London PX – Orders E.P. 7″

Northern Londoners who formed in late 1979 under the influence of the mod scene as well as Gen X, Buzzcocks etc, but according to themselves they never managed to be “good” enough to be a mod band, so they decieded that punk was the thing for them. After recruiting local Mensi impersonator Cliff Hanger the band was ready to take the world by storm… or maybe not if you ask Gary Bushell who called this EP the worst Oi! record ever! Guess that makes this the second Oi! record posted here after the Introze magnificent 7″ Kids In Uniform. I’d rather call this rama-lama-shitty-shitty-bang-bang-punk, but if you wanna insult the band by calling it Oi!, just go ahead.

If anyone’s got a copy of their tape release for sale, or MP3’s for that matter, let me know and I’ll post their flexi 7″ as a thank you.

Country: UK
Year: 1981
Label: New Puritan
Format: 7″
The man they could not buy.mp3

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  1. yhehp says:

    Worst Oi! band ever? OK, it was bad, but The Beardsmen still take that prize for me.

  2. sir hake says:

    i think is a little post punk but more england cockney style cool old punk pearl.thank you kbd

  3. Stevo X says:

    Orders was good but take a listen to their other single “Arnold Layne” (yes, the Pink Floyd song). It’s a real corker….better even than Dave Gilmour & David Bowie’s recent version. I saw PX play live at Rebellion in 2008…they played Orders but unfortunately not Arnold Layne. I heard they don’t play often (something like just 20 gigs in 32 years)

  4. Stig Heil says:

    I woke up with a lot of anxiety, couldn’t find health care documents that cover my non-existent but expensive ailments. Felt bad about Norway. Sparked up a bowl (or vaporizer, as we do these days). Listened to Orders, pretty good and sloppy. But then got lost in my better half’s records. “Relics” brought me to a better London PX place, like Sun Ra or the Raped Teenagers. I hate my parents more than they hate me.

    I hate Mcs (micks) and my wife, too, and used condom-chewing Swedes, but I applaud the celt who wrote “I will give you everything”–even if Them are Muslims.

  5. Anonymous says:

    garry bushell was right still good diy sound

  6. gerry molyneaux says:

    have this 7″,thought the cover was pretty forceful-was it an addict??not too bad plod along punk,liked the ‘ORDERS ORDERS……..STUFF YER FUCKING ORDERS!!!!’part of the song.gimme a shout re irish or oirish rarities.

  7. Nathan.G says:

    This one is an all-time classic in my book. Totally unique sound that never tires. It definitely isn’t Oi! music but the key influences appear to be the same.

  8. Martin says:

    A while ago I found another copy of this one, but with a different sleeve with the Beatles on it. According to various sources on the interweb, the first 900-950 copies came with the sleeve posted here, and the rest with the Beatles sleeve.

  9. Martin says:

    I put up this copy for sale at Discogs, in case someone’s looking for it;
    Got more stuff there as well, including the Jetz, Hornsey at war, Xtraverts, Dagen D etc.
    I need some dough…

  10. Marcus says:

    Still looking for a recording of the cassette release?

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