Scumbags – Rob Noxious


Ok, here’s Da’ Man!


Email addresses used:


Real Name: Guy Robert Archambue
Born: 1969 on the 29th of October.
Lives: Huntington Beach California, USA
Passport says: New Orleans
eBay IDs: old: lewdsnot, zoloft_anaconda. New: thingsdogsdo, amateur_gynecologist.

Updated 6th of November 2013:
Nick used on ilene_dover

On the 24th of July 2005 I got a phone call from an American named Kevin. Said he got my phone number through zoloft_anaconda(amateur_gynecologist) on eBay. A well known seller and buyer who seemed nice though a bit slow. Strange that he got my phone number from zoloft_anaconda(amateur_gynecologist) since I rarely gives out my phone number if someone specifically asks for it. Anyway, I’m not the suspicious guy and since I’ve been in bands, arranged gigs, toured etc I’m used to contacts from abroad. I was packing my stuff since I was about to move but had all my records that I traded still at home. I picked him up at the train station in Linkoping/Sweden. He seemed nice though a bit strange and VERY smelly. The strange part showed when I invited him to a practice with my band. He didn’t seemed too eager which I found odd since most people into music that I’ve meet enjoy a rehearsal little now and then, right. When he jumped out of my car he looked very uncomfortable and I asked him why:”People sometimes find me strange.”. I said him not to worry since the guys in the band are very nice. And I didn’t thought about that much since I’ve just meet him and didn’t knew what he went through in his life.

We stayed up all night and listened to the massive amounts of records that he brought with him. We did some trades and agreed to go to The TV Eye // Drummers home the day after. Went there but I forgotten my money so I asked him if he could pay for the pizza we bought as a favor for me buying him some burgers. This incident made deep scars into his mind since he had to say how funny it was that he had to pay for a pizza since he was the guest. This was the first time I thought he was a bit odd. At the TV Eye // Drummers house they started to trade and I was there to help the Drummer so he got somewhat good trades. Rob flipped totally when I said that I could help the Drummer sell 2 7inches that he wanted on eBay instead of doing a trade that I thought wasn’t that good. “Yeah, maybe ONE rich American or ONE rich Japanese would buy them for the prices you think you might get.” I told him he didn’t had to agree and that it was just my opinion. He was still mad as hell and totally changed from the rather severe manners he showed before.

Later that night we had another “fight” over some records over at my house and I had to tell him that YOU DON’T HAVE TO AGREE about what I think that I might get for this record on eBay.

Next day I took him to the train station so he could go to Stockholm. I went home and started doing a search for the 30 7inches that I traded with Rob. Ouch! I found out that he lied a lot(concerning his incredible knowledge about obscure records. He even mentioned a lot of Swedish stuff I never heard of.) about the price of records and that they came without sleeves etc etc. A quick calculation showed that I’ve lost about $1000.00. I started to search my PC for traces from him. Alright, he logged in from my PC as “lewdsnot”(thingsdogsdo) and “zoloft_anaconda”(amateur_gynecologist) on eBay. I did a search on “lewdsnot”(thingsdogsdo) on Google and found Henry Yu’s article from 2002(look for “Tasty Treats” headline) about this guy. What the fuck! The biggest scam artist in the history of punk collecting had visited me. I just had to find him and stop the little sucker. I also found all the different emails he used when using my PC(see picture).

I started doing loads of search on the net and found some pieces here and there. Then I started to correspond with “Fahad” through the “zoloft_anaconda”(amateur_gynecologist) mail address. Fahad Nabhan is a real person. Into Estrus rock and a bit slow I’ve been told by solid sources. This makes it even more disgusting. “lewdsnot”(thingsdogsdo) had always payed with cash but through Fahad, Rob had gotten the ability to use Paypal through Fahads credit card.

I made a trap to get him back by saying I’ve gotten hold of some gems he wanted like the Dirty Rust 7inch. He fell for it and after three days he was back at my house. Since it seemed very clear that this person couldn’t be trusted and had slipped through the net numerous times before, I had to stop him no matter the cost. I shipped him to a suburb believing he would see one of my friends who had some rare records. I told him to wait at the parking lot while I drove to get my friend so they could meet before he let him into his house. Went home instead and went through his luggage:100s of telephone cards, his sketch book with all his anal notes about exactly the time he went up, what he ate, how much he payed for a record and how much he earned when he traded it away, addresses to 100s of people and places. On one of the pages he had written:”Meet Peter(Kevin)–>Meet his friend Ola–>Get Dirty Rust.” He had written “Kevin” so he should remember what name he used when he was at my house. I sent out an email to all his email aliases telling him I knew who he is and that it had to stop. 30 minutes later the police showed up and I was taken into custody for stealing his stuff. I hoped he would’ve gotten back to me but as a result I got hold of his real identity when I was at the police for interrogation. He escaped and gotten his stuff back. I reported him for fraud. Some weeks later on in the UK he called himself Harry.

To be continued…

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192 Responses to Scumbags – Rob Noxious

  1. cc d.o.v. says:

    i was actually on this site about a year ago and stumbled onto this scumbags page….

    and i just now came across a glueams 7″ mental/365 on ebay and was somewhat tempted because the price listed seemed like a deal compared to what i’ve seen it go for–i’m no expert. so, point is, i’m really glad i thought for a second why the name “amateur_gynecologist” seemed familiar. and not just because i go to one. haha? anyways, my questionable sense of humor aside… sweet record, but no way would i support that asshole and his shitty habits. i’ll be sure to pass this info on to my collector friends…

    • peter mayes says:

      I met Rob on holiday while touring Europe in 1992, he told me about his records and invited me and my mate Brian to his huntington beach home. He stayed with me and my family for a few days in NE Uk, and did some record dealing, quite harmless really, we had a few good nights out, bit of a big kid, possibly a bit shy and a wee bit suspicious also, had the look of a young Steven Sigal so they said, he was someone who never really grew up (nothing wrong with that!) and was a bit of a loner, expert and very good at record deals but i got the feeling he would probably rip off his own grandmother although he was ok overall, I would like to get back in touch and see how hes doing, Peter Mayes.

  2. t says:

    I met TONY years ago when i wanted to tape a bunch of his rare records. For just 3 or 4 90 minute tapes I had to pick him up, buy him pizza, pay him 5 bucks per tape and give him my naked raygun “throb throb” LP and another i cant remember. The guy just kept making demand after demand, I thought it would never end.

  3. Brian C. says:

    I used to have an ad in MRR in the mid-90s and Rob was of course the first to call. I was in college and mostly just wanted to have some records taped . . . Rob’s deal was 10 bucks a tape, PLUS I had to buy a record I didn’t really want. I payed 40 bucks for the Battered Wives LP (the best Canadian punk band according to him), 40 bucks for the Sadonation LP (happy with that one) and then the deal-breaker: he conned me (I was only 18!) into paying 60 bucks for the You’re So Dumb because he told me because of the whole Nazi thing, all their records were IMPOSSIBLE to get. Still he made me some great tapes and I heard a lot of classics for the first time, so I have mixed feelings about Rob . . . he told me he wanted to join the DEA, and WAS always really weird and hyper over the phone. If I’d had any sort of collection or money I’m sure he would’ve flown up to Portland to fuck with me.

  4. TC says:

    I grew up with him!! I just ran in to him a few weeks ago too. Wow! I had no idea he was a scam artist like that! bums me out……

  5. Found that fucker on Facebook. He was going by the name Bobby Roberts. It appears he is no longer. I posted a this link on my facebook page warning my friends. Well word got out quick and his account was suspended. I’m sure he’ll try to weasel his way back someday. Thanks to all and everyone that helped block and report this fucker with me.

  6. Henschel says:

    He got the best of me on some bartertrades back around 1990/91′..He’s an interesting one. I don’t and would never trust him..

  7. oops, ERROR. second link (Deadbeats) is not my page.

  8. Anonymous says:

    My friend had me read this – Bobby Roberts is a friend of mine on FB – He befriended me after I “Liked” – “The Hypnotics” page.
    (L.A. punk rock band from late 70’s to early 80’s – Marky DeSade lead singer)

    There was only three people on that page last I checked – and I think his profile pic is still the Weirdo’s 45….

    I have seen him online – so he is still active.

    He wanted to trade with me – but I don’t trade.

  9. Erich says:

    Oh yeah, his secret identity on FB. First he was very eager to trade with me, pretending he had a good source for rare records but not really knowing much about ebay prices and records’ values and such. I first didn’t care, until I realized that it was a tactic to excuse the most absurd trade offers after I turned them down.
    When I first heard that he is indeed thee mythical Rob, I asked him straightly, twice. He lied twice and then I deleted him from my FB-list.

    Seems like nothing has really changed.

  10. Ingo says:

    I was told that he was probably the person who stole the rarest records from the Maximum RnR archieves just after Tim Y. passed away…
    By the way, with me he used the name Guy Smiley

  11. Peter says:

    Want to contact rob noxious

  12. Anonymous says:

    bobby is an ass

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ran across this guy at recent shows. Came across as being pretty friendly. He wanted to get together and trade. Pretty crazy the stuff I’ve read. It all makes sense now. Plain and simple, I don’t trade. Glad nothing ever became of it. Record collector scenesters are dorks anyway. Why bother?

  14. Anonymous says:

    rob is a great guy i traded with him and it was awsesome,bobby roberts

  15. filthdog says:


  16. Pingback: Dirty Rust – Gnistrande sno E.P. 7″ | Killed By Death Records


    I don’t know how he did it but he got through my fb filters. I “friend” very few people.

  18. Anonymous says:

    wow this guy “poked” me on facebook a year ago. what a fag.

  19. Paulie Unsaturated says:

    I read this article years ago but i don’t think i’ve ever read all the responses til now. i had no idea this guy is “Bobby Roberts” on facebook. Yeah, his pic is still the weirdos cover… He tried to trade with me on there once but he just came across as a bully/jackass – so nothing was ever traded…
    I posted a link to this article on his page – we’ll see what happens… i assume he’ll delete it and block me… whatever happens he and i won’t be “friends” much longer! hahaha

  20. Monger says:

    Many moons ago,someone gave me one of his for sale/want lists,and it read off like a menu at a cupcake shop..”tasty punk treat”..”yummy punk gem” etc etc..i called asking about a “rather see you dead” 7″ he had,and mentioned during the convo i owned a original of the crap detectors “victims of the media”..while he claimed it wasnt a primary want of his,he’d help me out and swap for the LD 7″,which he wanted 125.00 for (this was back around 1996)..i took a pass on the offer,yet could count on a phone call every other friday regarding this record that really wasnt a primary want of his..i guess it wasnt a yummy punk treat”..the phone calls only stopped when i moved away. A cat from Lake Elsinore who id done some trading with (Ian Hatley..get in touch!) visited his place with a friend to pay an exhorbant rate for a Stalin “stop jap” LP..said the joint stank and he seemed like a certified nutcase,and wanted to visit both of them (and their collections) when they had the time.Ian,while a younger cat at the time,pegged him as a weirdo off the top and stated he wasnt interested in records,only driving a friend. Oh,and Noxious’s collection was not to be seen,they had to wait in a front room while said stalin record was produced.While i personally had no dealings with him,we did devise a scale to value the worth of punk records.Take robs yummy punk treat menu,make a selection..knock off 2/3’rds the price and add 10 dollars and there was what a fair price for a record was.Judging from more reputable traders prices,this was about spot on.But the question that still bothers me all these years a original “victims of the media” a yummy punk treat” or merely a secondary want..not even a yummy punk gem…anyone????

  21. All this talk about Rob being a smelly guy… Have you guys ever been to a record fair? Every record collector smells like shit! It’s all the stress that you might miss out on a rare record oozing out through the skin.
    He poked me on facebook a while back by the way. Seems like he’s got a lot of friends.

  22. cat4u says:

    On Youtube there is a guy “rocknflaa” who put up an video ” Robnoxious live”….is this him?

  23. Marcel says:

    This guy just mailed me again today recognised the emailadress I know him from his euro trips long time ago, what a moron. He mailed me some stupid story about a friend told him I was looking for the Reactors lp etc. and that he could sell them to me.
    I think he’s contacting people troughh discogs nowadays, because he knew all my wants. He used the name/mailadress Behn Dover just to warn people.

  24. Michael Kate says:

    He’s a substitute teacher at my school

  25. radar rob says:

    robs on yeahtube:”HIYA! Welcome to our page!!! We are Nancy and Evan an we’re totally nerdy for collectin old school punk rock records and sharing them on here with ya. We have everything from 70’s, 80’s, 90’s hardcore punk and punk rock, all the way down to pop punk! CHEAUH! so feel free to browse our videos! and oh yea don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if ya wanna! We always add new stuff on here occasionally (when we’re not lazy as fuck). personal message us on here with your email address for mp3 versions of any of our videos. We will NEVER share any personal info. Scouts honor. Below is where we’ve bought our most of our records. Some we’ve bought on ebay.”
    his writing all over:

    fine that he rips the kbd stuff to put it on there but why not give links to where he found it?

  26. Otto Finland says:

    Yeah well I also met Noxious in ´92 in Europe and we did a couple of minor trades back then. I thought he was one of the more weird and labile contacts I had, there was just something off about him and his goings. I believe he has also tried to contact me later through some of his aliases. Hopefully he will scam never no more, rather kick his sorry ass! BTW, I wonder what´s his nickname on Discogs nowadays?

  27. John Rose says:

    Notorious record shyster Rob Noxious is making the rounds. He’s using the name “Bobby from L.A” He’s also known as Bob, Robert, Mike & “Tony from Hawaii” He’s sportin’ the ponytail again so he’s easy to spot.
    Record Room facebook post
    Scottsdale Az

    • Table says:

      I believe I’ve stumbled upon Rob’s Discogs identity:

      He just swooped thru New Orleans too, as “Rob” & “Bobby” . . .


  28. Smashism says:

    Came through South Carolina last week as “Bobby From The West Coast”.

  29. Greg says:

    He’s on the east coast. I got a message from a friend saying he was in Brooklyn and was asking about Connecticut, NJ, etc.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      True. He contacted one of the Sing Sing Records dudes wanting to meet up. He realized who it was and cancelled the meeting and got a message from Rob asking why. Maybe it was cause of a missunderstanding in Sweden “15 years ago” LOL :D.

  30. Jason says:

    I got a phone call at my busines while I was out from a guy named Rob with the number (714) 840-7373. He claimed we traded records in the past and would like to again. I sold all my records about 7 years ago to buy a business and since then have never given anybody the business number for something like this. I googled the phone number and it came back belonging to Archambeault Robert of Huntington Beach, CA. He said he’s traveling around the USA & wants to meet up today. Could this be the same guy?

  31. Jason says:

    That’s crazy he’s in Indiana today & I’m supposed to meet him. I’m guessing he won’t call since I told him I don’t have any more records. If he does call I’ll tell him you said hi.

  32. Thomas says:

    Meet Rob Noxious at his 1st European tour in the beginning of the 90’s, he gave me a call saying he was at a friends house in the far away northerrn suburbs of my hometown in good ol’ Germany and he just wanted to come downtown to hang around.
    I said sure, which was naive!
    Anyway, he stayed at my room for 2 days or so and Rob was VERY smelly and refused to wash his clothes, body, ponytail, which was really weird in my view. We got hungry, I asked him, if I shall cook something, but he said no and we decided to go to an Italian restaurant near by my room, where he did just stupid comments in regards to the girls, that came in the restaurant. Well done, after the lunch he told me, that he has no German money at all, just traveller checks and he will give me the money tomorrow, so I paid for the meal.
    He refused to go to a show of a few local bands, because he was tired, but he checked my record collection for hours and after a few minor trades he asked for the 1st Glueams 7″ and the Betong Hysteria – Spontan abort 7″ep. I said ‘No way, maaaan’, so the atmosphere became frozen between us, next day we went to the bank where he got German currency and I asked for the money, he still owes me, at first he refused to pay, but then he realized, that his records were still at my room and then he gave me the money, we went to my room and he went then with all his records to the main station.
    I forgot him, he sent me a few letters from the U.S. and asked for more trades, but I wasn’t interested at all.
    One year later I got a call from him again, saying, that he’s back in Germany and if I wanted to trade, but I wasn’t interested.
    I forgot him again, 3 or 4 years later, after I had moved in a year flat with a new telephone number, I was coming back from work and he was at my answering machine, he tolds me, that he is in town and bla bla bla.
    I have no idea, from whom he got my new telephone number,…well, I wasn’t at home, when he called me and he didn’t knew my new address, so nothing happened.
    Later I found out to my amusement, that he is now a mythical person in the worldwide collector scum, because of his behaviour of ‘burning bridges behind him’ and that he is still around using many aliases. What a strange guy!

  33. ALDO says:

    Last time I ran into Rob, he was helping Mike Vallejo of Circle One sell merchandise at a few gigs a couple years ago. Gerber, who was the singer in Sexsick, Twisted Roots (post-Maggie) and Vagina Dentata said that Rob kept calling her about her Weirdos records, since he that she was Dix Denny’s GF during the Masque era. She said kept inquiring about her test pressings of the Weirdos “Neutron Bomb” EP. Strangely, those records disappeared along with the extremely rare Absentees “Tryin To Mess With Me” EP that the singer gave to her in ’81. When I confronted Rob about that, he denied that he had never contacted Gerber. If he never did then Gerber would have never known who he was.

  34. Cunt says:

    Hang him!!!

  35. Harry says:

    Ripping people off is NOT punk!

    • bbmcfate says:

      Don’t tell that to Malcom McClaren. According to him, that’s all punk is. Could be why Rob Noxious is more hated than Malcom.

  36. Wedge says:

    whoaah… Guy Robert…what a Fukking Piece Of Shit!!!!! this guy randomly contacted me in like 1993~4 about looking for some “tasty treats” from my area, via a written letter. I was drunk one sunday afternoon, and being a crazy punk collector, I called his number(I had a phone-scam going on then where I could call all over the world for free), and talked to him. the dude sounded like some really way-too-happy “yuppie” with a way-too cheery voice. he was looking for Hammer Damage, Underwearheads, Raven Slaughter, etc…really obscure stuff from my area (Ohio). I knew the Underwearheads record didn’t exist (“Tang Mania”), but he sounded like such a fucking idiot on the phone, I just drunkenly told him “yeah, I see that one every now & then when I go thru Toledo on my way to Detroit. I didn’t know anyone wanted that one!!” . that turned into damn near 2 years of him calling me every couple weeks, asking about that record. I did do a couple trades with him, and told him I had tapped into a shop in Kent,Ohio that had HUGE stocks of unsold punk records (that was true) and could see what I could dig up, as long as he sent me a want list. 2 days later, I got an old, dot-matrix printed CASE (seriously, it was like the size of 2 phone books!!) delivered to my mom’s house of a want list. I called him back & we traded a couple records I had on hand (I sent a Really Fast vol 1 LP & the Punkenstein “Oh Du Schon Maid” 45 & he sent me the 1st Lama LP & a Users “Sick Of You” with a torn PS) but he kept calling me back about the Underwearheads & the stuff I may be able to get for him. it was a crazy few months where I would be smoking opium or tripping on mushrooms and just calling him back on the phone out of boredom…random sunday afternoon BS when I was drugged out & bored. I can “bullshit” with the best of them, and I would just indulge his random psycho ramblings about “ive done 37 trades with Tim Yo and have a notebook keeping track of them” or him slipping up and saying “I have all my super rare stuff in a cabinet behind my bed & they have to get through my gun if they want them”. one time I was on the phone with him, and he kept dropping the phone and making “kissing” noises and then randomly offering that “some girl I met in Europe is here. sorry!!”, but I never heard a girl’s voice in the background. after a year or so of leading him on about leads I had on records, I finally made up a fake list of “rare European punk records” just to fuck with him…he called me a few days later sounding really puzzled, and had all these questions about these strange East German LPs I had listed. “some of these sound interesting to me…Hmmmm…What to do, what to do…” I did eventually further trade a Demics 12″ to him for a Disorder “1984 / Reality Asylum” 7″, but he would keep calling me once he found out, somewhere elsewhere, that I was a manic & obsessive Japanese Punk collector. he REALLY wanted to hear Star Club & The Stalin. I told him i’d make a tape for him, no problem. I called back to him a few days later to see what specific Stalin or Star Club stuff he wanted to hear, and if he could tape me his PF Commando stuff in return. all of a sudden he just said “um, I don’t have a tape machine, I cant do that. sorry”. then I reminded him he wanted a tape from me. he then fumbled the phone & then just said “My brother Tony just had some people come by for a cook-out. I have to go now” and I haven’t heard from him since. back then, I never knew of his reputation; I just figured he was just some weirdo who flaked out. a couple years later, I was hanging out in Canada with Imants Krumins (R.I.P.) and a few other record geeks after a 9 Shocks Terror gig, and someone brought up the name of “Guy Robert”, and Inmants just flipped out, screaming & spitting (literally) “Just Fuck That FUCKING SCUMBAG!!! I HATE HIM!!!!! WHAT A FUCKING ARSEHOLE!!!” not long after that, did I find out what a complete Piece Of Shit This “Guy Robert” actually is.

  37. Uncle Mo says:

    He’s in the Midwest now. Came into my store yesterday. Said his name was Bob. Didn’t have much he was interested in but I called a friend who has tons of stuff he wanted. My buddy had heard of him through this site and refused to meet him. He did get me to trade for a copy I had of Code Of Honor lp that I’ve had forever. Thank goodness that’s all he got. Warn other dealers in the Midwest he’s in the area.

  38. Uncle Mo says:

    Yes it was. I’ve had that in my store for over three years at $18 and know one ever even looked at it. I got a record in return that I’m sure I can sell for $20-$25 so I didn’t get burned too bad. I kind of hope he comes back so I can f with him.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Ha ha yeah f with him next time. Show him this webpage and ask him a little bit about the story in Sweden ;).

  39. Got an email:
    just wanted to send a little update on rob noxious.
    he is in detroit right now, using an email of

    he did not stink, as so many of your posts about him mention, but he does have that vibe of something being very off.
    if and when i hear back from you, i’ll send you more info. he sure is a storyteller.

  40. pentagram says:

    Hey folks, as of today (August, 5th) he’s been in every record store in Louisville KY and asking around to all the collector folks, but I think pretty much everyone knows this guy at this point. Gonna have a real hard time finding those stacks of Blinders 10″s that he’s so desperate for. He’s been IM’ing people on facebook under the name Bobby Roberts.

  41. Josh says:

    Bobby Roberts hit me up on facebook looking for the Pedestrians 45, the Nerve 45 and the No Exit LP. I’m not too interested in some dude who’s looking for the rarest of Canadian punk and offering me an OG Crash Kills Five record in trade…

  42. Josh says:

    He’s in Vancouver right now trying to hit people up right now. I just hung up on him after the store I work at gave him my number.

  43. BITCHASS says:


    Go Chargers botch!

  44. eddy of hotrods fame says:

    just a heads up – he’s now goes by “gasseous_clay” on ebay.

  45. Tom says:

    Thompson Twins

  46. tvaddict says:

    Tony from Hawaii aka rob noxious was last seen in Pomona, Ca at a DECRY, Doggystyle, RF7 and 647f gig on feb 25th 2017. He lives in or by Seal Beach, Ca.

  47. Bam Bam says:

    The infamous Rob Noxious trades on Discogs as Ilene_Dover. Beware!

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