Pusrad made a deal

Pathetic. But the guys in Pusrad signed a deal. The label is taking pre-orders and this is kind of close of how it’s going to sound:


Package 1 – PUSRAD – 7 song 7″ EP 50 sek, Europe 62 sek and World 66 sek

Package 2 – PUSRAD – 7 song 7″ EP + t-shirt 110 sek, Europe 152 sek and World 162 sek.

All prices include postage. Payment through Paypal are fine. Mail for info: info@j4f.dk
Visit: www.j4f.dk

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19,170 Responses to Pusrad made a deal

  1. snapcase says:

    Congrats! lookin´ forward for this one..sounds really promising

  2. Martin says:

    Great looking sleeve! Totally retro!

  3. zach says:

    great stuff, love the length of the songs. much better then the Flakes.
    what’s the shirt look like?

  4. Charlie M says:

    Thus is ridiculously great! Listening to this makes me laugh out loud and gives me goosepimples the way I haven’t had since the mid 80s……and an erection too – bonus! If Koro had been told in ’84 to go away and write some progcore vignettes this is what they might have striven to have come up with.

  5. Charlie M says:

    Ha ha! Of course…..
    It’s impossible to listen to this without at least smiling – man that’s insanely tight and furious; some great riffs and twists. Almost like Protes Bengt covering a whole Victims Family LP in 2 minutes – on 78 rpm (I can keep these shitty name-dropping allusions going all night ;-) )
    I missed the whole fastcore thing as I sort of lost interest in HC around ’86 but the good blogs like yours and Erich’s have been educating me about what I missed.
    A Pusrad gig must be a fairly concise affair……….

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Well I can’t speak highly about HC after ’86 so I don’t know what I might’ve introduced to you that’s HC post ’86 :). Anyway I just love your descriptions ha ha.

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