much better than the boring Dead Kennedys. First heard them on the “Jellybeans” complation and I was hooked. Saw them live in a small club during their 1983 uk tour, without biscuits, but they were good. Got all their canadian releases. Some of the songs on “something better change” aren’t bad at all. But, true, Hardcore 81 was their high point.

  2. Yurra Hoar says:

    Great post, Peter!

  3. Javi says:

    “Fucked up Ronnie” or “America the Beautiful” ain’t that shabby, either.

  4. b e h j a n says:

    There is a “D.O.A. – day” in Vancouver I have read!
    Most of their 7″s (the first 3x ones esp.) and a few of the “HC81” album and their debut LP “S.B.CH.” …have their moments IMO.
    (along w/ their 2x exclusive contributions on VANC.COMPL. sampler LP)
    Joey and the rest of D.O.A. seem to be one of the longest-running PuNk bands in the world! And Joey also seems to be active with politics and action´s / demo´s.
    Collector-scum TRIVIA:
    the above D.O.A. 7″ was recorded the same day as Connecticut´s ELECTROFLEX 7″…

  5. Monger says:

    havent heard electroflex..why not pass it along to Peter????
    The 3 DOA 12″ers you need are hardcore,something and triumph…and the first couple singles..something happened once they got hooked up with Jellos label that sorta killed them to me….

  6. mardal says:

    I’m not super into DOA, WWIII is a bit too oi oi oi sounding for my ears. this 7″ is pretty cool though, hadn’t heard it till now. Down 8th avenue by electroflex is a badass jam as well. that musta been a good day.

  7. b e h j a n says:

    digressing from D.O.A.:
    ELECTROFLEX recorded a few more songs w/ a sax. (not annoying in that case,really! IMO) in a studio in 1979/80 but by then Mickey and Angel left the band right after the rec´s of the 7″ (I can´t recall which band they did join in NYC, haha!)
    Speaking of anniversary:
    Today 1st DEC thirty (30!) years ago the world-known Pacific N.W. band THE DESENDANTS recorded their sole 7″ (Desendants and Electroflex: two records with only a handful of copies in a sleeve,haha).

  8. ian says:

    ‘the prisoner’ was one of the first punk rock songs i ever heard & it blew me away with its energy – great stuff. DOA were always a bit strange though – the most inconsistent band of that era to the point of being tragic – ‘lets wreck the party’ any-one?

  9. DLO says:

    “Something Better Change” is great all the way through. In fact, I like it more than “Hardcore 81” by just a little bit. All DOA up through 1984 is good with me. After 1984, they have been mostly blah.

  10. RAYMOND S. says:

    Nice post!
    The Prisoner is one of D.O.A.’s anthems. It’s true D.O.A.’s output has been inconsistent over the (30+) years; could be due to the band’s frequent line up changes. That being said, Joey Shithead has written a number of classic tunes and helped define the sound of early Western Canadian hardcore. I think the band’s relentless touring down the West Coast of the U.S.A also had an effect on those scenes. I saw them many times in the early 80’s and was never disappointed.

    I’m with DLO, but check out War On 45 and see what you think.

  11. vaeringjar says:

    Denmark? Sweden? Wherever this site is from! (Wisconsin, North Dakota, Florida–the fucking teacher–wherever I am from!)

    In Von Trier’s “Boss of It All” the pauses in speech are supposed to convey meaning but in fact cause comical confusion. Shithead’s little bursts have always confused me to the point I thought he was singing in French. What cleared my head is that I know a lot about “bloody dicks.”

  12. I saw them several X in ’79. Triumph of the Ignoroids (with the live Nazi training camp) is my fave vinyl from them, and this just preceded it. I love this record. My band opened for them and the Dils on May 20th 1979 at the Linnton Community Center.

  13. Oh, yeah, I gotta copy of this. It’s original, and in perfect condition.

  14. zach says:

    i like the versions on the LP better, myself.

  15. elliott says:

    man it feels good to be back. zach if you’re reading this i can’t get to my email right now cause i’m using a shitty computer. anyway doa fucking rocks. i like this 7 a little less than the wwii 7. actually that is the only doa i’ve heard. good shit.

  16. Vengeance66 says:

    Got a :perfect: copy of this as well…. :)

  17. p says:

    The Prisoner rules but I like the version on Jellybeans better. Fuck You is a pretty great song also…and Fucked Up Ronnie, I don’t give a shit… But yeah these guys were definitely more of a singles band.

  18. Pelle Wengelin says:

    This was new for me.

  19. maskingsound says:

    There is no way this is a push out centre right?
    Somebody is trying to convince me their copy is.. .

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