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I haven’t checked what I wrote about Ebba the last time so I guess I’ll repeating myself. I don’t think I heard about the first press of their first 7″ that they released themself until 2001 or something. I had no clue and of course I had to have it. The prices have been sky rocketing and rightly so since this is a killer  record. Both sides are excellent punk rock that you should dig if punk is your thing. I compared this rip to the CD version and they sound awful flat on the reissue. Here you hear the plonking bass and Gurra,drums, fumble with the drum sticks.

500 copies. 200 with black sleeve and 300 with this blue version. The back of my copy has the lyrics to Profit written down by whom I assume someone in the band. This copy was bought at Pet Sounds by J.Ballstav who cowrote Suburban Kid by P.F. Commando. Me in return bought it by J.Ballstavs brothers son who’ve had it framed for years :).

Country: Sweden
Year: 1978
Label: Efel
Format: 7″
Ung och sankt.mp3

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  1. Chano says:

    this ep is a bona fide classic of early Euro-punk. It’s amazing how they managed to capture the these two rippers in just three hours of session! They’re so tight and powerful!! The vague similarities with The Clash do not detract from the value of this little gem of Scandinavian punk. The “Slim Club” ep and the “We’re Only In It For The Drugs” are also pretty damn good, even if the latter has a bit more of a Rock’nRoll influence to it. Is it just me or the black cover version has more detail in the pics of the band members than the blue one? Thanks a lot for the awesome music, Pete!! ;-)

  2. Punkdetective says:

    Really good. One of the few Ebba I like.
    Expensive too these days. –> http://www.swedishpunkfanzines.com/?page_id=6156
    Happy to have the black sleeve! Ha ha

  3. ian says:

    good stuff – catchy & anthemic – a swedish 999 perhaps? Still can’t stop playing The Adaptors single – big props for all the recent posts – cheque is in the mail!

  4. Martin says:

    Being a fan of swepunk I have to step up and say I’ve never been too much of an Ebba fan. A bit too much old rock n’ roll feeling for me. They’re not bad at all, but maybe it’s the constant hype and everyone knows and love them that turns me off a bit as well. On the other hand they made a huge impression on me as a kid as I still remember where I was the first time I heard them, and I have serious problems remembering anything before I was a teenager… And they use the great word “avreageringsobjekt” which is really hard to use in lyrics, and they never rhyme on this 7″ either, but articulate the end of most lines as if they do.
    I envy you for this pressing! Turned down an offer to buy it cheap many years ago as I already had the Mistlur pressing… Really dumb decission so I try to avoid thinking about it.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Funny since I don’t like that “old rock n roll” feeling in punk either. I can’t hear that in Ebba but I guess that has to do that I grew up with their sound in the late 70s and have been totally brainwashed.

      And I totally understand the bit about hype and over exposure that they get in Sweden, still!

      • Chano says:

        Funny how so many people doesn’t like the rock’n’roll vibe in punk rock. I always thought it gives more wallop to the whole thing, but still: you can’t argue on other people tastes. While we’re at it: Zeppo And The Zepp-Zepps anyone? I heard some nice murmurings about that little, obscure swedish frisbee… :)

        • Martin says:

          I posted that one a few years ago, but it needs a repost as something went wrong when I ripped it.

          • Chano says:

            Shame on me!! :) I just gave it a spin and the rips doesn’t sound THAT bad to my ears. The A side is very cool, kinda halfway between the Pistols and Buzzcocks. The B side is so boring, HAHA!! Sorry, couldn’t resist… :D

  5. Tor says:

    Found this one for a very resonable price at Mickes skivor in Stockholm without the sleeve. So, if anyone got an extra sleeve you know where to find me.

  6. gerry molyneaux says:

    while ireland had a load of ulster bands,dublin and cork bands,blaze x,the spies,east coast angels,the kidz etc sweden had ebba gron,and a lot more.great band and i have this single.a great piece of plastic.

  7. Putte says:

    Does anyone know if the blue sleeve also was printed on the photocopier at their work,or if it was printed later due to the blue color?

  8. zach says:

    there is just something about ebba gron that i can’t get into. every time you post one of their releases, it just never clicks with me, don’t know why.

  9. The story goes that Thåström of Ebba entered a used record store in Stockholm a few years ago. Upon watching the “wall of fame” with rare and expensive punk records, he spotted this one and said “bloody fuck” (fy fan) and left the store. Still a punk I guess.

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