The Vertex – Tonight The Sky Will Be Ours E.P. 7″

A long time ago I posted the Vertex’ second 7″ and told you that their first one was great as well, but that I sold my copy when I was younger, dumber and in need of money. Luckily I’m smarter, richer and a lot prettier now that I’m slightly older, so I found myself another copy of this modtastic E.P.

Tonight the sky will be ours is a classic in Sweden’s mod community as it was included on the mod/garage compilation “The roots of Swedish pop vol.1”, and the other two tracks should be regarded as classics as well after this post! When you were my baby sounds very 6T’s, and could just as well be a left over from Tages, the Lee-Kings, Flippers or another Swedish band from the century before punk. The bass heavy last track has a very odd bridge, or whatever it should be called 1.41 into the song, where the song more or less stops and the bass changes the tempo in a very odd way. I love is though, just as much as I love the “stick-out-your-tounge-and-sing-nanananana” part thereafter.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1981
Label: Versing
Format: 7″
Tonight the sky will be ours.mp3
When you were my baby.mp3
It was different when we were children.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Vertex – Tonight The Sky Will Be Ours E.P. 7″

  1. Amazing record! Love it even more than their second. Can’t believe I’m the first one to comment on this one.

  2. clayton s says:

    Big Vertex fan! Tracked down both records after the posting of the other one back when.

  3. zach says:

    thanks! this is great. love the chorus of “when you where my baby.”

  4. sir hake says:

    yeah its great vips,distractions versus rousers.thank you kbd

  5. richard says:

    JUST….amazing…I am amazed with “Tonight the sky will be ours”

  6. Martin says:

    More records up for sale now, including this very copy;

  7. Nattis says:

    my dad is the singer. he died for 12 year ago. is amazing how i found his songs on the internet after all the years. i love my dad and i’m so proud of him <3

  8. Andy Parker says:

    What was the first Vertex single called? I toured as sound engineer with The Cannibals in the early ’80s through Scandinavia, with The Vertex as support band. I was with them in the studio when they cut a cover of a ’60s garage classic ‘It’s Cold Outside’ (?). Sad to hear about the singer and John Bystrom. Happy times touring, though (they got arrested in Denmark, at one point!). Rock’n’roll bordel…

    • Martin says:

      Well, this is their first 7″, the second one is posted on this site as well so just do a search for it. Tey did a few tapes as well, and if memory seves me correct at least one of them had a few covers of 60’s songs, so It’s cold outside might have ended up there.

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