The Size – Tonight/Daily Matrix 7″

Concidering I’m trying to post early punk from as many countries I can right now, I doubt it’ll take long before Peter says something about my musical journey similar to what he said about Goran in his post of the Olho Seco 7″. Here we have the smashing debut from Mexico’s The Size, who weren’t as tough as Dangerous Rhythm (will be posted later), but the sure managed to create a catchy synthdriven a-side on this 7″. The b-side is way longer than the 75 seconds long Tonight, but I still like it, especially towards the end where the drums takes up a bit more space. When I played it for some friends a few days ago they said the keyboards in that song made them think of Deep Purple… if they listened to Ultravox…

This one was recently reissued, so beware if you want the original one as they look very much alike. This one’s got a really long matrix while the reissue’s just got “the size – A 45 RPM”. Discogs says that it came in both black and red vinyl, but if that’s the reissue or the original they’re referring to is more than I know.

Anyway, I thought I should end this when I’ve posted 20 different countries in a row, but only Satan knows if I can find the time to do it, or if I should get back to posting Swedish almost-punk/ proto-crap again. This is the 13th country by the way.

Country: Mexico
Year: 1980
Label: New Rockers
Format: 7″
Daily matrix.mp3

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  1. Ed Howard says:

    This is why I come here – totally obscure music that really rules, a record unlikely to be mentioned literally anywhere else and yet it’s really great. Love the weird synths, especially that warped groove on the B side, and the unintelligible vocals.

    Google tells me they did a 12″ too. Any good?

  2. Nice find – keep ut the great work with obscyre punk posts. Guatemala next !!!

    • Martin says:

      As I’ve made the decision to not look for punk vinyl made after 1984, Guatemala will not show up, unless someone knows something I don’t know yet. I’m quite curious of Leusemia from Peru though, despite it wasn’t released until 1985.

      • Martin says:

        Oh yeah, first one I’ve found from Guatemala is from 1985 as well, before that year I’ve only seen stuff on tape. Argentina on the other hand will show up. Ripping LPs is my favourite thing to do…

        • CECS says:

          hey Martin,what’s that Guatemalan band from ’85, i’m really curious about it

          • Martin says:

            Hi CECS, I might have mixed up Guatemala with Uruguay as I think I was thinking of Los Estómagos. No offence to the punks in Guatemala I hope, but as far as my knowledge goes the first bands from Guatemala I’ve heard/ heard of emerged in the 90’s. As the country is situated between Argentina and Brazil (who both had very lively punk scenes) they might have had punk bands that I don’t know about, but they were under a strong military regime during the first 10 years of punk so… Most parts of South America is pretty unknown punk territory for me so anyone with more info is more than welcome to contact me.

  3. Chano says:

    Not exactly my cup of piss, but i do really appreciate the fact that you’re taking time to spread obscure stuff from all over the globe. Thanx, and keep up the great job!! ;)

  4. Thanks for posting, another record I have never heard before! Looking foward to your world tour of posting continuing- how bout somethin from South Africa if you’re lookin for un-posted countries? Some countries had NO punk records from the KBD era that I know of- India, Pakistan and most of the Carribean countries like Jamaica come to mind. Then some countries only had punk bands because it was done by non-native foreigners who happened to be residing there while their Dad’s job assigned him there…

    • …non-native foreigners who happened to be residing there while their Dad’s job assigned him there…- like expat dads with punk kids. It not that called Straight Edge!

    • Martin says:

      I’ve already posted a South African record, even if it wasn’t the Wild Youth 7″, but Riot Squad S.A. I think you even commented on that one Tony.
      Stuart Shit-Fi tipped me off fo the weird story behind Betrayed who started out in NY, then moved to The Philippines and did some tapes there on the Twisted Red Cross label, then moved back to NY. Could that be the band you were thinking of in your comment?
      And speaking of Jamaica, a few nights ago I dreamt that I found a punk record from Jamaica! Johnny Rotten was behind the mixing table according to the labels in my dream… Thinking about it, it could’ve happened.

      Speaking of other scenes I know little to nothing about, there’s a book about Eastern Europe punk that lists over 1200 bands from Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, German Democratic Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia,
      Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia & Montenegro (FRY), Slovakia, Slovenia, Tuva, Ukraine, Cuba and China. The only review I’ve seen of it says that there are lots of bands missing in the book!
      It goes from 1977 to 1999, and for all I know there could be bands from the most unexpected countries that did records during the KBD era. I’ve only heard early bands from former Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary, China, Czech Republic and East Germany, so there’s obviously more to discover…

      • Hi – what is the title of that book

      • Thanks for all of the info! You’re right, I think I did comment on the Riot Squad SA post a while back. Middle age forgetfulness on my part! LOL, sounds like a very funny dream you had about the Jamaican punk record! I never heard of that Eastern European punk book before. For Eastern European punk, the early Yugoslavian scene had so many great songs- the best of it was on the Bloodstains Across Yugoslavia comp from ’97 which I still spin on the regular.

        • Chano says:

          Agreed 100%. Pankrti, Paraf, Pekinska Patka, Prljavo Kazaliste, Termiti, Problemi… So many cool bands coming from the ex-Jugoslavia!!! Does anyone have the “Novi Punk Val” comp LP? A masterpiece that should be posted as soon as possible!!

  5. WHTVS says:

    I already knew this record and like it a lot. They apparently were a really wild live band. Sadly the singer died a couple years ago. I didn’t know about the reissue and looked around but it is a limited pressing and already goes for way too much.

  6. WildDeadMan says:

    always amazing what dig up for exotic rarities. This is again a fuckin’ Killer record.
    The a-side I can listen to 10 times in a row and never gets boring. Great shot, thanks a lot.

  7. Florian says:

    great blog and great record thank you
    by the way, i think you posted records from more than 13 countries

  8. Martin says:

    Hi Florian, on the blog we’ve posted more then 13 countries for sure, but we are two persons who posts here, and I’m going to post 20 different countries in a row. Peter will post in between my postings though.

  9. There’s a copy for sale on Discogs right now, xerox copy of the sleeve… Guess I was lucky concidering what I paid for it…

  10. B.C. Miller says:

    Glad to see the sadly overlooked Mexican new wave-sters get some appreciation. I hate to say it but the peak of the non-hardcore scene didn’t happen till ’87-’88. (Nothing is worse than Mexican hardcore, except maybe Columbian hardcore).

    As far as punk vinyl from around the world goes…you might consider a wider cut-off date. And maybe even letting in some choice tapes. Consider the governments these people suffered under. I’ve found that while late ’80s bands tend toward very horrible political HC on vinyl (often with lyrics Skrewdriver would find distasteful). People in Medellin tell me it was a parody of the Brazilian bands and a joke on the rich kids who paid for the vinyl. Since their friends listened to tapes, they put their better stuff there. (Which still wasn’t that good).

    South Korea: I’ve found some really cheesy metal and some really good Iron Butterfly type stuff but the only punk I heard was from the ’90s and sounded like Bowling For Soup. It depressed me greatly.

    Hong Kong: Blackbird allegedly has a tape from 84. The stuff I have by them is definitely cool…it sounds like those Thai bands that play the red light districts. Still I can’t help feeling like Hong Kong punk is a bust…I lived there in the ’80s and there was plenty of capital to finance a record.

    China: The Dragons LP from 80 is considered a hoax…but two of the three guys WERE legit escapees from the most rockblocking of nations. The Frenchman recording handles it just right and it SOUNDS like Chinese musicians 1st round with hard rock. Besides the two covers (“Anarchy” is horrible, “Cloud” sounds like Short Round’s dad is chasing down a shoplifter) there’s a lot of accidently goth stuff. I’ve heard both Ciu Jian’s ’80s ballad/rockin’, the dreadful prog-fantasy-metal acts like Tian Dynasty, more Fat Wreck damaged non-punk, and (worst) the Red Diaper 20somethings sometime hobby of catwalk-‘rocking’, which has all the vigor and imagination of Pavement or the Stokes if you replaced them with the pill-popping Beijing aristocrats who might be the final phase of twee…the phase of tyranny.

    Phillipines: The second-biggest punk scene is Asia was here. (Third World Chaos’ EP (84) or Ocean Zoo’s EP (83) would be classic posts. But nearly everything they put out is awesome. Urban Bandits, Private Stock (slightly cowpunk), Phillipine Violators, Wuds, Urban Bandits…GI and The Idiots are the only one I don’t like much. If anybody hasn’t checked out Pinoy Punk, you totally should. Don’t be put off by the cassettes their co-op specialized in. It was the ’80s and the Marcos family was in power. The sound is on the full-lengths is as good as any small label debut…the live comps are clear and the atmosphere will remind you of some of the live Sao Paulo stuff. And if you like new wave there was a wonderfully sad sack scene these guys had a rivalry; even their stuff sounds great.

    Columbia: It’s from 88 but it’s on vinyl. It’s one half good oi, the other half good raw metal. (or maybe it’s the other way around). A few metal records from 87 and 86 exist (like the amazing Parabellum) but since this is the soundtrack to a movie where punks vs metal vs drug dealers actually led to some of the cast being murdered…well, it’s called Rodrigo D. No Futura.

    Israel: the Elders were wise enough to produce only one (semi-) punk album. It’s by an ex-roadie named Rami Fortis and it’s called “Plonter”. I like it. It’s no “Hail the New Dawn” but at least Rami had the guts to give the full Nazi salute on the cover.

    Mexico: Besides Size and Dangerous Rhythm and a band called T.N.T. (who put out a tape and LP in 83 best described as Catholic Mystic Progressive Fuzz Punk Psychedelia from a former nun and her rockin’ flock…most of the songs are in the 7 minute range but it’s still punkier than the previous two.) There was in ’81 a 2LP set with Rebel d’Punk, Size, D.R. in their later form as Malinche Band, and a semi-punk hard rock band called Ramses. (Fongus, with 2 LPs around 1980, is similar).

    Other than that, Rebel d’Punk didn’t debut on 7” till 84. There IS really awesome Mexican punk from the ’80s…check out the clumsy but fun Yaps, the raw motorheavy Polo Pelo, Videntes De Fatima, Sedicion, Sindrome, Descontrol, and Desorden Publico. Two comps from 87 have most the action. Between those and a few singles you’ve got a weedier, but more original answer to the Sao Paulo scene.

    Now I imagine what I’m gonna propose will annoy a lot of people who just like punk and don’t care where it comes from. Remember tho…punk scenes have to start somewhere…the guy from Os Mutantes encouraged a lot of the Sao Paulo scene in the beginning and in the ’80s SP was famous for Catholic death squads slaughtering youth by the 100s.

    If I had a goal of starting a new KBD style scene in another country, I’d start at the free college in Mexico City. My persona would be part Kim Fowley, part McLaren, and part Zapatista. I’d have a contest with drumkits and amps as prizes…form maybe 8-10 groups (a 3rd would be all-girl, aka Heather Leather…Mexicans love chick bands like Peruvians love chick wrestlers. ) I’d start them off with various covers: one group punks out folkrock stuff, another is SST heavy, another is bratty and vulgar, another is Motley Crue/Mystic ‘metal’, another is goth with Aztec imagery, another is goth with Catholic imagery. I keep the quality control high, the cops and dealers off their backs, and…

    So who read this far and
    Who thinks this is a good idea and
    I’m mentally competent enough to pull it off

  11. Martin says:

    Hi B.C. and thanks for one of the longest comments in a long time. I know Mexico had more bands, and I’ll post more stuff in the future, so Rebel d’Punk’s 7″ will show up. From what I understand in your text about the Mexican scene, the LP you’re talking about is the Rock Nacional tripple LP. Unfortunately I don’t have it, but I’m looking for it, as well as the single LP with the same name. Both released on Cobra Discs as far as I can remember. The other bands you’re talking about are in some cases on the Sao paolo punks LP from 87, right? That’s a great LP, but a bit too late for a post on this site in my opinion. I’ve posted the Third World Chaos 1984 EP earlier, just do a search for it. I’ve posted the bootleg though, I think the original 7″ was just a 2 song single. The Ocean Zoo EP seems impossible to find, but I’d love to hear it. My only problem with the Phillipino bands is that I think the production is a bit too good…

    The Rami Fortis LP was concidered for a post, but I think I’ll leave it out despite it’s quite funny from time to time.

    The Colombian bands you mentioned are new to me, but I’ve decieded to put an end at 1984 as I could go on forever otherwise. I’ve also decieded to let out tapes as I’m not a huge fan of the format myself. I have full understanding why there were just tape releases in quite a lot of countries, and I buy tapes from time to time myself, but unless it’s something really amazing I won’t post them here.

    Recently there’s been quite a lot of interesting reissues of tapes and original records from all over the world that were new to me, and from countries I never knew had any releases (like Bulgaria, Peru and Hong Kong), and even if I’m a collector who prefer the original releases I really enjoy these reissues as I don’t have to spend loads of time to track down shitty second hand copies of copies of demo tapes etc.

    I’ve heard about Blackbird from Hong Kong before, but can’t really remember if I’ve actually heard them. About the Dragons I still concider them a “fake” Chinese band, despite the members where from China. I wouldn’t concider the Monks a German band despite they lived and acted in Germany either. Still, the Dragon’s records are cool and weird.

    Tony over at Punk Business Manager posted the MD’s from Puerto Rico which is really cool, but not really punk rock in my book. Same goes for Turkey’s Tunay Akdeniz & Cigrisim 7″ from as early as 1978. It’s a great record, and the words punk rock are on the sleeve, but musically it’s pure 60’s, and despite being a great record, it’s just not what I concider punk musically. I might end up posting it anyway, haven’t made that up for myself yet.

  12. peskypesky says:

    This is killer. Thank you for turning me on to this band.

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