The Steppes – The Beat Drill/God’s Got Religion 7″

As Peter’s such a slow mover when it comes to posting the Disco Zombies demo tape, I pull this one out of my sleeve instead. The Steppes were Andy Ross from the above mentioned band’s other band. Released in the same year, and on the same label as the mighty Drums over London that’s been posted here before. The beat drill ain’t as great as you would expect, but the b-side, God’s got religion is a total smasher! Here are the lyrics so you can sing along;

God’s got religion but I’ve got a car/
with a stereo-cassette and a built-in bar/
As we get into hell and I’m not beaten yet/
I’ll get there first in my private jet/
Christ’s got a cross but he died in pain/
I’ve got a gold cross on a chain/
Give him some financial aid/
He can co-star with Lew Grade/
This non-profit organization/
isn’t immune to exploitation/
somebody got hold of the rights to The Bible/
with the Guinness Book of Records its only rival

Amazing lyrics to say the least. This 7″ saw a re-release in 1980 after the band changed their name to Fifty Fantastics, and that copy came out on Dining Out who put out the last Disco Zombies 7″.

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: South Circular
Format: 7″
The beat drill.mp3
God’s got religion.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Steppes – The Beat Drill/God’s Got Religion 7″

  1. Dan says:

    No need to post more Disco Zombies. LP with tons of unreleased stuff is being mastered as we speak. Watch for info and samples coming soon!

  2. Pete TNT says:

    The beat drill isn’t really worth listening to in my opinion but God’s Got Religion makes the a-side worth it. Disco Zombies LP sounds interesting!

  3. sir hake says:

    ups i think this was swell maps the best of post punk funny records more soft boys but disco zombies hm but anyway cool record i remember thank you kbd.

  4. GraemeSTL says:

    Disco Zombies being mastered as we speak? That means ‘Out in approx 2 years, usually!!!’ We’d all like to hear the Disco Zombies demo before then, please.

  5. Dan says:

    But are they playing any gigs

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