Behjan Miradi R.I.P.

I only knew Behjan through all his comments on the blog.  His enthusiasm about everything rare and obscure connected to punk was his trademark. I’ll never catch up on his vast knowledge. Tony has published a piece on his awesome blog, which you shall bookmark now in case you haven’t.

Punk Business Manager: Behjan Miradi R.I.P.

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7 Responses to Behjan Miradi R.I.P.

  1. sir hake says:

    is tragic.sir hake

  2. trgec says:

    …what am I supposed to say except I’m sad,so sad…Behjan is one of my best penpale friends,I was meet him a long time ago in the 90’s in Regensburg…still I got a letters from him and his the one who’d introduce me to a amazing world of KBD punk…thanks man and RIP

  3. elliott says:

    so sad. i loved his comments. that guy really knew his punk. r.i.p vehjan.

  4. Monger says:

    Didnt know him personally,but his comments were insightful and he certainly did his legwork tracking down obscure band members.His enthusism for the music probably wont be matched.All i heard was he was discovered dead in his apt,dont know the cause but 41 is way too young to go…RIP

  5. Thanks for helping spread the word about my memorial posting for Behjan, (and thanks for calling my blog “awesome”- very kind of you). I got some other new postings planned for the near future.

  6. Stauff says:

    Sad indeed. Behjan was one of the people I corresponded with on a weekly basis in the mid/late 90’s (when I was in my mid teens), discussing gem’s of punk-recordcollecting. He was hellbent for vinyl, as we all were (are), but had a unique way of getting his ways when it came down to actually locating copies. I hated him for it, but learned a lot. Lost contact with him just after the millenium, but I am still saddend by these horrific news.

  7. He was a great guy. I got in touch with him through the internet and he sent me tapes with a lot of GREAT punk rock.
    I’ m so sorry to read this.
    I’ ll never forget when he asked me if I knew Lars Sjögren – which I do. It’s a small world…

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