Aqui D’el Rock – Eu Nao Sei/Dedicada 7″

Not too much Portuguese stuff posted here to say the least. This is the second one so far, which is a shame as Portugal had a bunch of great bands. Not too easy to find any Portuguese punk records as far as I know, even though this one, combined with their first 7″ is available on a repress from Italy’s rave Up. Find that one as it’s great! With that said it’s quite easy to figure out that this one posted here is their second, and unfortunately last 7″. I am particulary fond of the b-side, but over all this record should be able to please most visitors to this site with it’s nitty gritty guitar sound and  top notch frenecy. Just don’t ask me what they sing about as I have no idea what so ever, but it sounds raw, so what else is there to ask for.

After listening to the record, you can check out this clip of a bunch of other acts from Portugal.

Country: Portugal
Year: 1979
Label: Metro-Som
Format: 7″
Eu nao sei.mp3
Dedicada (a quem nos rouba).mp3

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19,170 Responses to Aqui D’el Rock – Eu Nao Sei/Dedicada 7″

  1. Lektorn says:

    Great stuff! Great post! Discoved this one a few years ago. Thanx for posting!!!

  2. Roberto says:

    Songtitles translations :)
    1 – I don’t know
    2 -Dedicated (to whom steals us)

  3. WTV's says:

    Eu nao sei is playing twice in your rip!

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Martin fucked up again?

      • Martin says:

        Yeah, just blame me for fucking up when the song actually plays twice on the record. While listening to it, I’ve always assumed it was what musicians call a “paus”, but while listening more carefully, it’s actually the same song twice. That’s the way the record is pressed, but for all I know it might be a mispressed record I got.
        By the way, fucking up is punk! At least that’s what I’ve heard.

  4. Roberto says:

    First time I’m hearing about a misprint on this one. Then, that makes your copy even more rare than the usual one. :D

  5. Clinton Chapman says:

    It does say on the back sleeve that the song appears twice.
    LADO A
    Eu Não Sei
    bis РEu Ṇo Sei

  6. elshano says:

    Cool! Punk in Portuguese that is not Brazillian (i.e. Restos de Nada, Cólera, Olho Seco, Garotos Podres, Lobotomia, Mercenárias, Inocentes, Ratos de Porão …). I know Punk was/is alive and well in Iberia, but am not that familiar with Portuguese school.

  7. Martin says:

    Aqui d’el rock = Her’s the rock or something simular? Anyone Portuguese speaking who can help again?
    By the way, “Bis” means encore, right?

    • Roberto França says:

      Yeah, it’s a weird meaningless title even in Portuguese. But you’ve pretty much figured it out. A closer direct translation would be “Here of the Rock” with “d’el”(of the) being old slang not in use these days.
      They were the second Portuguese punk band, but the first to put a record out.

      The first Portuguese punk band “Os Faíscas” ended not having recorded nothing, a sad reality that continued happening with several other quality bands of the country throughout the 80s. And on that, in contrast with Portugal neighbours Spain have more history left in records.

      And yes, “Bis” means encore. I didn’t knew the original had the same song twice on side A, never held it in my hands, I have only the re-release, I do have a couple of friends that possess the original though, I’ll ask them about it.

  8. Roberto França says:

    Also, this on is their second and final single. Their first “Há que violentar o sistema” (roughly translated as “One has to violent the system”) is by far the most expressive and abrasive.

    Some trivia. The popular Hardcore punk Brazillian band Ratos do Porão covered “Eu Não Sei”.

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