WYX – Lie Lie Lie/Association 7″



Ann tann tenus, so racka tenus, so racka, ticka, tacka bam bushka (for all the people who actually speak Hungarian, I’m sorry, but I have no idea of how to spell that).

What’s up with Hungarian punk bands and 3 letter names? These guys (this guy?), ETA, ZEF, CPg, QSS, AMD, BTK etc… Maybe not as many after all, but every time I think of Hungarian punk, 3 letter band names shows up in my mind.

So, my Hungarian is far from perfect, but from what I can understand, this band was actually a solo project for one of the guys from KFT (another 3 letters name!), and both sides are total smashers. I think it would’ve been cooler if it was in Hungarian instead of English, but unfortunately you can’t get everything. For everyone interested in more punk from this great nation, make sure to pick up the 7″ comp “Világ Lázadói Harcra Fel” from 1985 as it’s a great release, cheap and easy to find. I’m pretty sure the recordings pre-dates 1985 as well and most of the stuff is recorded in 82/83.

By the way, don’t bother to pick up the 123… Start comp LP for the WYX track there unless you want something completely different.

Sometimes I end the “information” text with the lyrics, and as that’s always a good idea I’ll do it this time as well; Able, A-bomb, abortion / Copper, cop-hat, corruption / Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie / Bookie, boomer, bottom-man / Clutch and coke and coffee-can / Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie / Daisy Daylight, devils-dozen / Elvis, emcee, eggs frozen / Lie!”

By the way, when will we see the first Bloodstains across Eastern Europe?

Country: Hungary
Year: 1983
Label: SPS
Format: 7″
Lie lie lie.mp3

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10 Responses to WYX – Lie Lie Lie/Association 7″

  1. Thomas says:

    WOW – that’s what I call a real find!
    Totally unknown (for me!), obscure & from a country (Hungary) I didn’t expect such excellent material from 1983!
    I especially like these Synth-Punk weirdness on both songs!
    Therefore Peter, you are wrong, this is NOT a song for the Bloodstains across eastern Europe-compilation, but for the next Killed by Synth Vol. 2-compilation!

    • Martin says:

      Usually it’s Peter’s job to write this, but as he’s busy as ever I’ll have to do it. It wasn’t posted by Peter, it was posted by me. KBS vol 2, maybe. The only bad thing with the first comp in that series is that there’s no info about the bands except state and year.
      Glad you liked it. If anyone feel a need for a copy of this one I’m open for trades as I have a spare copy.

      • Thomas says:

        Ups… sorry Martin and sorry Peter, of course!
        KBS Vol. 1 is a little bit strange, because there are absolutely no information about the bands – could be done better, so we all hope, that there will be a Vol. 2 with more informations.
        Nevertheless a nice idea to put a few songs of these obscure & weird Synth-Punk 7″s, and there are many, on a vinyl album.

        Can you mail me off topic because of your spare copy of this 7″, but pst…don’t tell it Peter! ;-)

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Here’s Peter. This is a killer 7inch! Thanks Martin!

  3. WildDevilMan says:

    cool record, post this record a few years ago. Two cool songs and I agree with Martin, the song on the compilation is a boring one, not worth listening. But overall is the comp. a nice record with varied styles, lots of plastic bieps and quiks… hahaha.. worst track is definitve Pokolgép’s ‘Heavy Metal’ cut, brrrr…..you become heebie-jeebies…..if someone interested I can put a link to this compilation right here.

  4. Chano says:

    In Hungary there were some good bands in the early to mid 80’s. Unfortunately, most of ’em remained undocumented. I believe that this is the best of the few bands that were able to release their music on vinyl. The A-side especially smokes. Thanks, Martin.

  5. Laszlo says:

    I’m happy with your review, Martin!
    We love weird punk!

  6. I have never heard of this before, thanks so much for posting! And from Hungary of all places. In the early 90’s I worked briefly with a guy from Hungary who very nice, but bizarrely withdrawn and quiet sometimes- someone posited that this was due to his paranoia from growing up in Hungary’s communist era when people were watched and secretly monitored. Sad…

  7. zed says:

    Hi! Antantenus… is a Hungarian children’s poem – there isn’t any meaning. They say it came from Latin, when schoolboys practiced and repeated Latin texts and their younger siblings tried to imitate it…
    I think, WYX wasn’t a real band, as you wrote it was only a project and maybe a joke, a parody, but it sounds well and I’m glad to see it here.
    Other “threeletters” punk bands: URH, VHK – I don’t know how this tradition developed, but CPG’s name was suitable for misinterpret by the police, so the band went to prison because of racism and anti-communist so anti-state crimes…

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