Venom P. Stinger – Walking About/26mg 7″

Dugald McKenzi from the awesome Sick Things bring along his snotty vocals and couple it with some oddball punk rhythm. The result is nothing short of fantastic on this classic two tracker. Thank the kangaroos from brining us some of the greatest music ever heard. Download, weep, get a hair cut, get a job.

To get you an idea how fucking great they where here’s a live clip:

Country: Australia
Year: 1988
Label: Aberrant
Format: 7″
Walking About.mp3

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  1. GraemeSTL says:

    I love this single, driving, chaotic and venomous as it is, but the youtube clip on the other hand is terribly disappointing. I like my angry music played by angry young folk careering around the stage knocking lumps out of each other, not just standing there looking vaguely indifferent. I just hope a Sick Things video doesn’t turn up somewhere . . .

  2. Dewey Decimal says:

    THIS IS GREAT! Love the whole package…band name (what is the P. for?), sleeve/artwork, and both songs fairly destroy for 1988!

  3. Ian says:

    Aha! Finally some Australian stuff! This is indeed a great single – have always loved its chaotic edge. Used to see them a fair bit live back in the day – always entertaining & from what I remember pretty punishing stuff. The drummer & guitarist from Venom P Stinger then went onto form the Dirty Three – a very fine band in a very different vein. Please post some Eddy Current Suppression Ring while yr in a ‘modern’ /Australian vein – the single ‘let me be honest with you’ is hands down one of the most intense & brilliant songs I’ve heard in over a decade…

  4. Martin says:

    Holy smoke! The a-side is really, really amazing! That drum beat makes the song sound really fast and stressing. I was just playing it while drivning and I almost got in a crash! Sort of gives me the same feeling as the Deadbeats. By the way, I’ve never heard the Sick Things from the land of Oz, so I keep my fingers crossed that they will show up…

  5. Chano says:

    Holy shit, this is fantastic!! Really hard to categorize and brilliantly distressing. I’d call it “Post-HC” but maybe that’s a bit too much of a stretching… Cheers, good ol’ Pete!!

  6. Nick says:

    GREAT. For those that haven’t heard this bit of brilliance yet –

  7. Timbo says:

    Excellent single – I had never heard of them!
    Almost as good as this Australian stuff:

    • Chano says:

      You’re damn right, man. This is freakin’ good!! Even better than the US namesakes. Early australian punk had huge balls ‘n’ guts.

  8. peskypesky says:

    yes yes yes yes yes. this is good. good stuff.

  9. fuzzbomb says:

    Definitely on of my favourite 7″s.
    Lucky enough to have seen them many times in my youth. Nice rip, wishmine was in that condition but understandably I played the crap out of it ha!
    Great post – great band!

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