The Odds – 1ST4 E.P. 7″


A new post. A new old record. Synt punk that rocks pretty much my way. The Odds became Modern Science and released another 7inch in 1982 that I would like to hear. Is that Kiefer Sutherland in the band?

Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: S & M Music
Format: 7″
Out Of Control.mp3
Living In An Angry World.mp3
Don’t Get Angry.mp3
Hit And Run.mp3

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11 Responses to The Odds – 1ST4 E.P. 7″

  1. Holly says:

    Nice – thank you!

  2. sir hake says:

    great great quirky punky wave funny i love this music of total obscure punk,thank you kbd.

  3. Tim says:

    great single. bought it in 1991 in San Francisco and found never any inormation, thanks!
    heres the Modern Science:
    unfortunately, not too good, I think…
    best, Tim

  4. MAFFISH says:

    Nice, this is rad. Dude does look like a young Kiefer, doesn’t he? haha!

  5. Monger says:

    Nice enough oddball obscurity from the Los Angeles area.Vocals remind me of Terminal mind or whoever that band was who did “laundermat loverboy”. Trivia sister in law once told me that one of her gf’s went home with Keifer Sutherland back in the “lost boys” era after partying with him in some night club.She reported,apparently,that while Kiefer was banging her,she looked down and noticed his underwear was full of shit. Not skidmarks or baconstrips but “actual chunks of shit,like he had a huge wet fart and ignored it”. So,for that alone,Kiefer is punk.Who dont think so?

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