Cretins – S/T E.P. 7″

Fast and melodic punkrock anyone?
Yes, please!

3 insanely catchy numbers from these krautpunks first 7″. I haven’t heard their other releases, but it took them quite a while to get the next one out as it wasn’t released until 1984. Great that they at least had the time to contribute with their classic song Dachau-Disco to the HanNOver FUN fun Fun compilation that came out the year before this one did.

Have anyone seen an insert or a lyric sheet for this one? I think there might be one, but I’ve never seen a copy with it so far.

Country: Germany
Year: 1980
Label: No Fun
Format: 7″
Samen im darm.mp3

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  1. WildDevilMan says:

    Absolutle cult record, with Blut+Eisen and Boskops one of the best bands from Hannover. Rough & Dirty sound here, yeah, I fuckin’ like this stuff. I think it’s published without lyric sheet (for cost reasons!) ;))

  2. Awesone – seems to be a lot of bands calked the Cretins on the globe. An advice – Stay away the Finnish Cretins.

  3. Marc says:

    “Samen im Darm” has always been a fave of mine! Found this record for €3 many years back and i love the crude lyrics and catchy refrain! Rules!

  4. zach says:

    not a fan of the a-side. the singer’s voice seems to annoy on that track, but not on the b-side. Heimkind is a ripper. thanks.

  5. Thomas says:

    Sick (but funny!) lyrics – if you can understand German!
    – Samen im Darm (Sperm in my bowel) – a song about homosexual sex
    – Heimkind (A child brought up in an institution) – a song about a kid in an asylum
    – Walter (Walter is just a German first name) – a song about a handicapped person

    There is NO NEVER NIENTE NADA lyric sheet!

    The Hannover based Cretins did this 7″ep in 1980, then split up and in 1984 they did a split 7″ with just another Hannover based band Blut + Eisen on the German label Weird System with a much faster re-recording of their Smashhit ‘Dachau Disco’ from the above mentioned compilation lp , of course, a song with this title and dealing with such a topic was and is banned everywhere, although the message was and is clearly 100% Anti-Nazi!

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