Spare copies for sale on Ebay

Hello, I thought I should get rid of a few spare copies of punk records, they’re up on ebay now and there’s more to come. Bid high so that I can afford new records to post here.

Fega PÃ¥hopp, Kai Martin & Stick, Madhouse, Pink Champagne & Hasses med Sussies are up now and I’ll add another batch tomorrow. Checkiticheckiticheck!

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  1. Hej Peter, you don’t mind some shameless self promotion do you?

  2. zach says:

    any hints on what’s up next?

  3. Martin says:

    Ebay is a fucking pain in the ass if you live outside of the US. Takes forever & ever to make them understand that I live in a different country and that my zip code means nothing to them. Anyway, I’m about to add Ljud frÃ¥n Friberga, Slobodans UndergÃ¥ng & the 2nd Kai Martin & Stick!

  4. Martin says:

    Added 3 more records a few minutes ago; Reklamation’s EP, Boyfriends & 2760’s MLP. Happy bidding!

  5. Got a bit bored last night and added more records; the second & third Ebba Grön 7inches, Skabb, Usch & Fiendens Musik. All of them are posted here as well so you can hear them.

  6. Up next from me on Ebay; WC, Baiters, Badboll, some Attentat & Bruset. Maybe more stuff, will probably list it tomorrow.

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