Skunks – Scratch’ N’ Sniff E.P. 7″


If Dance with the fuhrer don’t get stuck in your head and instantly makes you go around and sing Zieg Heil, Zieg Heil all the time there’s something seriously wrong with you! And as it’s still summer, it’s a nice add to your playlist with Cracked Actors – Nazi school, Bugs – NRP, P-Nissarna’s Jugend etc if you want to annoy/ upset your neighbours by playing them as loud as possible from your balcony or through an open window. The song is basicly just a quick odyssey through Hitler’s life and “career” without pointing fingers, but with an amazing crunching guitar sound, so it might be a bit provocative for sensitive souls.

The other songs are unfortunately not as instantly catchy (even if Persian Radio gets close), and Violent night is even pretty boring in my opinion (too much Oi! chants), but at least it’s yet another addition to the punk songs with the Silent Night theme that’s been discussed here earlier.

Country: Australia
Year: 1982
Label: Not on label
Format: 7″
Dance with the fuhrer (Adolf’s last dance).mp3
The mad song.mp3
Persian radio.mp3
Violent night.mp3

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  1. Monger says:

    Cool! Never heard this one before…thanks.

  2. Thanks for posting, the first song is very catchy. And the guitar crunch on it is great. I have found that Sonic Rendezvous Band’s “City Slang” (Stereo) will have the neighbors covering their ears in the summer too. The other day my odd neighbor started blasting her Polish-language religious music to counteract the loud stuff coming out of my house. It was very funny, kind of like a duel/pissing contest.

  3. WildDevilMan says:

    Great Stuff, all four songs damn good.

  4. Chano says:

    Oh, good!! Today I feel in the mood for a lap dance with our fearsome moustached leader with the jaunty tuft! :-D I heard “Dance…” a few years ago and it immediatly made me cringe with delight, it’s really a anti-p.c. masterpiece. It’s nice to hear the whole EP, but quite frankly the other songs doesn’t stand up to the magnitude of “Dance…”. Thanks a lot for the share and the illumination. ;-)

  5. Pawel says:

    The singer of The Skunks Mark is my mate, he is still busy in punk business; The Skunks and Perdition are back again, they play gigs from time to time, NFI too, he runs some radio punk shows on threedradio in Adelaide and over the internet, etc

  6. Nathan.G says:

    I used to have this record – but I sold it at a nice price to an awesome Japanese lady some time ago. My highlights: “The Mad Song” and the wrap-around sleeve making fun of the dingo stole my baby furore.

    • Mic says:

      I’ve had a few copies of the over the years and each time I e-bay it the prices have been higher and higher. Great EP, I like all tracks. There was another band from Adelaide called Filthy Scumbags around the same time or a bit later than the Skunks which are worth looking into.

  7. Ryan says:

    2018 release by The Skunks, “This Is The New”.

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