V/A – Let It Out 12″ LP

Jeez, I just realized that this one’s been in the posting queue for over two years, but then on the other hand, I’ve been away for what feels like two years as well so it might be a good one to get back on track with. Another good reason is that now that I bought a new record player, my scanner decided to die on me! At least my camera still works, so I can post something.

There where quite a lot of punk/ punkish/ related compilations released in Sweden from 1978 and forward, but very few of them were as solid as this one. From the top of my head I can only think of the Bakverk 80 L.P. and the Live pa Musikverket 7″. I like all tracks a lot so it’s hard to pick a winner, even though the Moderns deliver like few others. All bands on this one had other releases as well, but in my opinion Stoodes, 2760 and Chatterbox got their best songs ever on this compilation while the Warheads had better tracks on their E.P.

There is a volume 2 as well, but unfortunately it’s too much junk on that one.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1980
Label: Adventure
Format: 12″
The Moderns – Tell me where the action is.mp3
Warheads – Today can’t be worser than tomorrow.mp3
2760 – Vive le rock.mp3
Chatterbox – Sista chansen.mp3
The Stoodes – Psycotic.mp3
2760 – Rocky buys a record.mp3
Chatterbox – Illusioner.mp3
The Moderns – She said go!.mp3
Warheads – I lost my leg in the war.mp3
The Stoodes – Gunfight.mp3

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19,170 Responses to V/A – Let It Out 12″ LP

  1. Adam says:

    The reflection on the vinyl is like a mirror into your world.

  2. Kevin says:

    Cool songs… thanks for posting! (Tell Me Where The Action Is ends very abruptly… is it supposed to be like that?)

  3. Thanks for posting this comp! Some excellent songs on it, my faves are Warheads’ “Today…” and Chatterbox’s “Sista chansen”. I like the melodic-y Chatterbox 7″ but this song is much more punked out! Nice! Those 2 songs by DT and The Stoodes were both on their “Metallic OK” LP, no? Wild stuff there too.

    • Martin says:

      I’m sorry to say that you’re wrong Tony, all songs on this comp are exclusive for it. The Stoodes 12″ are in the posting queue, so give me another 2years…

  4. And speaking of Chatterbox, I searched your site and see that exactly 6 years ago- on July 24, 2006- you posted the Chatterbox 7″. It doesn’t seem like that long ago!

  5. Thanks for the post. Your scans was always perfect so it’s fun to see that it works with a camera. I looked at the record – nice red lamp you have – kinda 70’s

  6. Clinton Chapman says:

    I fucking love these Warheads tracks. My favourite of theirs(of what I’ve heard). Do they have any demos or other recordings? Anyone?

  7. peskypesky says:

    “Vive Le Rock”!!! Great tune.

  8. Martin says:

    Stoodes live in picture, but not in sound unfortunately. Still rad though;


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