Deaf Aids – S/T E.P. 7″

According to the 45 Revolutions book this is one of the rarest UK punk/powerpop records of the era: 77-81. 250 copies pressed and god knows how long I’ve searched for it before I finally found it. Not only is it insanely rare it’s also insanely great. At least two of the tracks. Peep Show is a real drag and should be skipped but Do it Again and Aren’t people Strange is two smasher that is a must for all lovers of old punk rock. Their second 7inch(also available as a 12″) is easy to get hold of but no one seems to care about which is strange since the b-side Bored Christine is awesome. The second one will be posted later on.

The always excellent Sing Sing Records re-issued this one with the intended sleeve.

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Regional
Year: 1979
Do It Again.mp3
Peep Show.mp3
Aren’t People Strange.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Deaf Aids – S/T E.P. 7″

  1. Another record I have never heard before- thanks for posting!

  2. elshano says:

    Listening right now! Feels good, oh pardon me … is “Peep Show” really all that bad? What would a musician know, anyway!

  3. Ed Howard says:

    This is a good one. I don’t think “Peep Show” is all that bad but you’re right that the other two tracks are the real winners here. Looking forward to the second 7″ as well.

  4. XXXacto says:

    I actually found an(original) copy of this record in a store in Winnipeg for $6 a few months ago. Your guess is as good as mine as to how it ended up there. It’s up for trade if anyone is interested.

  5. Adam says:

    “Peep Show” is the best of the lot. On “Aren’t People Strange” it sounds an awful lot like he’s singing “I’m not a n*****” at the 1:07 mark. Maybe the reason these guys didn’t catch on more?

  6. Martin says:

    Being the odd man out here, I have to say that I’m not as impressed as I expect I would be. IMHO the echo effect on the vocals is really annoying, and I’m not all sold on the production either, which surprises me as I usually don’t give a damn about production and discussions about production related stuff leaves me flat and even more bored than people talking about hi-fi equipment. More surprising is that the bass is loud, which I really like, but on this one it just don’t do it for me.
    Not a bad record, but not worth the hype as far as I’m concerned. Same goes for the Rebels that Tony recently posted, not as great as I expected.

  7. Monger says:

    Wasnt sure what to expect,but this isnt bad at all! great post!

  8. Chano says:

    Very good!! A bit better than the second EP mainly because here we have 2 really great songs instead than just one. “Peep Show” isn’t so great but it isn’t so bad either.

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