Ed Nasty And The Dopeds – I’m Gonna Be Everything/You Sucker 7″

Punk rock out of Mississippi. Love or hate it. Either way you can’t deny the solid musicianship. The precise tuning, the drummers hard and steady beat, the singers wide tone range and the high production value. Too commercial? Maybe.

Country: USA
Year: 1978
Label: Sexo
Format: 7″
I’m Gonna Be Everything.mp3
You Sucker.mp3

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11 Responses to Ed Nasty And The Dopeds – I’m Gonna Be Everything/You Sucker 7″

  1. Stig Dangerman says:

    When you are suffering the machinations of cunts like GGC “hardcore” (those who spew dollars instead of cum), I suspect you post stuff like this. IQs are higher when finances are sound. Fuck those San Fransisco capitalist hippies.

    • stig dangerman says:

      It’s bad form to comment on your own comment, but such sophisticated incoherence requires translation: “I’m Gonna Be Everything” is almost as rad as the MC5’s “I Can Only Give You Everything,” which is a tune most of my ex-girlfriends know well. Awesome! In the words of sir hake, thank you KBD.

  2. sir hake says:

    punk is the only way.thank you kbd

  3. DLO says:

    This was just reissued, along with several other KBD classics (including Freestone) by an American label. I think the label is called Laugh Last. I just saw the whole lot of reissues in a record store.

  4. 666 says:

    This is a killer one!

    I have you on my favorite links list.

    Can you put my blog on yours, too?


    Up the good music!

  5. Miker Meltonnn says:

    Dude, I really appreciate this. I just love punk rock n’ roll. It saves my day. Thank you so much.

    • Miker Meltonnn says:

      And I have to say, this is a very impressive production. They must’ve been giving Springsteen a run for his money. Springsteen cowers in fear awaiting the return of the Dopeds.

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