Adaptors – Trust In Technology/In The Slot 7″

Many of you may have heard this one before? I heard it for the first time just a couple of weeks ago and went nuts. WHY haven’t anyone told me about Adaptors before? This is a killer 7inch to me. I was lucky enough to find a friend who was interested in trading his copy for a white sleeve Spys-Machine Shop 7″. The deal was set and this little baby arrived sound and safe all the way from Canada. Before that I got hold of one of the members to see if there was some spare copies laying around. He claimed he haven’t seen one in 20 years and couldn’t remember how many copies they pressed. Obnoxious, childish synth punk with great lyrics, pay attention to the lyrics of In the Slot he he, at its very best.

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Plastik Rapture
Format: 7″
Trust In Technology.mp3
In The Slot.mp3

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29 Responses to Adaptors – Trust In Technology/In The Slot 7″

  1. Jay says:

    I had never heard this before either, and wow! I love everything about it. Great post, thanks!

  2. Chano says:

    No, i never heard it before and it’s very good. The early Devo influence is pretty clear but these weirdos got a vibe all of their own. Both songs are cool and driving in a kinda demented way, but i like the B side a bit better. Maybe it’s because it sounds more “punk”… Sorry, i can’t escape that… :D Thanks alot, Pete.

  3. Anarkistattak says:

    Been looking for this record for years. Total untouched gem with a heavy DEVO vibe. Two great records involved in the trade, looks like you scored out better in my opinion.
    Just curious, who had this in Canada?

    • I’ve tried to get into the Spys-Machine Shop several times but realised it wasn’t for me. So in my world it was a better deal. I guess Simon/Ugly Pop think he scored better cause he digs the Spys.

      • Simon says:

        Ha! I do prefer the Spys, but really that comes down to trying to nail down all the Canadian records I don’t have, especially one I reissued. I like the Adaptors too, though.

  4. WildDeadMan says:

    cool record…bbrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

  5. Monger says:

    A stupid childish record aimed at morons.You know i want this…….

  6. Martin says:

    Really catchy and of course unknown to me as well. Should’ve bought it when Lost & Found had it for sale some years ago…

  7. GraemeSTL says:

    It’s been blogged a few times, like on the inactive but excellent ISKSP and here – they were sort of the house band at the Mabuhay Gardens in Frisco in ’79. I’d have given my left nut to be there. My right one is for keeps.

  8. ian says:

    Cool post – ‘in the slot’ is sheer genius! “It takes 50 cents to have fun in this town…” – now THATS a line!

  9. Thanks for posting this, I needed some upgraded rips to replace my older, lower-fi ones! I think “In The Slot” plays well next to the Symptoms’ “Be On Top”. The San Francisco area had so many great quirky records like those two discs. L.A. had the meat-and-potatoes bands while SF had the arty, off-kilter stuff eh.

  10. In terms of arty SF-area bands with some synths, the Units first two 7″s from ’79 and ’80 have some synth classics like “Cannibals” (on the first EP) and “iNight” (the B-side of the second 7″). There’s also the The Bob 7″; Defectors 7″; Dickheads 7″; Los Microwaves’ “Time To Get Up” song; some Red Asphalt; Tenants “Submind” 7″ is pretty good too. Plus others…

  11. Ima Rek says:

    I think we pressed 500 max.

  12. Stacy Thompson says:

    U R A Rek. The year was 1981. I still have 50 copies. They make a good door stop. Or for skeet shooting. PULL! Stacy

  13. Terry Finnegan says:

    I tried to post a few days ago and it didn’t work. I sang and wrote the words for the Adaptors and Stacy is right, we made the record in 1981. It’s cool that there are people around the world that are into it.

  14. Jay says:

    Great job, Terry. As I mentioned above, I’d never heard this record before it was posted here, and I love both of these songs. Tell us more about your band. Did you play out a lot? Do you have other recordings? Are you still making music?

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