Third World Chaos – Made In The Philippines E.P. 7″

Yup, this is a bootleg from all I can tell (despite the “official” look of it), and I believe all 4 tracks are the same recordings as on their hyper rare LP New Move For Error as they’re all on that one as well. On the other hand the writing on the back says that the songs were recorded by Chaos, which was the band’s name before they did the LP. I’ve read about a 7″ done under that name in 1983 with the songs We Are The One and Quitter on the label RCA-Vicor, but I’ve never seen it, but the 4 tracks on this E.P. might be taken from that session. Early Philippine punk in general seems to be practicly unknown, and it’s pretty hard to find reliable information, but I’ve seen band names like Ocean Zoo (who did an E.P. in 83 as well), and the Wuds, but I’ve never heard any of them. It seems like the scene became quite violent in the mid 80’s when hardcore became popular, but that’s just what to expect as it happened everywhere at about the same time.

If you’re interested in this, go some googling and you’ll find more, then go to the Philippines and go through the used bins and see if you can find some records worth hearing, and if so, please let me know about them as I’m eager to hear more. I don’t think this one is too great, but it’s still well worth a post on the behalf of being from such an unexpected country, at least from a western punk perpective… or maybe I’m just predjudice?

As a side note I found out that the Himalyan metal scene is called “Death from above” while I was trying to find some info about this release. Probably the smartest scene name I’ve heard in a long time.

Country: Philippines
Year: 1984
Label: Pinatubo
Format: 7″
We are the one.mp3
Insult the useless people.mp3

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  1. Wow – great posting – more asian stuff. Thanks

  2. PhilG says:

    Hello and thanks for this nice upload! I believe the original 7″ was released in 1984 not 1983. There’s some limited information about the early punk scene in the Philippines at the KFTH website:

    Here’s a pic of the actual band:

    The guitarist, Tommy Tanchanco, started a cassette only label, Twisted Red Cross, in 1985 and lasted through 1989 and produced 17 releases. Some of the notable bands from that label were Betrayed, Dead Ends, George Imbecile & the Idiots, Intoxication of Violence, Urban Bandits, & R.D.A. There’s some facebook sites with old pics of the label’s releases, bands, fanzines, etc.:!/pages/twisted-red-cross/254000177417!/pages/IOV-Intoxication-Of-Violence-Pinoy-Hardcore/167352743297588!/urbanbandits

    I found a blog where you can still download their LP from 1984:

    There’s also plenty of examples of their music on youtube:

    • Martin says:

      Thanks for the additional info. Don’t know why I never checked KFTH while looking for info about the band.

      • PhilG says:

        I did alot of the discography info on the Philippines page for Chris several years ago, provided some of the pics that I got from the original photographer when went I back there in 1989. I even attended a crazy gig!

  3. anarkistattak says:

    thought this 7″ looked fishy when i saw it a couple months ago
    the LP is a classic though!

  4. Thanks for posting! All these years and I have never heard any punk from the Phillipines before! I have a Filipino friend who was born in the U.S. but visits the Phillipines from time to time, and has some interesting stories of visiting there. Thanks to the above commenter Phil G who provided the link to the Third World Chaos LP! I finally got a new posting up on my site yesterday, with more to come if I can keep some momentum going…

    • You’re welcome Tony. I got an early Greek punk E.P. in the posting queue as well, how about that? By the way, I sort of thought that you would have some tasty information of these lads, but glad too see that I found somthing new for you.

    • PhilG says:

      You’re welcome. It sounds like the same tracks from the LP, but the the LP transfer from that blog sounds a bit sped up and a couple tracks were corrupted (Sophisticated Brat & New Move For Error) I do have a transfer to cheap cassette of the LP somewhere.. I also have some of the original TRC tapes.

  5. I have the quirky Magic de Spell “Sweating All Over” EP from Greece that none other than Behjan Mirhardi (RIP) taped for me years ago, but off the top of my head I cannot think of any other early Greek punk. Speaking of other countries with obscure scenes, ever heard the Rama Fortis LP from Israel? It’s laughable fake punk. Or the MD’s LP from Puerto Rico? That’s a unique one that I’ve been meaning to post on my site for a while. I also have this late 70’s 30-40 minute live/demo thing from South Africa’s Wild Youth that is pretty good and which I have to post one of these years too…

    • Martin says:

      Haven’t heard that one from Israel, all I’ve heard is HaClique who did an LP in 81 as well. Never heard of the south american MD’s, just the Swiss (?) ones. Looking forward to hearing it though. You guessed correct for which Greek one I have, but there were more bands around at the same time.

      • nathan.G says:

        There was a band from Greece from the 80s that I enjoy. Their name translates into the terraryst language I am using from the Hellenic into “Deadend.”

  6. Clinton Chapman says:

    Great post. A bootleg 7″ released by someone in France, or so I was lead to believe years ago. The four tracks on the bootleg 7″ are indeed from the LP session, which is 1984. I have the RCA/Victor 7″, released as CHAOS and is definitely 1983. I suspect that to release the LP on their own terms, after what I imagine to be a licensing deal with RCA, they had to change their name to Third World Chaos(a better name in my opinion). The 1983 7″ is a different recording, which absolutely blew my mind when I got the 7″ last year. The 7″ is two tracks, “we are the one” b/w “quitter”.
    Wild Youth and the post WY band Gay Marines has just been released as a CD called “A Leopard Never Changes Her Spots” on Fresh Music. I’ve been talking with the guitarist of Wild Youth about getting the Wild Youth stuff out on LP, about 10 songs in total(studio, demo and a couple of killer live tracks).

  7. Clinton Chapman says:

    There is also the Ocean Zoo 7″ out of the Philippines in 1983, which is new wavey and fucking weird but so amazing, for the sleeve art alone. Check Kill From The Heart for that one. I also have a Chikoy Pura/The Wuds split 7″ from 1989 and Ethnic Faces 7″-which I think might be a post Ocean Zoo project by the sound of the vocals-not sure of the year though.
    Another record of interest regarding the Philippines is the v/a Nightmare 7″ released by someone in Japan, which compiles tracks from various Twisted Red Cross tapes releases; Betrayed, R.D.A., I.O.V., Philippines Violators and Urban Bandits are the bands. It’s all pretty HC, pretty ripping.

  8. Clinton Chapman says:

    Ethnic Faces 7″ is 1987 according to the label artwork. Read before I post.

  9. FuseRed says:

    It’s true it is a fascinating scene. Some great pics around on the web and great that Twisted Red Cross documented it all.

    For what its worth, my recommendations:

    Dead Ends – Damned Nation (sounds like it could be one of those great Italian HC bands from the 80s)

    Urban Bandits – Independence Day (great album on the borderline of fast punk/ HC, Hoy! is such a fantastic song)

    IOV – Another Destructive Century (bit more raging and chaotic)

    RDA – good old school HC, should have been on the PEACE comp

    Philippine Violators – At Large (good rough desperate punk)

    Betrayed, Signal 3 & the TRC comps are all worth getting as well.

    Think all are here (scroll down):

    Plus Luk Haas has a discography here:

  10. wedge says:

    ive been after ANYTHING from The Philippines after seeing all those reviews of the tapes on Twisted Red Cross in MRR back in the 80’s. this Chaos ep is definately a boot, Clinton mentioned France, ive been told its German in origin. whatever, it exists. i do remember seeing it reviewed in MRR in the early 90’s, and kinda laughed at the label name (Pinatubo) cos thats a reference to the name of a volcano that exploded and spewed ash all over The Philippines a few months before this boot surfaced…never was able to track down a copy of this, or the bands official stuff, but i did once see a collector in the Seattle area pay over $80 for this specific boot on eBay about 7 years ago, and thats the only time ive ever seen this specific record available anywhere, then or now. its mentioned in an above comment that one of these bands members eventually started the Twisted Red Cross cassette label; presumably from whatever was earned by the releases by this band being on ‘major’ labels. when i used to spend 25-hours-a-day searching blogspots ages ago, i found 2 different blogs from The Philippines by people there who were WAYYY into their local punk scene,past & present(but they also filled their blogs to the utmost degree with Napalm Death CDs & late-80’s UK goth/batcave CD collections; making it hard to search for the stuff i actually wanted to hear), and have some AMAZING mp3 rips that are far superior to some of the posts found on the philippines80s blogspot, including a perfect rip of the “New Move For Error” LP. apparently, this LP, from what ive been able to gather, was released on a ‘budget’ subsidiary of the international Tower label called Dyna Records, and was released straight to general shipments to fill up ‘budget / cut-out’ bins upon its initial release, making it nearly impossible to find or obtain even when it was a new release…on the subject of Twisted Red Cross label…Luk Haas went there in the early 90’s, and tracked down the label’s old owner. apparently he was working as a producer/engineer in a major studio, working with pop & metal bands. no matter how much Luk tried to pry information from him, he just blew him off saying the whole time “that was then. so what. i gotta pay the bills now. who cares. go away”, but he did mention the masters still exist, and you might find some original tapes in the street-markets in anywhere but Manilla if youre really interested. aparrently, one of the members of The Philippine Violators realized the importance of these releases & the fact they were wanted by the ‘outside’ world in the mid-late 90’s, and did some really NICE exact duplicate cassette reissues from the masters that can still be found there to this day for really cheap. search eBay philippines, and once you wade thru the pro record dealers there who want $90 for TRASHED original tapes in barely playable condition, you can find sellers there who only want $6-$8 each for still-sealed versions of these reissues. i actually got to talking to one such seller there, and he didnt want $ from me, but he was interested in getting T-Shirts of bands like Strife,Madball,Earth Crisis,etc and we have been trading his tapes for me getting him these shirts for the last 2 years. ive got a box on the way from him right now full of about 12 different orig cassette comps from the late-80’s/early-90’s & some Philippine Violators stuff and an original “Rescue Ladders And Human Barricades” cassette comp (the 1st TRC release from 1984), and im gonna be sending back about 10 t-shirts of Bad Brains, 7-seconds, etc; as per his request.

    oh, yeah, one of the previously mentioned blogs used to have a ‘header’ that was a picture of someone placing a Wuds 7″ on a turntable. the date on the record label was 1989, and it was a song i didnt recognize. maybe thats the split clinton mentioned?? and in my messaging back & forth with this blog-owner back then, he claimed to actually have an Ocean Zoo 45,and would post it for me once he was able to get to a turntable at a friends house, but after 1+ years of checking his blog and occasionally messaging him, still no luck…

  11. ex-comm says:

    Anyone knows where I can get or BUY an LP or a TAPE of THIRD WORLD CHAOS – New Move for Error? Even the singles and concert tapes. Pictures or videos of band members? Please reply at I am actually the drummer of the band but currently resides in Chicago. No contact with my ex-bandmates. ANYONE, I really appreciate if you could send me any info, anything at all. Anyone knows Al Dimalanta from DEAD ENDS or Tommy, our lead guitar, please pass this info. THANK YOU.

  12. rad fourrunner says:

    I’ve been looking for this! This brings me back to my college days! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Erica Rodriguez says:

    My cousin was in this band…sadly he passed away a while back.

  14. Nathan.G says:

    Thanks for this one all. Much better sound than the other rip I had.

  15. Pandong says:

    just bought the Album from (UK) Ebay I hope I’ll get the real one…

  16. Anarka Akaza says:

    Aye, my name’s Anarka Akaza and I review records on YouTube and Facebook and I’m also an admin of the Facebook group “Punk Rock Appreciation Society” where I also review records and well.. I was in the Philippines last Summer because I’m 20 months engaged to a beautiful filipino woman who I’m deeply in love with and we went crate diggin!

    I never found this, in fact I just now learned about this band.. But I did manage to find some material by Choke Cocoi! When I go back in May 2018, I’ll definitely respond back on here with what I find! Search “Anarka Akaza” on Facebook and YouTube to find me! I’m gonna be doing a review over the Urban Bandits album ‘Independence Day’ when it arrives. I bought a re-issue on eBay for less than $20, but towards the end of that review, I’ll give your a shout-out!

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