The Bats – Popgun 7″

If you like pop you’ll love Popgun. If not. You don’t like pop. Simple as that. Oh how it haunted my head after the first time I heard it. But it took a long time until I finally got a copy of my own. The Bats released an LP that I haven’t heard but read that it shouldn’t be that hot. True? Released on the Gustav label that’s also famous for the release of the Poodle Boys that I used to have but got rid of immediately since it only featured one decent song. On the flip you’ll hear a great cover of the Beatles Tell me why. Pop till you drop.

Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Gustav
Format: 7″
Tell Me Why.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Bats – Popgun 7″

  1. Maffish says:

    Not to be confused with New Zealand alt-rock-pop band, The Bats. The one here I’ve never heard of, thanks…this is great!

  2. Dewey Decimal says:

    It’s official. I don’t like pop. Very cool sleeve, though.

  3. zach says:

    this is fantastic! thank you! more pop would be great! A Hard Day’s Night is a great album. what a great cover track, i only wish that when he sings “is there anything i can do” that he would go into a high voice like the Beatles version. thanks again.

  4. tim says:

    Wow, you must be under alot of personal stress at the moment if you posted this. We are your friends mate, there’s no need to take it out on us.

  5. Frank says:

    Great post, classic Connecticut area single, and a long time favorite. Thank You! The Lp is a little on the lighter side, but it does have a few great moments.

  6. Monger says:

    too light for me,i can handle some pop,like maybe 20/20’s “yellow pills” or “Oh Cheri” but this one is too fluff

  7. Martin says:

    It’s OK but I expected more. On the other hand I’ve posted loads of stuff myself that I know you don’t get, and I’m sure you’ll hate the sugary pop of Imgemar Bergan Troop as well as The Record Players whimsy DIY psych that I’ll post within soon…

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Conclusion: you don’t know pop Martin.

      • Martin says:

        I do know pop, I just expected a bit more from your ravings on how great it is. Will spin it a few more times to see if it grows on me.

        • Martin says:

          OK, second spin and more careful this time, and it is pretty damn sweet. I still expected something less twee and 60’s flavoured though. Not the greatest popsong ever, but very catchy. Guess I shouldn’t comment before I’ve spun stuff a few times, but I always fall for the Axe effect…

  8. Bill Koch says:

    People seem to be on one side or the other of the love it/hate it coin in regards to song. Fantasitc track featuing a then 17-year-old Jon Brion (Jellyfish, Grays). Sadly, the album How Pop Can You Get? doesn’t quite live up to the promise of this debut 45 but it does have its moments as Frank stated above.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Had no idea Jon Brian was in The Bats!!!! Strange considering Jellyfish is one of my top fave bands of the 90s and The Grays only album was spun a lot during the late 90s too.

  9. jame says:

    This one’s not for me. Three spins and it still sounds like pap.

  10. jaymuss-eato says:

    >too TUFF for “popgun”, huh?
    …i DECLARE a perfect slice of Mersey-Beatery …by that annoyingly ubiquitous alterna-FOLKster; Jon Brion…Still A CLASSIC…but the NZ “BATS” own the name in MY book…!!!

  11. Wolfman Hack says:

    poodle boys rule, just saying

  12. Jackson MacDonald says:

    Love this!!!! at first i thought it might have been the kiwi pop sensation, but this is just as great.

  13. zach says:

    i just saw that Sing Sing re-issued this. when i saw the cover art, i remembered the record, but couldn’t remember where i’d heard it. sure enough it was here. apparently i thought it was fantastic back when i made my first comment. and i still do today.

    thanks as always.

  14. Dsno says:

    I love Jon Brion too, but… Wasn’t Jason Falkner (more power-pop royalty) in both The Grays and Jellyfish? Thanks for veering off from punk once inna while, some of these one-off 7″ finds are fantastic.

  15. Dsno says:

    I love Jon Brion too … Wasn’t Jason Falkner (more power-pop royalty) in both The Grays and Jellyfish? Thanks for veering off from punk once inna while, some of these one-off 7″ finds are fantastic.

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