The Citizens – Satisfy The Citizens 7″

Just cause Grim/Klone Band got such an overwhelming response I’ll post another killer record that you people won’t get. The Citizens from France is up there with Gasoline but on the pop/melody level. Sweet synths and believe it or not perfect english pronunciation. Good job snail eaters! Talking about snails… You people are the slime.

UPDATE: Comment on Facebook:””Not from France! They were from the UK,- Ex 3rd Men!!!!!”” ha ha BIG mistake from my side.

Country: France
Year: 1980
Label: Dreyfus
Format: 7″
Satisfy The Citizens.mp3
TV Woman.mp3

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  1. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    From Facebook(where people tend to comment but not here):”Not from France! They were from the UK,- Ex 3rd Men!!!!!”

  2. Erich says:

    Love the french accent.

    YEAH I KNOW THEY WERE FROM THE UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Monger says:

    This was a lot better than i had expected it to be.Not a “gotta track this one down NOW!” but certainly not the worst ive heard.

  4. jame says:

    This reminded me a little of some of the more lame material by Here and Now. As above, it could have been worse! Perhaps that is the rare French sleeve ; )

  5. Citizen Del says:

    No Not French Just released in a lot of territories with different covers. The french was the best – really odd.

    Citizens came before 3rd Men

    If anyone can track down the album ‘Persona Vacation’ that would be really cool. It may have only been released in germany ( no we weren’t german!)

    And Jame..Lame? who are ‘here and now’ anyway.



  6. Citizen Del says:

    If you want to hear really good music from the children of the citzens check out the Inner Terrestrials.

  7. James Randall says:

    Could this be the same Citizens who played at a school fete at St Peter’s school South Croydon in 1976? I was there as a 10-year old. I still have a badge I was given which says “The Citizens Satisfy”. The music certainly rings bells. Apologies if the band would not describe themselves that way, but this was my first introduction to electro-pop and I loved it, three years before Tubeway Army. I’ve never forgotten it.

  8. Thomas says:

    Weird – just find the German pressing in a record stack at a small record fair in Hamburg/Germany and I bought it for little money, because the guys on the cover looking interesting. ‘Satisfy the Citizens’ is o.k. for my taste, but the winner is the flip with ‘TV Woman’ – fast melodic and catchy ‘New Wave’ or call it Powerpop – excellent track!

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