A.D. 1984 – The Russians Are Coming 7″

I’m on a heavy UK trip right now after I found a comp CD a friend made me some years ago. Lots of great stuff on that one that made me go through my records again and again to see which ones I got and which ones I need to track down. Guess I’ll do my best to post a bunch of the ones I got as soon as possible to give you gals the UK flu as well.

This twin bass attack was not on the CD, but I’ve had it in the posting que for some time now and as it’s fantastic, although with a scary message about the communists, I’ll start with this one. Remember to look out for Russians, even if they don’t call themselves the C word too often these days… You’ve been warned!

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Voyage International
Format: 7″
The Russians are coming!.mp3
New moon falling.mp3

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19,170 Responses to A.D. 1984 – The Russians Are Coming 7″

  1. Charlie M says:

    Great A-side often noted for it’s obvious debt to the Stranglers. My copy was given to me by a kid who’d found it at the local council landfill site……I’m glad he saved it from burial alive.
    I hearrd a later single which was fairly dull. Wonder if they have any other 70s of thr same calibre as this.

  2. Charlie M says:

    ……that should say ‘wonder if they have any other unreleased 70s recordings of this calibre’

  3. Martin says:

    You got that right Charlie, the second one they did is boring. Didn’t even mention it in the post for that reason.

  4. sir hake says:

    ooooooohhhhh sorry i forgot this great record total cool new moon rising wonderfull song from this great band thank you kbd.

  5. sir hake says:

    äh new moon falliing tz tz.

  6. Christopher says:

    I’ve been looking for the B side to this single for years. Thank you! Yr my new favorite.

  7. Monger says:

    this 45 isnt too bad
    nice gritty fuzz guitar

  8. Peter J. says:

    Excellent single! One of those fairly easy to find for reasonable price but still fantastic records!

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