The Features – Perfect E.P. 7″

Maybe mostly known for it’s appearance on the classic AK79 compilation. First band to release a record on the Propeller label that also released the great Spelling Mistakes 7″. Here’s something for everyone. From the incredible infectious City Scenes, who climbed the Kiwi charts and reached number 34, to two punk rockers on the flip. Secret sounds like a quiet pointless jam while Police Wheels is fantastic punk stomper that shouldn’t be missed.

Country: New Zealand
Year: 1980
Label: Propeller
Format: 7″
City Scenes.mp3
Police Wheels.mp3

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7 Responses to The Features – Perfect E.P. 7″

  1. Kevin says:

    “Secret” is a Beatles cover (of Do You Want to Know a Secret?).

  2. sir hake says:

    a great record cool early punk rock.thank you kbd.

  3. Stig Dangerman says:

    Out of prison for multiple DUIs! Whatever Nordic religious shit I said to appease the Mexicans worked! The A-side of this single is great, but the background sounds give me anxiety. The photos on the back look like the No-Wave (NY) of New Zealand. I wouldn’t leave that one dude alone with my daughter (but I can hardly be alone with her either b/c I find her so hot!).

  4. Stig Dangerman says:

    One last thing: My (anti-child, all about the sort of safe sex known as the ass) wife was at the OB/GYN today, and she is now sensitive and wants to stress: My DUIs have been on a bicycle, some of which have been on a Swedish Crescent–Nervex lugs!. I haven’t been behind the wheel of one of those obese, fatso things known as cars for years. Those are best left to heavy metalers.

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