Sydkraft – Surfway 7″

OK, I’m not completely done with posting records from around the world, but as my ripping equipment decided to commit suicide while ripping the last record in the series, and I have had this one ripped and waiting in line for years and years I decided to break the world trip for a while and post this one while I wait for my new gear to show up in the mail. Sorry about that, but I hope you can forgive me.

So here’s a Swedish little pop punky ditty on a major label, which is a rarity. By that I mean that anything Swedish and remotely close to punk on a major label is a rarity. The only 2 other ones I can think of is the second EP from Badboll and the Mandarines EP. The 7″ in itself is not that rare, but it seems to be quite popular among japanese collectors. Surfway is surfy punk pop and was included on the unreleased Swedish compilation series “Fasten your seatbelts!”, which reminds me that I have to post all 6 records from that series as soon as possible.

No matter how swinging the a-side is, I still prefer the b-side “Sa tung, sa lang” as the title reminds me of my penis (so heavy, so tall for you illiterate bastards that don’t speak the language of gods). Don’t believe Peters statement about us 2 being mongoloids with small genitalia, I have a very large and straight penis, thanks for asking. Most people refer to it as either The Ox or The Old Oak Tree, and yup, both the Who and Tony Orlando have written songs about it. I prefer the Who’s song as it’s more power filled, just like my affore mentioned body part.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1978
Label: EMI
Format: 7″
Sa tung, sa lang.mp3

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  1. Chano says:

    I have some troubles downloading these rips, Martin, dunno why… Anyway it’s decent pop-punk stuff with a nice surf edge to embellish the whole thing. I thought Rude Kids also released a record on a semi major label back then, but maybe i’m wrong. Thanks a lot for this!!!

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