The Cassettes – S/T 7″

This one goes out to the ones who cringed when Peter posted the Bats – Popgun 7″! If you didn’t like that one, you’ll hate this piece of sugar coated POP! If you have great taste like me on the other hand, you’ll love this and the amazing Forever Changes influenced acoustic guitars in Reverberate. The b-side ain’t shabby either, believe it or not. Can anyone confirm that it’s about Elvis Costello, or is it just in my imagination?

And yes, I agree in the common opinion that Love’s Forever Changes is one of the best albums ever recorded. Believe the hype for once (just wanted to say that).

Country: UK
Year: 1981
Label: Zip
Format: 7″
Don’t label me.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Cassettes – S/T 7″

  1. Dewey Decimal says:

    goddam did you all run out of punk rock?

  2. Monger says:

    you were not joking about it being sugar coated…not much edge on this to me,and not my cup of tea but again,good to hear it…but i agree with dewey..something more harder edged would be better how about Tsunematsu Masatoshi’s “i wanna be your doggg” 7″ from Japan?ive never even heard of anyone actually owning it,i heard 300 copies on Gozira records. Supposed to be really good,but ive only heard one cut off it.I do have the Mirrors one from just before it,also a 300 press run…so maybes theres hope yet!

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    There’s loads of punk stuff to be posted but we can not post ALL the records at the same time, right? We like powerpop and we like punk, deal with it. And judging from the FB page a lot of other people seems to be enjoying it too they’re not just that eager to express their opinion in the comment fields which is sad.

    I don’t have Tsunematsu Masatoshi 7inch though I’ve been tempted to get one but don’t think it’s “worth” the price musically. The first Mirrors is rare but not as good as the less rare second one.

  4. sir hake says:

    reverbetate is a cool song its a fact this record is not a shame for power pop thank you kbd.

  5. Matt B says:

    Awesome! Really enjoyed both tunes. Is their stuff really rare, or is there stuff out there to be had without breaking the bank?


  6. I think “Reverberate” is top-shelf. Thanks for posting.

  7. pawel says:

    Reverberate – isn’t it?

  8. corpus77 says:

    another class one !

  9. corpus77 says:


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