Last Night – S/T E.P. 7″


About time I expose a new band here. Last Night, the name…yeah not that interesting but hey it’s a name, from France sent me this little miracle. I love it when there’s a band who at least try to do something else then try to sound like an old KBD band or do the tiresome retro route. Last Night sure have their ear to the late 70s early 80s punk/post punk sound. Cut Your Throat is a great blend of post punk and just plain punk. The more purist listener might listen to Try To Leave which is a short punk rock blast with synth. Just awesome. Better Run sounds like a filler and could’ve just been left out.

Last Night

Country: France
Year: 2012
Label: Self Released
Format: 7″
Cut Your Throat.mp3
Try To Leave.mp3
Better Run.mp3

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  1. I’ve never heard this one before- thanks for posting! My favorite is “Try To Leave”. I like all 3 songs actually – and the last one doesn’t sound like filler to my ears! With a song title like “Cut Your Throat” I was expecting it to sound more over the top and desperate and not something melodic. But nice catchy tune I think.

  2. zach says:

    can’t get into this at all. i’ve never been a fan of the post punk sound so that first song does nothing for me. TRY TO LEAVE is somewhat redeeming, but ends up blending together with most things i’ve heard. BETTER RUN isn’t too bad, would have been better if it ended at the 42 second mark. but thanks as always for the listen.

  3. Martin says:

    Not bad at all, I like all 3 songs, but at the same time I agree with Zach, it would have been pretty cool if they ended Better Run at the 42 second mark. I like the bass/ guitar picking break in the song though, just that an end at 42 seconds would have been so abrupt.

  4. Chano says:

    Not too bad. It sounds like post-punk with balls. A bit ala, let’s say, Proletariat “Soma Holiday” era, minus the synth. Cheers for sharing. p.s.: is it just me or the guitars on “Try To Leave” are vaguely Dead Kennedys-ish?

  5. Stig Dangerman says:

    As much as I am attracted to the kids (there’s a reason the neighbours don’t allow me to babysit) that Uriah Heep guitar playing on the nicely named Cut Your Throat appeals to me as much as beating Duchamp at chess with that naked woman around, which is on par with beating my mom at cribbage when she has no clothes on; I do that regularly some Sundays! Vive la commune of 1871! Fuck the homophobic frogs!

  6. Thanks everybody for your comments !

  7. Thomas says:

    Once again – not too bad at all!

    ‘Cut your throat’ sounds a little like Proletariat, indeed (the voice, the voice…sometimes), but with a heavy Garage and less Post-Punk influence.

    ‘Try to leave’ sounds cool, but again, a heavy Garage influence.

    ‘Better run’ sounds cool again, espacially the guitar and this time no Garage influence…

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