Spiny Norman’s Mind Games – Sorry About That Chief!/Don’t Take The Car (You’ll Kill Yourself) 7″

Not only is it rare as hell. It happens to be just fantastic too. A straight forward punk ripper on the a-side and great synth punk weirdness on the flip. As if that wasn’t enough the brothers looks amazing and they used some cool gear to record it too. Thanks Spiny!

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Self Released
Format: 7″
Sorry About That Chef!.mp3
Don’t Take The Car(You’ll Kill Yourself).mp3a

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19,170 Responses to Spiny Norman’s Mind Games – Sorry About That Chief!/Don’t Take The Car (You’ll Kill Yourself) 7″

  1. Just amazing. I was in Austin at a dealer with a friend. As we flipped the bins he pickef up this one and a DV8 with sleeve. I selected the wrong bin, bummer! Then I saw another copy of this release on a desk. I was told that it was sold. I would not be surprised if that is the copy you dudes are posting. Congratulation to a great find!

  2. 7INCHSPUNK says:

    thought this one was already posted before. great band!

  3. Martin says:

    Weird, I’ve heard both sides before but have no idea of where and when. It’s surprisingly good for being American.

  4. Ian says:

    Its good, but is it great?A side pretty good, & that opening guitar lick taken from ‘Get Smart’ reminds me of something very similar from that time (anyone?). B-side shows a love of Devo that is kinda charming. Best thing is the cover! weird contrast with the great front sleeve & then the ‘professional’ back sleeve listing all the instruments etc – I was expecting the standard messy scrawl type look…

  5. Chano says:

    Another weird one… I like the B-side better. That awkward attempt at quirky wave/punk got me spinning!! Always thanks, Pete. :-)

  6. Monger says:

    That lick is very much the same as the one that ends the go go’s B side “surfing and spying

  7. chris_c says:

    thanks as ever!

  8. Martin says:

    Is it rude to ask for a new post?

  9. Thanks everyone. James (aka Setsuo) and I find all of the praise and attention very flattering. I view it as our “15 minutes” of fame. We are so amazed that our one sole release has become such a collector’s item.

  10. Chano says:

    Non-synth version of “Don’t Take The Car…”: http://youtu.be/257x9jJ2hp4 Even better than the 7″ version, in my opinion.

  11. One has to remember the historical context that the synth version existed in. At that time, it was rather rare to even own a synth. They were just becoming affordable whereas guitars, well, who didn’t have one if those? I was trying to do something different and also get my friends Mark & Scott on the record.
    That all said, I too prefer the original all guitar version. That was just Doug and myself one afternoon With Darryl “low notes” guesting on the 2nd voicing of the title. Darryl was one of our fans who used to come to our rehearsals.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      I absolutely understand the context James and I love the version. It just sounds like the other version was a bit more inspired.

  12. Jensen Ward says:

    What a fantastic guitar sound on “Sorry…” I love it.

  13. peskypesky says:

    oh man….how great is this???????

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  16. Scottise says:

    Dang, that sounded great! Who wrote that! (Okay, it was James.)

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