The Squad – Born In The Concrete 7″

Hands up if you’ve heard this record before, or if you’ve ever heard of the band before. I know absolutely nothing about them, and a google search gives nothing more than a hit at Discogs and a foot note in a book about the Zombies called “Hung up on a dream” written by the singer, who seems to be a quite active writer these days. After that, nothing! Not that this 7inch deserves meters and meters of text written about it, but concidering how few punk and power pop records Denmark produced during the hey days, someone must at least have noticed this band before. The a-side is a nice power pop tune that gets a bit spoiled by the organ (which I never thought I would say). The b-side is OK, but nothing special. Now let’s see if it’ll pop up on some wantlists.

Country: Denmark
Year: 1980
Label: Sonet
Format: 7″
Born in the concrete.mp3
Polythene chicks.mp3

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5 Responses to The Squad – Born In The Concrete 7″

  1. Martin says:

    Oi Peter, you don’t have to post everything I’ve uploaded over the weekend

  2. WildDevilMan says:

    Great Shot, once from my Wanted-List, thanks man. I like the fat bass here on both songs, I agree the a-side is the smasher here. A pretty pearl!!!

  3. sir hake says:

    great a side funny punky power pop,thank you kbd.

  4. Martin says:

    OK, out of a random search I found something on this band! Later in the 80’s they changed their name to Route 66 who did an extremely rare (as in never shows up for sale) LP in 84 where they got some help from the keyboard player from Procol Harum with the production and hammond organ and one of the guys from Squeeze on harmonica and back-up vocals. If anyone’s got their LP I’m more than curious to hear it as I’ve only heard one song from it called “I’m not a punk” and that one is a total smasher, as you can hear here;

    The LP was pressed in 500 copies and the label called it a day the same week the record was released, so one of the guys took about 100 copies under his arm and left them in stores around Carnaby Street the next time he went to the UK.

  5. Pert Mason says:

    I played the bass in the studio, and left the band immediately after the recording, due to I moved to a different region of Denmark (because of a lady, of course).
    I had a great time rehearsing with Claes, Per and Mons in the basement of Sydskolen in Albertslund in the late 70´s, where Claes´ father was CEO, or whatever it is called.
    Mostly we played Claes´ own songs, but sadly, in my view, we never recorded the most interesting ones, that were inspired by medieval music, and didn´t sound like anything else in the musicindustry. For more information about the band, lookup FB-site write a message, thank you.

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