The Cold – Mesmerized/Wake Up 7″


Awhile ago Erich/Good Bad Music was asking for some new power pop to be posted. So why not. It was far too long ago. Way underrated. Maybe cause most of their stuff is quiet easy and cheap to get hold of. Wake up!

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Top Pop
Format: 7″
Wake Up.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Cold – Mesmerized/Wake Up 7″

  1. Stig Dangerman says:

    Peter, I think you must be on the same menstrual cycle as my wife. ;)

    • Erich says:


      Thanks much, Peter. First didn’t like it too much and thought, I’d give it an extra day. Now it starts to grow on me. The boing!-bass is great!

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Ha ha probably. Does your wife also has a tiny penis/clit?

      • Erich says:

        Hahaha. My problem: Tiny pecker and a giant asshole. :-(

        • Stig Dangerman says:

          As one of those anti-hippy, anti-sex punx (I had to rework the sentence to get in my favorite ‘x’), I have never been able to FIND a woman’s “love button”!

          My appreciation of the b-side has indeed grown, though only by Erich and Peter centimeters.

  2. Monger says:

    Ellen Degeneres’s brother is in this band..never heard them before until now.Cant see any reason to again,not my bag ‘o beans…but thanks for the post regardless!

  3. zach says:

    this is great! thanks!

  4. EEK says:

    This is great!!!

  5. Dewey Decimal says:


  6. Dewey Decimal says:

    im an attorney. i will sue you!

  7. tim says:

    It starts off really great, like they were really on to something, then the drums kick in and it collapses into mediochrity, but nice post though.
    SHIT! I remember back in the late eighties and very early 90’s there was this company in Telford UK called OLDIES UNLIMITED they used to advertise 300 punk/New Wave singles for about a hundred and twenty pounds (about 3 or 4 days wages) – mostly obscure 1977 -1982, all mint condition. Many singles of this ilk. I ordered a sample of 20, and liked some of the records, but I never got around to buying a big box from them. I’ve got few regrets in my life, but that’s one of them!

  8. Dan says:

    All the records by The Cold are great. They should have been as big as Blondie or something. I’d rather hang out in “Three Chord City” every once in a while than listen to the same shitty boring punk every single day.

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