The Hates – S/T E.P 7″

No talk in the 80’s will never get posted here. Thankfully Hates made some records that where really great. Like the amazing Panacea 12″ and this their second E.P. and the 50 copies(?) only third E.P. As many of you know Christian and his mohawk is still doing Hates. I heard an LP he made in the early 90’s that was pretty darn good but I can’t find it. Any hints? They’re hinting at HC on both Do the Caryl Chessman(how “Do the…” songs are there from the late 70s and early 80s?) and Bored with the Boys while Soldier(my fave a long with Do the…) and City on Ice are two great mid tempo rocking punk songs.

Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Faceless
Format: 7″
Do The Charyl Chessman.mp3
Bored With The Boys.mp3
City On Ice.mp3a

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  1. zach says:

    this 7″ is fantastic. bored with boys is my favourite track. love that song. do you have the third e.p. or know what it sounds like?

    how come “no talk in the 80’s” will never get posted here?

  2. Dewey Decimal says:

    Great 7 inch. “Bored with boys” is my least favorite track.

  3. sir hake says:

    yeah bored with the boooyysss.wonderfull thank you kbd.

  4. Erich says:

    I used to have the 3rd 7″ but traded it away (don’t ask what for, it was before the internet …..). I remember it sounding much like the 2nd one. I still couldn’t decide which one I like better, the first or the 2nd one and frankly, until now it never stroke me that they actually would so different one from the other.

  5. Ian says:

    This may be a better record than the No Talk in the 80’s record, but No Talk in the 80’s is a better song than any of these alone.

  6. Brushback says:

    I used to have all the early Hates records (well, the first two singles and “Panacea”, anyway), though I didn’t like them that much. Christian Arnheiter used to be pretty active with continuing to send his records around to almost every fanzine he could think of and try to get some notice for them, even years after the records first came out– I started getting stuff in the mail from him around ’85/’86. But the Hates were too new-wave for me back then, me still being a hardcore kid. I’m pretty sure I remember Panacea came with a Hates comic book…

    Anyway, maybe a year or so later, Ray Cappo was flipping through my record collection looking for stuff to trade (this was before Youth of Today got really big, when we were still friends), and he saw the Hates singles and was like “What’s this?” Because they looked like rare ’78-’79 punk records, the sleeves have that look to them. I said “Never mind those, they’re not really any good.” Even listening to them now, they ain’t The Huns, that’s for sure.

  7. Fernando says:

    Hi Flakes Drummer,
    a while without saying hello here. Btw thanks for the Mixed Nuts Don’t Crack comp that the other day I found here at the ol’kbd blog!
    “I heard an LP he made in the early 90′s that was pretty darn good but I can’t find it. Any hints?” – well I guess it must be the 1992 “New World Oi” LP that was later included on the “Contamination Disc” CD
    “how “Do the…” songs are there from the late 70s and early 80s?” You’re right, a nice comp could be made: Do the dog (Specials), the Eddy (Adolescents), the Bee (Hüskers), the standing still (Table), the Robot (Saints), the European (JJ Burnel), the Mussolini (DAF), and so on… Bonus track, Do the Mutilation by Revillos. I wonder if “Do the y owe us a living” by Crass would fit, hahaha
    Fernando :)

  8. elliott says:

    see i get it you don’t like the first 7 but i really can’t understand why. i mean it’s a great slab. and so is this one. great melodic punk. thanks!

  9. Adamski says:

    This is a very cool 7″. Catchy punk rock. And don’t you think the last track “City On Ice” sounds a wee bit like first LP-era Jam?

  10. d says:

    seriously, what’s wrong with no talk in the 80s? i love that song.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      It’s ok if you do that. I think it sucks. Can’t understand why and how people can like it, but if they do…no big deal.

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