The Aces – One Way St. 7″

Here’s the Menace without the Menace singer. On the a-side they crank out an ultra fantastic mod/powerpop/punkpop song that I dare to call a classic. B-side is totally forgettable unfortunately. What these lads did after Aces I don’t know.

Country: UK
Year: 1981
Label: ETC
Format: 7″
One Way St.mp3
Why Should It Be Mine.mp3


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19,170 Responses to The Aces – One Way St. 7″

  1. sir hake says:

    is a great punk power pop rec but for me is the rec vermilion +the aces -angry young women a lot better but its total diverent aua my english very bad sorry,thank you kbd.

  2. wilddeadman says:

    Wow, the A-side is splendid, loose flaky PowerPop punk, the rhythm is driving as if the world flat, while my feet sleep listen to the flip. Worth the A-Side alone..

  3. Jaymuss says:

    >Since that “Holidays in the Sun 98” show -Noel Martin’s been hocking the MENACE clothing LINE to a new GENERATION of the CONFUSED…I STILL think MENACE were one of the GREAT BANDS to DISCOVER…a STRING of perfect SINGLES…all ANTHEMIC liddle blasts…Morgan Webster has one of the GREAT voices as well…UNFORTUNATE circumstances surrounding his (untimely) death….ANYWHO…i Love “one way street”…the B-side GROWs on ya…i can appreciate the arrangement…the disco-y SIZZLED high-hat tends flare my hemorrhoids.

  4. whore says:

    sorry, but the B-side slays everything in sight. awesome tune!!!

  5. nathan.G says:

    I quite like the B side. It sounds like the New Wave of British Power Pop Metal or something….

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