ISM – I Think I Love You 7″

1983 the magic year for HC. A year when every HC record didn’t sound the same or like a clone of another HC band. ISM where particularly original. Not so much on this awesome 7″ maybe but the LP that followed. It could’ve been released today and still sound as fresh and original. A true classic in every sense. Someday I will post that one too, it’s mandatory listening.

Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: S.I.N.
Format: 7″
I think I Love You.mp3

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12 Responses to ISM – I Think I Love You 7″

  1. Dewey Decimal says:

    Best use of cheezy organ in hardcore at 1:04 of I think I love You.

  2. vomito says:

    VOMITOPUNKROCK seal records, with the idea of ​​taking on vinyl, 12 “, these little recordings of the 80s, and what better to start with the k7 of” the struggle continues “.
    This k7 originally drawn by NDF in 1985, after a concert put on by NDF, which acted: Anti / Dogmatikss, Defense and L’odi social. NDF was made ​​by Joni Destroy fanzine, which recently brought the book “pagui pujol” tremendous book showing the Barcelona punk 80s.
    Joni to actively collaborated in this project, passing the MASTER of the recording of the concert and we were passing the fanzine that came with the K7, which we added to the LP and a brief explanation of the project as it was in 1985.

  3. Godozo says:

    I actually have the Constantinople 12″ mentioned in the video. Its sound is SO different from this release.

  4. Ed Howard says:

    This is really cool. Very unique with that crazy organ break. If their other stuff is as interesting, I’d love to hear it.

  5. Lembeck says:

    This single caused an uproar when it was discovered in the new singles bin at Bleecker Bob’s Golden Oldies, the record store we frequented to find the latest local punk releases. The cover, with Shirley Jones’ and David Cassidy’s faces superimposed on a pair of rutting dogs, was so shocking that everybody wanted to either smash the record or play it immediately to hear the song that went with the sleeve. The speedy cover was aggressive and silly at the same time, and the manic keyboard was genius – the first time I heard it I thought they were going to be the Dickies of the East Coast.

    Jism is still around, playing keyboards in various bands around the city. Last time I saw him he was playing a gig with the Tuff Darts, an old-time CBGB band.

    Can’t thank you enough for posting this – I’ve been wanting to hear it again for 30 years.

  6. Bolt24 says:

    Looks like monkey’s to me…

  7. jacek says:

    one of the best blog i’ve ever see… :)

  8. Erich says:

    Jism has asked me to take down the 7″ and LP, as there was a CD in the pipes. Has it ever come out?

  9. chris_c says:

    Thank you as ever.

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